Battlefield 3 beta happiness differs by PS3, PC and Xbox 360

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 1, 2011

Now that the Battlefield 3 beta is heading towards a week in the hands of gamers, and we’ve had opinions back on the different versions (PS3, PC and Xbox 360), we have noticed some patterns when it comes to happiness with the different systems.

Some people are asking where the innovation is in Battlefield 3, and having played the game on the PS3 at an event in London last week and one of our team getting hands-on with the PC version, we noticed massive differences before the beta went live.

The PC beta has blown a lot of people away with much better graphics and some people feel more destruction, although 5 and 6 year old machines are never going to look as good as a new PC. There still are some complaints that the soldiers look skinny like they did in BF2, and the motion technology is either not in multiplayer or it’s not performing well.

Frostbite 2.0 will be enough for many gamers to purchase BF3, with environments looking really nice, although big differences have been seen in character models on the Xbox 360 and PS3, and when compared to PC. Some blog posts point out that the PS3 version is better than the Xbox 360, although we’re not too sure there are any notable differences.

I’ve seen a lot of feedback for the console versions, which will be the most popular, and there are a lot of issues from players that hope the beta are nowhere near the finished product. It’s almost certain there will be a lot of improvements, but considering how close we’re to a release date, the changes are not likely to improve enough for some people.

Our earlier findings, after some hands-on time, showed that the Battlefield 3 destruction was disappointing and obviously dialed down by DICE. Since then we have tested a few of platforms and found you can make big craters in the ground, and with C-4 it is possible to blow big holes in apartments and the subway, but the limitations come when in the park. So it is still limited but you can create damage in certain areas.

How do you feel the Battlefield 3 beta differs by PS3, PC and Xbox 360? Are you happy with what you seen so far? You can see nearly an hour of Battlefield 3 beta gameplay on Caspian Border here, which is PC gameplay.

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  • Kytestar

    One more thought though.  I have an Xbox 360 and a fast PC.  The PC cost significantly more than the Xbox and for this reaon I would expect performance to be crisper, and graphics to be superior.  In the case of BF3 there is a significant difference between the machines.

    However, when you consider that to run BF3 on ultra settings I needed an i7-2600 quad processor, 16gb ram, GTX 560 Ti graphics card and an SSD storage device then price vs performance the Xbox would be better.

    My PC is was not bought though for BF3, MW3 or Skyrim but for something I been waiting to release for over 2.5 years which is Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO :).

  • Kytestar

    I never played the beta but bought the full version.  I am playing it on ultra settings on a very fast PC and its is most definitely highly impressive.  The campaign mode was disappointing and lasted no longer than one day to complete.  The co-op mode for the first mission is fun but mission two puts you in a helicopter of which control is very difficult.  No practice mode to learn to fly the chopper (as it does not appear in the campaign mode), so generally most people complete the first mission of the co-op and stop.

    The multiplayer is good but noticeable lag.  I have a ping of less than 30 on some servers and still end up being killed via one shot by someone I have spent over two mags shooting at directly.  Needs a bit of improvement.

    Overall, I think it is a decent game that is worthy of a weeks play.  Why they decided to release it a week before MW3 launch though is a mystery as it was obvious they would lose that fight.

  • I could jump on the wagon for bashing this game too but I also had the same feeling for BF2 and that game in it’s final full game mode was great. WHY WHY WHY ahvent they fixed the lag problem. It’s been what 6 YEARS and still it’s in the game.
    Not liking what I saw in Beta but still hoping for a great game. Alfa, Beat yes unfinished but can lose you a lot of sales. I loved falling through the ground but I could still shot from underground.

  • Martinezrofl

    Game has been fun (besides the obvious bugs) but what has me down are the horrible graphics. Bad Company 2 looks WORLDS better than this! Screw frostbite 2.0 just use the bc2 engine and put jets in it!

  • killemoff

    dont hate the game cause you yourself suck at killing in video games

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, for all the people whining, it is a BETA. This is why devs should not have open beta, the majority of users seem to have no clue what a beta is. I’m surprised it only has as many bugs as it does. Also, if you suck at it you’re not going to have fun… keep playing till you get better and suddenly you’ll start paying attention to the small details the game offers. 2 things I noticed that were small details but make me eager to see what the final version holds….

