5 gameplay tweaks which would improve BF3 beta gameplay

By Jamie Pert - Sep 30, 2011

We now have hours of Battlfield 3 beta experience behind us, therefore we thought give you our two cents on some ways which we think gameplay could be improved – obviously everyone’s opinion on this matter will differ, so read through this article and then leave us a comment stating what you think needs to change before the game’s proper release.

In this brief article we won’t speak about any of the beta’s many bugs, but instead concentrate on minor things which in our opinion would improve the multiplayer experience and perhaps level out weapon balance.

Let’s start with sniper glare, now when we first heard that this would come to BF3 we were delighted and looking forward to how it would affect campers – well we do like the way it gives away an enemy’s position, but the glare seems a bit overkill and gives more advantage to people who use scopes on assault rifles – do you agree?

Whilst talking about snipers we must also re-mention something we raised in this post, it is quite rare that you get a one shot kill with a sniper rifle. Obviously head shots instantly kill your foe, however upper torso shots don’t – which in our opinion is pretty unrealistic.

One of my biggest gripes with the BF3 beta is knifing, now I don’t know if the beta is just very buggy but BF3 goes a bit crazy when you try to knife an opponent, not to mention the knife animation is below par. Here’s what one person over at Reddit had to say about knifing “I’ve had my knife out and despite clicking several times my character does nothing. I stand there helpless as the guy in front of me spins around and shoots me” – do you think this aspect of the game needs an overhaul?

In BF3 you can add laser lights and flash lights to your guns, these assist your aim and cause a massive distraction to the enemy – which can be very effective, but we sometimes think the laser sights etc are a little too good, also flashlights should not blind the enemy in daylight. We would like to see the effectiveness of these lights toned down a little, especially in bright areas – we are sure some of you won’t be happy with this!

Finally one minor thing which we think needs some subtle adjustment is how fast people can run when you choose “Sprint” as your specialization – we don’t think it is ridiculously quick, but perhaps edging on unrealistic – again we know that some of you will disagree with this, so we are open to your opinions – leave them in the comments section below.

Do you agree with anything which we have said?

If you check out Reddit you can see lots more opinions on BF3 beta gameplay.

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  • AadvarK

    The fact talk you about realism in Battlefield is a bit stupid don’t you think? and if a 7.62x54mm SV-98 should one hit kill in the torso for realism purposes then the the PKP should deal about the same damage; just like the SCAR-H should hit just as hard as the Mk-11 but this is a game and realism in games does simply not work. Anyway, realism in Battlefield? what kind of drugs are you on man, when a simple zap of electricity to any part of my body can reattach my head is when Battlefield becomes realistic. [/rant]

  • Mccroft

    Interesting is that people think that this is close to att final product! One of the developers said in att Swedish newspaper that the code in the Beta is really old and that the actual game has newer code.

    I think the BETA is mainly for server-testing (stresstest) and that bugs are fixed. Its hard to imagine that they should fix the bugs in 3 weeks with so much at stake!

    I thought the sound in BFBC2 was awesome, BF3 is even better. This said from an old BF2 player.

  • Mackenzietroy

    On Call of duty you actually feel like your shooting a gun, it feels powerful and you actually feel that your enemyis takin bullets. I like both games but prefer call of duty because I feel battlefields shooting of guns, the way enemy’s respond to being hit and the animations when an enemy dies is so lame and unrealistic not to mention how many bullets they take. If battlefield could actually manage to make the shooting side more realistic then I and everyone would find it better than it is already is… For me call of duty will always better because the shooting feels alot more realistic and fun.

    • Cod fanboy

      You are an idiot.

      • braindead poster

        Agreed. This Guy must b braindead.

  • Marvin Staines

    I’m just glad they are taking their time by introducing a beta version to be tested.  This game will be good but unfortunately MW3 will be better simply because we (generally speaking) are addicted to the gameplay.  Even though its cartoony we’ve dedicated thousands of hours of playing time on the various iterations of COD (COD 2 through Black OPS).  Its what were used to.  As soon as something comes out that is supposed to rival COD we play it and no matter how original it is muscle memory and being outright conditioned for COD causes us to reject it.  I want to like BF3 but if one little thing is out of whack I’ll run right back to MW3 because I know it inside and out.  It’s sad….but true.

