Ultimate FIFA 12 team in career mode

By Jamie Pert - Sep 30, 2011

Lately the football transfer market has gone quite crazy, especially in the English Premier League, today we will look at some players which you should consider buying in FIFA 12 who want cost you a fortune – all of the information in this brief article was sourced from Guardian.co.uk.

Usually we would start from the back and work our way forward, however we think people want players who can score goals – so let’s start with forwards and attacking midfielders. Firstly Lion’s forward, Alexandre Lacazette, costs just £3m and starts with a 70 rating, Racing Club’s striker, Gabriel Hauche, is even cheaper at £2.2m and he has the potential to reach a rating of 80.

There are three great attacking midfielder’s to consider, Lucas Piazon will set you back £8m in Fifa 12, but he is capable of achieving a 85+, cheaper alternatives include Panagiotis Tachtsidis who will cost £3m and Marcel Buchel who has a £4m price tag – both have the potential to reach ratings of 80+.

Another midfielder to check out is Crystal Palace’s 17-year-old, Jonathan Williams, he has a lot of potential – so much so that Chelsea are said to be keeping a close eye on him, he will easily reach 80+ in FIFA 12 and costs just £3.5m.

Scoring goals is great, but if your leaking them as well you’re not going to see much success, someone who could tighten things up at the back is Sao Paulo’s centre back, Bruno Uvini, £7m might seem like a lot, but we are told that he should be able to reach an 85+ rating. Alternative you could opt for Inter’s Simone Benedetti, he has a £6m price tag and should go toe to toe with Uvini in terms of ratings.

Finally if you are short of money but, want to concede less you may find that Feyenoord’s centre back, Terence Kongolo, will help out a lot for just £2.5m. If not you could save up and buy Ajax’s defender, Nicolai Boilesen, for £10m.

As you can see we don’t have a goalkeeper for you, therefore feel free to leave comments below with goalkeeper suggestions along with some other outfield players which you think deliver value for money.

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  • TY

    ter stegen is only 10 mil.

  • tom

    theres always a free agent goalkeeper when i play career mode, he’s a canadian called john smith. don’t know if anyone else has this or if its on just xbox or something but he’s a 77 ovr and only need tp pay him 2k or so

    • David21_lpz

      Im in the same situation as you, it is the third time that happens to me 😉

    • Kieransmith18

      Hi John smith is the goalkeeper who is default in the arena hope this helps 🙂

    • Kahkakew

       I signed him as a free agent for $4650 a game, no transfer fee for five years playing for Barnet NPower league 2…latest transfer list price for him was 1.2 million..helluva profit I will make selling him

  • lucio

    goalkeepers : courtios (atleti madrid/chelsea)  , rafael (santos) , mica , 

  • Woopsadaisy

    Goalkeeper: Alex Smithies, Huddersfield