    #1 If you see someone jump off a high ledge, notice the animation when they land. Instead of just landing like a rock and continuing to run, the players legs buckle and they appear to be falling forward trying to catch up with the momentum. Never seen this before in a online shooter.

    #2 Fighting through the subway and seeing ceiling tiles slowly fall around me from a recent grenade or gun fire.

    Beta is super buggy, but this is going to be an awesome game in the final version I’m sure.

  • Dynasty2021

    1. It’s a beta which is actually alpha coding, so does not represent the final product.

    2. The official gameplay showing the console versions show their graphics arent as bad as they are in the beta, with some (albeit blind apparently or completely refuse to believe a console game can look inferior to a pc game to justify their cheap console) claiming they cant see a difference between the console graphics in gameplay videos compared to the PC.

    3. DICE will fix everything over time and with a day-one patch like they did with Bad Company 2.

    4. It’s a beta.

    5. Battlefield is a PC game so be thankful DICE considered you if you own a console.

    • BC2General

      “Battlefield is a PC game so be thankful DICE considered you if you own a console.” LOL I hope your PC blows up in your face. DICE are getting my money, that’s the only thanks they will receive.

  • Kjlkjml

    on ps3. A big disappointment for me, bc2 Much better game.
    Poor DICE they are going to lose a lot of money for it.

  • Googe

    Guys, I read some notes and it appears that there has been a closed beta running for a while now and most of the bugs and issue people are mentioning have already been fixed, the main reason for the beta is to stress test the servers. I think everybody will be happy with the end result. Its going to be a WOW! game…

  • Ochocinoc345

    cant even play with people it doesnt alow squads to work

  • i hate fanboys

    the first time when the 12 min battlefield 3 gameplay was on youtube, i just thought this was the best ever game in the world and it will throw call of duty off its throne. but when the beta came out i played it and i was kinda disappointed with the graphics campared to the one they show on the PC. i hope the finished product is 10 times better than the beta.
    i don’t really care what anyone else thinks because at the end of the day i will be buying battlefield 3 and modern warfare 3 and enjoy both of them while stupid fanboys (possible 9 year olds) will still be fighting about which one is better. (by the way i have a ps3)

  • Diago

    Interesting how the PS3 version of this gsmae is pushed forward in the comparison to PC, and the 360 isnt even noticed.
    Specially considered the fact that the PS3 version is largly superior to the 360.

    • Ps3 & 360 looks kinda sh!t in imho.. ps3 has worse textures than 360 but better lighting 🙂

  • Asaboy

    I just love it when people complain, you know why? Its because its actually making the game better, ones the game is out, its going to be perfect because DICE will fix everything that’s making the game play like crap.

  • Jake

    Didnt like it at first but after a while when I worked out you have to go prone to succeed I did start to enjoy it. I’m more into the vehicles in bf so I think when we see levels that ain’t like cod everyone will be blown away!

  • Staley

    im loving the beta, i am a major battlefield fan and just thinking that this game comes out in 25 days make it worth waiting for. But what i don’t get is people who don’t like the beta, get over it, its a beta its unfinished. If your going to comeplain and hate on the game, fine. But battlefield 3 WILL be the best game out for 2011.

    • FEDMAN

      I’m not trying hate on it I just can’t see them cleaning this game up frame rate wise it looks like a first gen game!!! Call of Duty 4 put out a beta in 2007 it had it’s issues but it still look like a step forward than a step back like this BF3 does!!! I hated the last Call of Duty black ops but it still held up as well! Just very disappointed I just became a Battlefield fan a few months ago and picked up Bad Co 2 because of what I seen on BF3 all of the people I play with on that game have been upset as well!

    • Driba

      No, there is not a chance of this being game of the year. When the award winners are picked at the end of the year, I want you to remember my post… NOT A CHANCE!!! 


