FIFA 12 problems – have you experienced any?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 3, 2011

We have been receiving emails regarding FIFA 12 and problems which are affecting a wide-range of gamers, therefore we thought we would sum up what we have heard and ask you if you have experiencing any FIFA 12 issues of your own.

Let’s start with some PC issues, as PC hardware and software varies so massively there are bound to be some problems, a recent article posted over at GameBooze lists quite a few known FIFA 12 issues and fixes for PC so it may be worth checking out.

The official EA Sports FIFA Twitter feed recently confirmed that they are looking into a known issue with the game’s ultimate team game mode, you can see the error here, the error reads “We are sorry but there is an error connecting to FIFA 12 Ultimate team” – is this something which has happened to you?

When we spoke about the Battlefield 3 beta earlier this week it was obvious that there were some problems with the EA servers, well we are hearing some reports of similar issues affecting FIFA 12 gamers, a quick search for “FIFA 12 connection” on Twitter shows that some people are experiencing lag, despite having a fast connection, whilst this tweet said this: “During a pro ranked match on FIFA 12, the screen freezes at the start of the 2nd half and I get a ‘connection lost’ message”

One minor problem which some people have emailed us regarding the referee’s kit choice, sometimes their is a kit clash between on of the teams and the referee, apaprently when QPR or Swansea wear their orange away kits the ref wears red – have you noticed any other kit clashes?

We are hearing lots of reports of people who are less than happy with the game’s tackling system, we witnessed this for ourselves – but guessed it was just a change which would take some getting used to, and shouldn’t be categorized as a problem – but with so many people struggling with this aspect of the game, perhaps it is quite buggy.

We want to hear what problems you have noticed so far, nothing is too petty, so share any issues you experience in the comments section below.

Update: Here is some official information from EA regarding fixed bugs and known issues – link

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  • lolol fifa

    On fifa 12 I can’t trade offer to random people why

  • i have problem just after installation,,,,when ever i open it,,,there is an option origin is not installed,,,,,,,,,,is any one who help me,….i am a beginner

  • frustrated mum

    The cards on our fifa13 trade pile will not disappear even though they are sold and we are pressing the triangle button on the controller.

  • Rayden Clay

    Can someone tell me why ma directional just keep switching on its own when i’m playing a match? its been seeting offside traps and swapping wings n stuff like that and i end up getting scored on and anytime i hit the “O” button to shoot, it does a cross or a chip sometimes, its really annoying, i’ve been losing recently cuz of that