Skyrim less popular than MW3, BF3 and Zelda – Complete lies?

By Alan Ng - Sep 30, 2011

We have some very surprising news to bring you now, as a recent survey conducted by huge US media research firm Nielsen has revealed the results of a poll asking gamers which games they are mostly looking forward to playing during the Christmas period – there’s definitely some shockers involved.

For a start, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is way down the list, only coming in at 15th position out of a possible 20 games! Considering how amazing Skyrim looks and overwhelming public feedback showing support for the game, we find it very hard to believe that it could be placed towards the bottom of list, especially when you take a look at some of the games that are apparently more popular.

Games that beat Skyrim in terms of a ‘Christmas Wish List’ include the likes of FIFA 12, Just Dance 3, Batman Arkham City, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Madden NFL 12 and wait for it, LEGO Harry Potter – yes we’re serious. Top of the list and probably unsurprisingly was Modern Warfare 3, but one or two eyebrows may be raised when you find out that Battlefield 3, arguably more anticipated than Modern Warfare 3 in some gamers eyes, only came ranked in at 7th position.

Out of 5,000 of those surveyed, 27% of participants selected Modern Warfare 3 as their number one game to own this Christmas, while a paltry 8% opted to choose Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. This is a real head-scratcher for us, and it does put the authenticity of Nielsen’s survey up for debate. If you are planning to pick up Skyrim this year, give us your thoughts on the results – are you a bit shocked?

No disrespect to LEGO Harry Potter fans, but there is something suspect going on when it ranks higher than a game with the calibre of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion as a predecessor and even higher than FIFA 12 too – probably the best football game for a decade. Read the full list at Nielsen’s website here for your reference, courtesy of Industry Gamers.

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  • Mograh93

    I truly find this list to be true (unless the world is more retarded than I originally assumed). An Elder Scrolls game hasnt been seen in about 6 years. Oblivion was epic when it came out, and now, its a game well always look back on as one of the greatest games of our existence. Now, Skyrim is on it’s way and, from the way it looks, completely obliterates any of Bethesda’s past games (and that is truly an incredible feat).
    They have completely revamped every aspect of the Elder Scrolls and learned from every mistake they’ve made in the past. Battlefield and mw3, however, have probably hardly even edited their games. From what ive seen of CoD; they basicly take the same gameplay, unfixed and uninhanced, and simply make a new game. Not saying that they havnt fixed some of their problems, but Bethesda has worked very hard to bring us the next Elder Scrolls weve all been anticipating since Oblivion. To sum it all up: Skyrim deserves game of the year, in my opinion.   

    • Mograh93

      sorry, i didnt finish my first sentence. I mean to say that thelist has to be rigged or the world is more retarded than i originally assumed.

  • PhantomKillerX

    hmm well i can understand why all those games are one more peoples wish list, bunch of kids who want harry potter, sports games ar among the highest sales which we all know why xD  (i myself can’t stand sport games) just dance, batman, and ZELDA?! haha those are allll mainstream stuff, and compared to elder scrolls WAAAAAAAAAY more popular, but no worries. when the games actually comes out and every fxcking gamer is talking about it…..they’ll know what games truly deserves the number one spot haha

  • AssAssIn2202

    I only have money for one game this year… And my money goes to Skryim. As much as I am tempted to get BF3 since it will come out soon, I just can’t.

  • Cheatcodechamp

    im sorry, but Bethesda has made some of the best games to ever hit the market (i have yet to meet someone who hates fallout or elder scrolls) the COD games and be viewed the the same game with a different skin to some people, Skyrim can and Will be the next game of the year, that will be the only way to show some people what a great game is

    • giganticlongwang

      you can use statistics to prove anything 14% of all people know that

  • COD player

    People are intimidated by Oblivion. Every person I asked about what they thought of it they said. I got out of the sewers and then i didnt know what to do.  There are a lot of people out there with no imagination and also no patience when it comes to video games.  Its sad but true.

