Evidence mounts for Xbox 360 Final Fantasy Versus XIII release

By Jamie Pert - Sep 30, 2011

For years Sony’s PlayStation consoles were the preference for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy titles, well times change and now other platforms like the Xbox 360 get a piece of the action – but will Final Fantasy Versus XIII come to Microsoft’s console?

Currently we are under the impression that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is going to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive, but these days exclusivity doesn’t count for much and we wonder whether this game could also come to Xbox 360, one recent post over at OXM.com seems to suggest that it is more than likely.

OSM’s Edwin Evans-Thirlwell listed six reasons why Final Fantasy Versus XIII is coming to Xbox 360, here is a quick summary of what he had to say. Firstly as recently pointed out by Kotaku the Versus team recently posted job listings where they asked for Xbox 360 development experience. Also it has been pointed out that the game’s engine, Crystal Tools, is a multi-platform engine.

Three other reasons all revolve around money, firstly bringing one game to multiple platforms almost guarantees higher sales, in-turn more downloadable-content will sell. One other thing which points towards a 360 release is the fact that Sony won’t pay to keep the game exclusive, these days Sony and Microsoft have to put up big bucks to ensure their rivals don’t get certain games – we can’t see Sony doing this.

You can see one final reason why Final Fantasy Versus XIII should come to Xbox 360 via the OXM link in this post’s second paragraph – do you think this game will be a PS3 exclusive?

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  • DissidiaFantasy

    Be done with this BS!!!! If you love the game, then buy it for PS3 and stop complaining about the eventual 360 port. No one gives a crumb except butthurt fanboys. Nomura is not a fanboy, he couldn’t care less what runs the game. He just does not ever want the integrity of the game compromised, and wishes to have the most perfect product. But whether it is PS3 or 360, that’s irrelevant, as long as the vision stays complete and magnificient.(which makes Wii motion version out of the question) Again it just so happens they chose PS3 first to do so exclusively, because it offered the perfect tools needed for a jawdropping experience. If the PS3 stays the lead platform, the game will still play perfect regardless.

    So please. Versus XIII going to 360 isn’t going to mean squat or harm anything, as long as the game comes out after & is not the lead platform. Over sensitive and over hyped Sony fanboys need to be quiet, sit back and take a chill pill. The Xbox360 is just as powerful, if not more so in designing enormous environments. All it requires is the disc space to load them…as proven in countless examples such as Lost Odyssey, or Star Ocean 4, whereas Star Ocean (one of the biggest RPGs to date) was three entire discs. They did not sacrafice any quality nor content in those releases. And especially not in the Microsoft property Lost Odyssey, which is really one of the best rpgs of this era. I’d love a sequel to that. But in any case, with the RIGHT tools & proper care there will not be a single thing cut from Final Fantasy Versus XIII. As well, as long as the lead platform never changes it will result in a very high quality 360 version which runs in 720p. All it takes to see that proof in action right now, is the game Dark Souls.

    Again, the only way S-E could botch the game is if they deliberately tried to undermine it by packing every disc full of FMVs(as Nomura alleges IIRC). FMVs & uncompressed audio are what take up unused disc space, not levels and gameplay. FFXIII-2 proves that, as its a far larger game than the “accident” of cut content in FF13. It will simply be four discs on 360, and only one on PS3 with a bonus disc. That satisfies everybody involved and to be honest FFXIII-2 was originally to be 4 discs & Star Ocean 4 was one of the biggest rpgs this generation. As well, it doesn’t affect enjoyment because a great game is still great when designed exclusively first.

  • Trey

    Look,i’m not a fanboy or something but if going multiplat will degrade gaming experience then fck. Looks like versus needs to compensate for FFXV failures by being my multiplat.Sucks

    • DissidiaFantasy

      Looking at the game Dark Souls and recent interviews, its pretty clear Versus XIII won’t sacrifice quality anywhere at all. The only ones making this non-sensical claim are butthurt Sony fanboys.

      Show me one developer who makes this claim or backs it up with facts. Dark Souls got a perfect 90 on basically both platforms, is one of the largest greatest games of the generation and has nearly no FMV at all. It would seem to entirely disagree with you. (CGI looks like FMV too, in my game)

      The only reason FFXIII sacrificed some quality had nothing to do with 360 discs, it had to do with the game’s director taking some shortcuts during development. He originally wanted all of these things like Lightning’s own separate town and so on, then decided to throw them out because they didn’t fit his idea of the story. I’m speaking of Kitase, right now. It was his decision to gimp the original game.

      All in all, FFXIII-2 is an extremely large game and much bigger than FFXIII. It also is not three discs because they efficiently used mostly CGI, rather than Full Motion Video(FMV) which actually reduces the amount of content you can place in a game. FFXIII-2’s world is basically the size of Skyrim, has gotten multiple perfect reviews. So it would disagree with you as well, let’s just say from a design perspective FFXIII took some shortcuts. The director had a different design in mind, and ended up making the game smaller as a result.

  • Spamchute01

    Though Crystal Tools is multiplatform, I believe they said they are now using an optimized build of Crystal Tools with some elements of the new Luminous engine. I’m not sure if the engine can be used for evidence

  • Jaylucan

    If they want to add sixaxis support then yes i think it would be exclusive, but unless its pivotal for gameplay (i was hoping changing the characters orientation in mid air sort of thing) then they could scrap it and the xbox 360 may see it, they have only just gone into full production also so this is probaly one of the things decided on, could also explain why square has been so quiet