Looks like the iPod Classic is doomed

By Gary Johnson - Oct 1, 2011

A few days ago we had reports that the iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle could be about to be killed off by Apple. Now we have more news that looks like the iPod Classic could be doomed to the history books, as the company focuses on other devices.

Following previous rumors about the life of the Classic, AppleInsider are now reporting that Apple has removed the section of the iTunes Store that was for click-wheel games. Before now users had the capability to link to iPod Click Wheel Games option from the drop down menu. This has now disappeared and could be a further hint the device is being discontinued after ten years.

The device was responsible for starting Apple on its route to the success it enjoys today, and has used the same click wheel and basic design throughout its lifespan. The original model had the game Brick, which was developed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

The device went on to gain a color screen and more functionality, which led to more games being added. The latest model comes with iQuiz, Klondike, and Vortex. The company began selling games for the device in 2006 with even the likes of Disney offering titles. These were priced at $7.49 and use the touch-sensitive wheel on the Classic.

There were a total of around fifty games available for the device via iTunes, but it could have been more if Apple allowed the third-party software development kit to be available. The iPod Touch is thought to mainly be the same this year except of the addition of a white finish.

Do you think the iPod Classic has a future?

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  • georgert

    With approximately 100gb of music, podcasts, movies, semesters worth of iTunes U courses and audiobooks, an upgrade to 125gb on the iTouch does not interest me. When it hits 250gb I might start looking at an upgrade, but until then, my Classic rocks. I jack it in to a TV and show video at presentations or movies when on the road.

  • Ian Lobo10

    I certainly hope they don’t stop making yet, yes it’s old tech, but there is still nothing that comes close for storage. I have a 80gb at mo but will be grabbing a 160 soon as it’s full. Not interested in a player than has apps, that’s what my iPhone and iPad is for. I just want a good quality player that I can Put ALL my collection on. I go away a lot with no pc.

    Just because it’s not the most modern piece of kit, until something with bigger storage comes along, it’s still the best choice out there.