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Nexus Prime battery life and processor worries

If you have already decided that the Samsung Nexus Prime is the next smartphone for you, there is little doubt that you’ll be tuning into Samsung and Google’s upcoming Mobile Unpacked event that has now been confirmed to be taking place on October 11.

One thing that is still up for debate though is the type of processor that will be included in the device, as although it has been heavily rumored to include a dual-core 1.5ghz processor, the brand of this processor is yet to be determined, and could make a vital difference in terms of overall performance.

Now the news has been confirmed that Samsung has just announced and unveiled their latest mobile processor, the dual-core Exynos 1.5GHz processor which is said to brings with it a 30% increase in power efficiency compared to the old Exynos processor that was featured in original Samsung Galaxy S II handsets.

This new chip will be featured in the new models of the Samsung Galaxy S II, but it is understood that it will not be featured in the upcoming Galaxy Prime, or Galaxy Prime, much to the disappointment of Android fans. Instead, the processor of choice is likely to be the dual-core 1.5Ghz OMAP 4460 which has been designed by Texas Instruments and is apparently the platform of Google’s choice for Ice Cream Sandwich, as reported from Droid-Life.

Obviously this will not be 100% confirmed until Google and Samsung dish the dirt at their Mobile Unpacked event on October 11, but it does put pose the question that the Nexus Prime would carry more battery life if it had Samsung’s new Exynos processor equipped within, rather than the TI OMAP 4460.

Let us know your thoughts on this one guys. Would you be disappointed if the Nexus Prime featured the TI processor rather than the Samsung Exynos chip? Perhaps more importantly – would you still buy the device at launch?



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