  • Chevyc11two

    i dont mind some of the problems stated, i dont mind the gameplay the gun balancing is off here and there which can get annoying but i think the raNge and accuracy of certian guns needs adjusted and also the semi auto snipers should sure as hell not kill in the same amount of bullets as the bolt action, im only lvl 24 and have only used the sv but if i face someone who knows where im at sv vs semi auto im almost 100% dead because they get 2 shots off before me, it should be like 3 to body and 1 to head like bc2, also i have used the smgs such as ak74u and ump45 and pp2000 and they seem to have incredible accuracy at range, when im sniping i constantly get killed by lmgs and smgs at far over 200 yards, but other than that i love the game, flashlights dont bother me nor do lasers you just have to work past these flaws and have fun which is what i do.

    • randy:)cartman

      Dude why in the heck should a semi auto sniper rifle take more shots to kill someone than a bolt action. I mean that absolutely makes no sense at all. The military has all sorts of snipers. M11 is a heavily modified m16 and it is semi auto. They also have a version that is a bolt action. They both fire the same rounds at the same exact velocity. They both have the same amount of knock down power. Neither is stronger or weaker than the other. The only difference is the semi auto shoots faster with less effort. The con to this in real life is more mechanical parts that need to be cleaned or can lead to mechanical failure. Your stupid dude and next time before posting use some common sense.

      • zuggs

        You must be either be retarded, an aspie, or an overzealous gun nut (or all three) since nobody cares about realism. BF3 isn’t realistic, anyway. Weapon balance is more important and thus having more powerful bolt-action rifles makes sense.

        • dumby

          Most people care about realism dumby and so does dice. It is suppose to be realistic your a dumby. If you and no one cares about realism then take away destruction too while they at it and go play cod. Your a stinky dumby who sniffs their balls after not showering for days

        • dumby

          Plus if you weren’t a dumby you would just use the semi since its better you dumby

    • schoosh71

      flashlights and lasers don’t bother you, cause your 200yds away in a game of rush.

  • Mikey9812

    Spotting is a fail. Everytime I go to spot someone in BFBC2, I press select a ton of times yo make sure I get the go spotted. In BF3, I press it more than three times and it locks me out. I hate that, and their spots only last for a few seconds. Still preordered for PS3 but this issue is just killing me.

  • Superiorityfinancial

    Please advise!!!
    I’m getting gun downed by people I shoot in the back, or who I get 3> hit markers first?  Shoot any gun from BF3, then go shoot one from BFBC2.  The difference is killing me, literally! I feel safer running around with my knife out, so that I won’t be tempted to shot at anyone, give away my position, and then get shot by hostiles.  I hope to fair better in Hardcore mode BF3, because if I don’t, this will be another game I buy, like, but don’t play, similar to Home Front, Crisis 2, etc. I want to adapt, so maybe I need to just play it more, but I fear with BF3 replacing BFBC2, my avatar and myself may be facing an unexpected early retirement?  Decommissioned in my prime, what will I do???

    • Superiorityfinancial

      I will add that I don’t play core mode, and only because of how long it takes to kill someone.  I don’t need a marker over the enemy’s head to find them, but it does alert team members to where you are looking, which is excellent in strategic/tactical team combat, or when you’re stuck playing with “smurf’s”.   Hardcore however, is perfect, a Picasso!     

    • Superiorityfinancial

      I lost my BFBC2
      ;( but I got 2 copies of BF3!!!! 😉 I had to get the hang of the guns, and
      still am, but there’s just so much to do (pause playing BF3)……. I’m back. I
      love this game. I’m 55 hours deep in multi, and there’s no coming back. They
      need more multi coop air vehicle maps because the idea is perfect. I love all
      the maps, but the jets are so much fun we need a map dedicated to flying! Maybe
      a High Mt. Map in the Swiss Alps with only Jets(6each side) and Choppers (6
      trans and attack) similar to 1943 air superiority. Well any way, I took the initial
      time to write my pre game beta thoughts, so I’m here to say the game turned out
      better than I thought! “I’m re-in up” for another tour; just got
      promoted, see you on the front line…

      oh, I almost
      forgot! There should be more hardcore servers. Waiting in line 4 of 4 for 20
      min to get into a match is crazy! Having to search for a server is fine, but
      only having 3- 5 to pick I don’t understand. Oh well, when you do make it in,
      you will kill to stay.