    Game comes out in 24 days no way this garbage can be fixed!!! This game doesn’t even look as good as BF2BC which wasn’t great but was passable and fun to play!!!

    • Guest

      DICE have already stated that this beta version is old and that most of the bugs you see are fixed.

  • Ringo565

    O.M.G.   its a beta of course its unfinnished , this is why open beta`s are a bad idea you get a bunch of muppets testing a game , sigh.

  • Brobe55

    The game is far from its previous BF2. Needs help in a big way!!!! This will be a weekend rental at best!!


    The game is pure garbage I’m so dissapointed cancelled my pre-order!!!!!!!

  • Cookie

    hey people just remember DICE will right now be in ‘crunch’ time basically every nano bit of data and feedback will be assessed, used and finishing touches along with all the testing jammed into a very different release on 25/28 October. It is just a BETA! ; )

  • Yadayada

    I think the only value that BF3 has is that it keeps Activision on it’s toes with MW3. I tried the BF3 beta, and I’m sorry but the hype is all hype. There’s nothing special here. I actually thought I’d buy the game, but now I really, really doubt that I will. Even after the price goes down.

  • everyone complaining that the game is unfinished, look in the top corner of the screen, it clearly states ‘BETA’ all the time you’re playing, which means its a test version, for a real world play situation, to sort out these bugs, and for us the gamers who will be playing the game to give them feedback for things to sort out, and what we like, what we dont like, the beta is not marketed as a finished product the very name beta means its not finished. i personally think its ace, far better than COD and BFBC2. i can actually have fun playing while playing tactically with my squad, something i thought was missing from BC2, it was too squad based and if you got in with people who didn’t really know what was going on or people who went lone wolf it was a losing battle, this one is far better, if your squad is being stupid, move to another group, you may not be in their squad, but people are still helping and working as a silent team, which for me works amazingly. 

    the level up system is far better and the ribbons are a lot easier to achieve.
    i’m loving it and can’t wait for the full version

  • Idealshroomz

    i reall really hope they fix all of this, i hate,.HATE unfinished games, i love battlefield, but at the moment bad company 2 is where i slay. stop trying to sell us unfinished products, its like buying a sandwhich and getting just bread. sort it ahhhht dice! love and kisses, 😀

    • JimBobJr

      Sorry Shroomz, I’ve been playing the Beta on my PC and at first I was a bit disappointed, mainly due to the obvious bugs, etc but after racking up a fair few hours gameplay I honestly believe this will be a class game! Far better than COD which in my opinion full of quick scopers, that’s’ when your not being shot in the back!

      Anyway back to the point in hand! The game isn’t finished you mong, hence why it’s a BETA! I really am struggling to see why people can’t understand this fact?? I’m sure DICE knew about plenty of the bugs and glitches before it even came out for public testing and while everybody is moaning they’ve been working away to resolve them. The point of the BETA is for them to understand and gather information that they did not know about the game so they can improve it before official release… Seriously it’s a BETA lol!

  • Thataboy85

    I would like to say that I do like that dice has taken the steps to push for the future in gaming,but not at my expense , and also they probaly made Activision push to make a much better game! I’m almost willing to bet that MW3 will probaly be there best game in the series because of BF3!!!

  • Decky

    it’s littered with glitches and overall is very underwhelming. Graphics aren’t as clear on ps3 as the xbox 360 and pc. Ps3 graphics seem as if they have had little work and I actually think the 360 looks superior which shouldn’t be the case. Seems very unpolished for a beta of a game that comes out in less than a month and will go gold a week or so before that. Destruction limited, more campy, linear paths, poor draw distances and the list goes on. It’s a mess at the moment and iv cancelled my Pre order

  • have to say that im disappointed with the new animation system. character models and animation don’t look that much different from bad company 2.  The enviornments look a lot better and the scale of them make you feel like your immersed in that world. Audio is amazing. 24 players isn’t as bad as people are making it out to be. just a hoping for a little more push for quality from dice when the final release comes out. I don’t need to point out everyflaw as im sure you’ve already heard all of them from then numerous posts in forums

