Priorities for Google+: Media sharing not monetization

When Google+ was first launched it proved very popular considering it was by invitation only, but it was never going to be a challenge for Facebook. Over the past month or so the novelty factor started to wear off a little, and we assumed that the new Plus Project was going to go the same way as their other social media efforts. Thankfully Google has now made it public and we have already started to see an increase in users, so will the search engine colossal now start taking a closer look into media sharing and monetization?

Media sharing was pretty good from the start, but it was not known how popular it would become on G+, so much so that there are now plans to improve the user experience. As always Google has been very cryptic when giving out information, so much so that TNW feels that the hints that Bradley Horowitz offered are too broad to pin down any specific area where Google will be able to improve on.

Although, we know that it will have something to do with how we interact with each other when it comes to sharing our posts, images and videos – sorry, it’s a little obvious I know. However, there is a slim possibility that Google will start partnerships up with news services, which could then lead into monetization. Although the company has said in the post that this is not important, it has to be their end goal.

Google has more than enough money to keep them going for a while, but they are not in the habit of offering a service where they will not make money from it. However, we do not expect this to happen for sometime, as they have revenues coming in from all over the place, such as AdWords and AdSense. Maybe this is where Google+ will be able to make ground up against Facebook, as they went through the stage of not trying to monetize their social network. However, they are now all about the money, and for some this is seen as a put off.



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