  • Fuku

    i don’t feel involved with my team at all and the sound effects of the guns are lame at best, i can barely hear em. I’m not feeling any action when i play it’s like sex with fifteen condoms on ,just going thru the motions ..

    its a sad day ,,i was gonna buy this game.  i hope this beta gets a complete overhaul in 3 weeks ..ha ha lol

    • Ilovetaxes123

      Team work is pretty lame I’ll give you that but the sound affects are very good, if you can’t hear them properly I suggest turning up the volume or buyin a better tv/speakers. Finally as far as the action goes it’s not the games fault if you want to camp the whole game, I have had absolutely no problem finding a gun fight.

  • Fuku

    graphics looks great on pcbut  the sound needs allot of help .

    games a bit boring or unexciting ,lackluster sounds really dull the experience not mention no kill cam and funky controls I’m really tired of mashing my left stick down constantly to run,  a toggle option would be a lifesaver.also melee really sucks both controls and gameplay.

    Basicly i wanted this to be the end of days for MW2 but it’s not really better just different  less fun so far.

    • Ilovetaxes123

      You should have to hit the sprint button less seeing as you don’t run out of stamina. You might be thinkIng of cod where you have to hit it constantly. I don’t see were a toggle would help, in fact I think it would be a pain to go out of your way to stop running.

  • Chris

    People have been complaining about graphics, gameplay, controls, unrealism and so on and so on. But one thing that you guys are forgetting is lack of teamwork. Tell me how many times have you ran out of ammo and no one gives you ammo pack? or health pack when you need health? revives? Spotting? I feel like BF3 have been influenced by CoD in many ways. Want proof? The K,D ratio on the leaderboard.

    • schoosh71

      exactly, they have been overtly trying to steal cod fanboys away from cod to the disreguard BF players. I’m glad there has been so many issues reguarding this beta and MW3 is out soon after. I want a cod fanboy free life.

  • Xxxxtcr

    guys, this is still beta, bc2 had these kind of issues, they are small issues, and they will be worked out, just be glad you get to play the game before it comes out, and the point of beta is to report these issues so it can be fixed. the more problems you have, the better imo.

  • randy:)cartman

    I know this is a beta but a beta is a near finished product and this game launches in less than a month. That being said this game is terrible on 360. I have been waiting for this game forever it was my Jesus my savior from call of duty but my hopes have been ruined. There is no way this game is going to be ready on October 25. Compared to games on 360 already the graphics are terrible and look washed out or out of focus. It looks like a pc game that was made 5 years ago since the console version is a pc port. It really feels like I am playing a pc game but on a 360. Not a good feeling either. The controls are lackluster and don’t feel good. Sensitivity is weird on the joysticks. All around the game is terrible and all my hopes and dreams are crushed. The pc version is much much much much better but it is still lacking also in a lot of key areas. The same thing happened to me several times when trying to knife someone my soldier just stood there and did nothing and of course I was killed everytime. The graphics are not that good as people said Bad Company had better graphics. The destruction is just “ok” I fell through the map twice playing in a day. Smiling sucks as it takes way too many shots to kill someone unless its a headshot. Dice said thy fixed this from the alpha but apparently not. If our shot in the upper body excluding limbs you should be dead one shot by a sniper and most other rifles for that matter. Running seems good to me not to fast or slow. The pc version needs Damn native support for the 360 controller because I like to switch back and forth from keyboard to controller. Using the 360 controller was terrible and felt the same way it did in Bad Company. I know a lot of pc gamers don’t care about this but I do and many others do too so it needs to be done. They just have support for generic joystics same as in Bad Company. I just don’t know what to say about all this except for fu*k you DICE.