  • Patrick97rdrgz

    Skyrim is awsome its like I hope its like morriwind that game is better than oblivion to me just saying nice story line big map levetating despite it physics and grapics it was awsome

  • Dovahkiin

    A survey on IGN a while ago had Skyrim listed as the most anticipated game of 2011.
    And IGN is a huge gaming website, with actual gamers voting.

  • Im loving these comments aye? Its obvious the mistakes they made in doing an ACTUAL survey, like asking 5000 people for a national survey, christmas wishlist, age, and ive read soooooo many comments of people b***hing about those crap little things you’ll always find in rpg’s, customization mainly, like how much dirt is on a players face, or how skinny a khajiit’s neck looks when they dont have a mane. Still, i cant wait till skyrim, going around doing jobs for the neighbours just to get the money for all 7 games coming out XD or i could just get a job :L

  • Patrick97rdrgz

    Mw3 is gonna be like any cod game with new killstreaks ,weapons,and some more custimization whereyou would fight in maps that are small not really huge ,bf3 you will have huge multiplayer maps with destrutable walls, unlocking attachments to the weapon that you use ,using bi pods driving jeeps,tanks,jets close ecounters with other players sniping with infer red bf3 , mw3 I will choose bf3 from my point of view

    • Shikamaru31789

      Personally, I’m looking forwards to MW3 more than BF3 (though I’m nowhere near as excited about either as I am about Skyrim and The Old Republic), but that’s just because I like the the fast paced action of CoD. Most of the videos I’ve seen of BF3 are of people camping prone on hills shooting at each other from across the map, with some vehicles thrown in for good measure, though admittedly, I’ve yet to try BF3 (downloading the beta tonight, who knows, I might like it more than CoD).

  • Andrewparadox2159

    there is no way that any lego thing could have beat skyrim. They must have been asking little kids because skyrim is gonna be the best game out this year.

  • Shikamaru31789

    Based on preorders, Skyrim is in 3rd place behind MW3 and BF3 with 714,539 US Physical preorders.

    Source: VGChartz

    Note: VGChartz only tracks US Physical preorders, US Digital and Worlwide Physical and Digital preorders aren’t tracked.

  • Th3Burn1nator

    They probably surveyed a bunch of 10-year-olds…

  • Baldy_andrew

    they were obviously not asking the right people, most of my friends are most excited for mw3, as for me im split between mw3 and skyrim. but since i havent played a good rpg in a long time than ill prob spend more time with skyrim. 

  • If you look at Oblivion’s total sales then it is a pretty big number, and it’s still rising steadily, with the 5th anniversary edition out now. The reason for it, at least in my opinion is that Fifa 12, CoD even BF3 have so many sequels, usually 1 every year (or every 2 years in BF’s case) however it’s been about 5 years since Oblivion launched and people are still playing it. (I actually just began a new character on it as I was bored) People play multiple playthrough’s etc, but the fact is, it isn’t a multiplayer game. 

    Multiplayer games are much bigger on launch because 2,3 months down the line the number of people stop playing them and move on, Elder Scrolls games have much more replayability, and staying power in the market, and so might be 15th now, but it will probably stay in the top 30 for much longer than games like LEGO Harry Potter and especially franchise games (ones that release every year, so sports and COD)

  • Cow2k2000

    Since we don’t really know the questions on the survey, it’s hard to make assessments.  I doubt they asked anyone if they had pre-ordered any games

  • Myself

    There are 3 reasons I think it’s so low:

    1 – It only asks for one game, if someone wants another game more they put their one vote elsewhere. Even if Skyrim is second on that list.
    2- The christmas deadline. It’s possible gamers took into consideration the games they would already own prior to christmas. It could also explain why the likes of Battlefield 3 and Skyrim are lower then Modern Warfare 3; meaning Modern Warfare 3 isn’t a a priority.

    3- Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls games are particularly PC orientated, many console gamers haven’t played a game from the series. Unlike Fallout it doesn’t seem to have captured a significant share in the console market like Fallout. I suppose the lack of guns has something to do with it.

