Apps for Verizon’s Nexus (DROID) Prime

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 30, 2011

We have been continuing to keep track of everything “Nexus Prime” over the last few weeks, as we get closer to Mobile Unpacked this year, which is expected to unveil the device from Samsung that should kick-start the new Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich by Google. Today we found another story that looks at apps for Nexus Prime, known as DROID Prime for Verizon.

This article found a list of apps via a forum post found here, and there are a few signs that lead us to be critical of the source. The list of apparent Nexus Prime apps are up for debate when it comes to bloat, and don’t tell us much about the device itself, although you’ll find some interesting references like an app for facial recognition.

You can see the full list on this page below. They are apparently harvested from the new Nexus phone by Verizon. Let us know what you don’t see, and if you believe it? We wonder where a few others are like BackupAssistant.apk, MediaHub.apk, talkback_2.6.0.apk, GuidedTour.apk, TouchWizCalendar.apk and SamsungSetupWizard.apk. Some more ideas are in the above forum link.

In case you didn’t read a couple of stories posted earlier today about Nexus Prime on PR, check out some worries about the battery life in this article. If you were going to buy the Nexus Prime or iPhone 5, would you say your choice would be made mostly on the software or hardware?

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  • Anonymous

    As far as I’ve read, the Nexus Prime will be rebranded on Verizon as the “Droid Prime”. It doesn’t have to be stock because it’s not fitting into Google’s Nexus program, so it’s likely that we’ll see bloat on the Droid Prime.

  • JG

    This is hard because I like both platforms. I actually like the Droid charge camera better than iPhone 4. For me it comes down to being able to take pics and videos of my kids on the fly.

    On the other hand there are still some buggy things with android. IE native email app doesn’t handle custom domain imap mail well. For this ios works better for me.

    Between the Prime and iPhone 5 I will need to see them both in action before deciding. I like large screen and 4g. But large screen is a must have for me now. Can get by without 4g.

    One thing for sure… we’re real close to seeing both.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. 4G is great but not a huge need. Big screen Is A Must. I have the droid bionic and its simply awesome. It’s screen is big, bright and awesome. If the i5 is a refresh of the i4 , and it will be a huge fail. Seeing both and having them reviewed will be the deciding factor. Number of Apps is not really an issue anymore. It’s about feature packed OS and spectacular hardware. We know about ios 5, which is nice, but but mostly filled with things I get on android now. I guess really I just want to see what ice cream sandwich offers. Please don’t let this nexus device be primarily plastic. we know how samsung is about glossy plastic.

      • I’m considering passing on the droid bionic. The specs so far seem so much more epic on the droid prime. But from what I have read its rumored that it wont be released until November 3rd. The only thing that bothered me about the bionic was the fast that screen has a nice res but wasn’t Amoled. Does Verizon allow you to return a phone/trade in?

        • Anonymous

          Not after 14 days. But I have another upgrade coming up. So it will be either of these devices. Im gonna splurge on the other device and buy it outright. I’m gonna do my own test to see which is better for me.

      • JG

        Pretty much how I feel about it too