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Performance analysis for Battlefield 3, analyzer stats

There has been a huge amount of discussions regarding Battlefield 3, such as gameplay tweaks, tactics, and even a hands-on direct from Eurogamer. In that article it looked at how the Xbox 360 version differs to that of the PS3, more so in first impressions ahead of the release. Now we thought you would like to know how the two compare in terms of performance.

Knowing how BF3 compares in a head to head battle with the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 is always going to get a certain amount of interest, although we assume that gamers have already made up their minds as to which platform they will be purchasing the game for? This performance analysis looks at a number of different aspects, but it is analyzer stats that will be of most interest.

The first thing that becomes apparent when testing performance is how both consoles suffer from screen tearing, not so much on the slow parts, but more so in battle. Both consoles managed to maintain 30FPS, but we expect this to improve upon final release. Lens of Truth has a number of clips, and from the four it was the Xbox 360 that had a better Global average FPS, 29.85 compared 29.67 for the PS3.

To give you a better idea as to how each version looks, you can hover over a number of the images to see how they look with either console. The results are mixed, but it is the PS3 that looks much lighter, but we cannot help but notice that details are more pronounced with the Xbox.

Take a look at them all and share with us what you believe to offer the best version of Battlefield 3 – although we do know that they are a long way off the PC version.



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