Nexus Prime and iPhone 5 in faith or after review?

The lead up to release dates and official details for Nexus Prime and iPhone 5 has been good fun for those that love the journey to each new release, although it has also been frustrating for many others.

We’ve seen an apparent apps list for the Verizon Nexus (aka DROID) Prime, heard about the software differences, battery life issues, Bluetooth 3.0 certification for Nexus Prime, accessory caution, the Mobile Unpacked reveal that is expected, and the OS for the Prime, known as Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.

The rumors of Apple’s iPhone 5 have been more vast, and have been reported since before the iPhone 4 release over 15 months ago, which saw an iPhone release with signal issues that still leaves millions of users using a case that they may not have wanted, and had to use after gripping the phone and losing signal. Still these same users love their iPhone so much that they cannot wait for the 5th generation device, which is sure to land at Tuesday’s event.

It’s safe to say most Apple iPhone users have a lot of faith in Apple and their phone, so much so that we expect a lot of these people to pre-order their iPhone 5 as soon as possible, and thousands will buy without needing to see a full review. New users are sure to want a review of the iPhone 5, and the same will go for Nexus Prime.

What we wanted to know is how many of you will buy the Nexus Prime or iPhone 5 in faith and will not wait for a full review? Vote in the poll below, and feel free to hit the comments with your views.

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