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Diablo III (3) 2012 preview: Graphics and combat verdict

With Diablo III aka (3) due for public release in 2012 Blizzard are now kicking things up a gear, following the recent going live of beta. However, one has to ask themselves why has it taken almost eleven years just to get to this stage? Anyway, that’s something that has been asked so many times that we feel we should move on. It’s nice to be able to finally discuss the preview of the graphics and also combat, but what will the verdict be?

One thing that has to be pointed out is the fact that the beta does not last as long as we had hoped, but it still provides enough to still show how well Diablo III has developed. The first and often most important aspect is the graphics. Not trying to worry you or anything, but NowGamer feels a little disappointed with what they have seen so far, which is not a good start to keep the hard core fans happy. However, it needs pointing out that this is still a beta version, and the developer still has a lot of work to do.

Fans had hoped to see more, but things like character models were very basic to say the least. The full release version should be very different, as we expect to see greater color and details than seen in Diablo II.

If there were anything more or as important as graphics, then it would have to be combat. It is this feature that draws the player in, so how does it fare in Diablo III? Blizzard has stuck with the simple concept of just clicking away, and this is certain to keep players happy. However, there is more to the game than just clicking away to turn an enemy into a skeleton, you also loot, various objects and much more.

The final verdict is that Diablo III is not going to blow you away with amazing new features, but what the developer has managed to do with this new version, is keep fans of the franchise happy.



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