    Personally, I feel Skyrim will probably be good but I doubt it’ll match the hype. Out of the rpgs this year I’m leaning heavily in favour of Dark Souls over Skyrim. I’ll definitely get Skyrim, I loved Fallout 3 but like so many other console gamers I’ve not played a game in the franchise. It’s not on my priority list but I’ll get it around christmas. Battlefield 3, Dark Souls, Rage and Rayman: Origins are the day one purchases from me.

  • Sam

    I think i know what the problem may be. This poll asks people what SINGLE game they want for christmas, the one they want above all others. I think that most people want Skyrim, but only 8% want it more than any other game. Skyrim has a pretty large appeal, but may only be preferred above all the other games by a small amount of people. This could explain why it’s such a huge deal and is greatly anticipated, but seems under-represented in this poll.

    Also, everyone plays shooters, and less people play RPGs.

    I for one am among that 8% of people who would choose Skyrim. I can hardly wait for 11.11.11… 

  • Vindrueelsker

    The reason Skyrim was so lousy ranked was, I think, because it’s a ‘Christmas Wish List’. I mean, I already own Skyrim at Christmas, so why would I wish it then?

  • Bordersane

    Yep. Skyrim will have the staying power, its a shame a game as shallow as “Just Dance 3” (honestly?) Is higher up…but the comments are right, what sort of audience was this survey aimed at?

  • Madgod24

     for one, were you surveying family oriented gamers? LEGO HARRY POTTER CMON, The reason why SKYRIM was at the bottom of the list for CHRISTMAS, is because people are going to go buy it on release day. What kind of skyrim fan would wait until Christmas to get it, COME ON

  • SgtSlick

    I think if u only survey 5000 people out of a national population u can do multiple surveys and get vastly different results. But I think the elders scrolls series’ have been more like a “classic song” that u don’t hear too often on the radio or in the “charts” yet still stands the test of time in the long run. Most of those other games will be packed away after a year …tops.

  • Hctam70

    Remember, in the grand scheme of things, the ultimate sales figures will likely support the order of this list…for the most part. Skyrim is amazing, but not really a “game for the masses” by comparison.

  • horry potter is up there because is more little kids then grown up playing video games. Grown people had to work and put other stuff ahead of playing.

    • Luckyduke24

      You do realize that the average age for a gamer is 34 right? I’m a29 year old female but I still manage a career, family, and video games.

  • Nishank

    I would rank skyrim at the top. But relatively few play the elder scrolls because it is so massive and non-linear. That said, it should at least be among the top 5.

  • Owlhelm

    Who’d they ask? 14-year olds?

    • Ryan

      Hey im 14 and i think skyrim should be on the top 5

      • Aadsffasfdasf

        well done my young friends.  Tell ‘im.  And nice taste in games you have there!

    • Joe-dalby

      Oi I’m 14 and I’ve preorderd skyrim lmt edition game of the year fIr me anyday

    • Andrewparadox2159

      I am 14 years old and i beat the main quest on oblivion. They didnt ask 14 year olds they asked 9-year olds.

      • Kreason95

        I’m 16 and I have every achievement, btw the main quest isn’t that impressive, it was short and easy, the real appeal at least for me is the side quests, guilds, and exploration, also killing everything in sight

    • Airmattress

      I was 12 when I got Oblivion on release day.

  • Sanetokane

    That is total bullshit. Not that it matters though, more skyrim for us intellectuals.

  • DrHouse808

    List was pretty unbelievable, real men play Skyrim. Some people just love shooters though and see a game like Skyrim as “nerdy” and embarrasing to mention to their “hardcore FPS action” buddies. I’m sure both will be fun, but if you want story, plot, character development, and new gaming tech I’d go with Skyrim. If you want to shoot your friend in the face the exact same way you shot them in the face every day for the past 3 years, go with MW3!

    I was addicted to Call of Duty, but I’ve had a hankering for a new engine the past two years.