  • Nick198908

    If you like campers in every bush with sniper this game is for you if not stay away also I didn’t think the graphics were that good on 360 at least I honestly think this game is going to let alot of people down. I will continue to play black ops till modernwarfare three comes out

  • Thataboy85

    I’m playing on ps3 and as of now I’m kinda disappointed! Sometimes I can’t move when I should be able to,and sometimes the graphics disappear altogether! I think the guns have to much recoil to where is I have to go prone to get kills almost. It’s like the same deal with MOH, Dice just can’t get this grenade thing right! These grenades jump out of your hand so far and fast that it’s hard to throw them were you want them and they take to long to explode!!! In MOH they exploded too soon! I’ve been thinking about getting a refund, I already paid for both games!

    • the guns definetly have to much recoil

      • to be more realistic, if you want a game with hardly any recoil, go back to cod

    • Trrif

      You’re right, the grenades really bad, why they changed it it was good in bc2?

      • killemoff

        i too<agree. i think they should allow more cooking time to the grenade to give players more time to aim exactly where they want the grenade to land. i'd even go as far to say they should allow the grenade to be held for as long as a person wants to hold if you dont release the lever, it shouldnt blow up<right?????? to add to that thought< it would be  nice to run into a group of enemy soldiers with a live grenade. can you say kamikaze????….. just a killemoff type of thought:)

  • Tony98989

    I played the beta in ps3 graphics are amazing and the destructions as well frostbite 2.0 pretty good but a lot of animation when someone kills you. Going through a platform. My first 10 minites of playtime was great i went 14-1 and the next game i went 38-2 why? Hide and laying down. If you run sniper will kill you. And the recoil of the gun is too much. So u needed to actually has a bipod to be able to have more stable shot. If not ur shooting nothing. I might get this game maybe for the single player its just great. The controls has change as well. So i was able to kill much people so from playing 2 hours im already a lance corp i think lvl 6. So its really easy to level up. Other thing u need a good buddies with headset to actually succeed to this game the beta only let you do rush. If you know how to camp and lay down this game is great for you and sniper as well its hard to detect sniper and there Is no replay where they at even they show you who killed you.

  • killemoff

    the only thing i can say is the craters that are in the game are suicide holes. if you fall into one< its like falling underneath the playing field. the only way you can free yourself from this trap is by suicide. it happen several times to me and it kills the realistic side of the game. and also< when i go prone in the bushes,i'd  like for the screen to stay in a still position. i notice a lot of frantic movement when i'm prone in certain bushy areas of the game

    • all of those quarky bugs like like being stuck in holes and things of tha nature will be gone when the game is released.  that is the point of this beta.  It’s testing for the exact kinds of things pointing on.

    • Nightvizion

      Yeah I agree 100% on that prone issue. This is just a beta so I’m hoping that will be fixed prior to release

  • Dexter Cunningham44

    I am playing on the 360, and I am having a lot of fun. I think the game is the best looking FPS multiplayer game next to Crysis 2. Only down side to playing on the 360 is that it locks up my console a lot. Hopefully Dice will fix this.

  • John

    battlefield beta is great!

  • ILoveGames

    Ive played the Battlefield Beta for PS3 and PC, and i can tell That There is an Obvious difference on PC graphics because of capacity these can have, such as better video card types. PS3 capacity is limited. But even so the difference does not change the style of play.However the problem of playing Battlefield 3 for PC can be bad if you do not havethe computer with the appropriated requirements, which are high. I can’t tell the difference between Xbox 360 and PS3 because i havent played it on the Xbox 360. One problem iv’e seen is that the BattleField 3 connection is kind of sensible, atleast  more than COD and other games i play on internet. I have my PS3 in wireless and sometimes i lose the connection to the EA servers. Besides all of this i like Battlefield 3 pretty much but i think ill stay with CoD.

  • Kissers

    It sucks 🙁

    • killemoff

      @kissers- for u to say that about a war game at this caliber< you must suck right with it

    • Thataboy85

      If your going to say a game sucks atleast be able to say why the game sucks to you! Are you capable of giving feedback?