    • Ilovetaxes123

      As far as the graphics looking “burry” it’s called a filter, it’s suppose to add to the affect though I don’t see what you’re talking about. Also what pc game were u playing 5 years ago. Moving on to controls if the joysticks feel “wierd” then turn up/down the sensitivity. Knifing in this game is meant only to be done from an advantageous position which means no knifing someone aiming an assault rife at you, it has to be done from the back…..the opposite of cod, though I do agree it doesn’t always work properly even when doing it correcty. The destruction is the best I’ve ever seen in a game in tearms of realism. Only thing come close is red faction and it’s destructibility was cheesy at best. As far falling through the map goes IT’S A BETA. In closing just because u haven’t invested enough time in the game to hold your own doesn’t meen its a bad.

  • Addmove

    Here is a way to make bf3 more satisfying….ADD F#@#$ MOVE SUPPORT so i can precisely aim in the game.

  • Reading here people saying that bf3 was unsatysfing and not as good as bc2 not even the graphics is making me smile, so the mighty bf3 is falling!!!!

    • yeah man!! sure!! just because one people said that he didn’t like bf3 it must be a sign that it sucks.. Wow ur so smart!

    • Ilovetaxes123

      Cod fanboy

  • Raziel11225

    Same here i was proned sniping and it looked like i could see thru the cement floor plus i hit an enemy close range with a sniper rifle 2 shots which to me seems very unrealistic flashlights need to tone down as well during daylight stages i did more damage shooting a handgun than with any other weapon in the game which seems to me everyone was doing when they reached the underground train station. Game seems great just hoping i dont see these things during the original game.

    • Ilovetaxes123

      It’s balogna that you were even able to close/no scope in this game, it shouldn’t happen in any game but especially not bf3. A sniper should be for the most part helpless with there rifle unless separated by a fair amount of distance. Also it should take more than one shot to kill with a sniper rifle when it 5 plus assault rifle rounds center mass.

  • Chriz

    Overall i like the game after playing it for 2 hours non-stop. I like how its easier to kill people but now its easier to die. They resolved this by not having to wait for a certain time when you die which is good. One thing that worrys me though is the tactical light. It’s impossible to see when you get pointed by it, the laser is fine but the tactical light needs toning down.

  • rifleman90210

    I totally agree with this article, not only was the game buggy which I understand because its a beta not the final game, but the whole feel of the multiplayer was unsatisfying. This is coming from a hardcore fan of Bad Company 2  the third installment seems like a whole another game. The game play was not  even close to its previous game. The sound is weak, the guns do not feel realistic and lack punch, and the graphics look worse not better than bc2. EA will lose a lot of fans of the series from what I played and mw3 is going to make bf3 look like its not even on the same level, hell bad company 2 makes bf3 look bad. From what i played on xboxlive bf3 is going to be a big flop this holiday season.

    • Cjnun

      i agree with rifle man totaly the grafixs in cad company 2 are way better then bf3 and were the blood and the building blowing up also i like the whole map destruction thats why i play to me this seems like a medal of honor cover up.

      • Anonymous

        “i agree with rifle man totaly the grafixs in cad company 2 are way better then bf3 ” woah woah woah what?

        You must be playing on a 360 or something.

    • chalas ,

      They mentioned so many times (SO MANY FN TIMES) that Beta does not represent the final game in terms of graphics and realistic details. BETA is for server testing and gameplay purposes!!! You people need to open your eyes and read what this Beta is about before coming out crying.

      I must admit that Operation Metro is very different to what BC2 had, but not all the maps are like it. I can’t believe you ar judging the game because of a single glitchy map, even though you know it is in beta testing.

      I dislike OM, but totally loved Caspian Border. I thinkg OM is the last map for them to test that is why it is so laggy.

      But morons like you can’t think a bit. 

      • rifleman90210

        I understand that its just a beta but i feel that EA is shooting their foot by releasing a buggy beta a month before the release date. And even without the glitches it seems like they took Medal of honor multiplayer not bc2 multiplayer  for bf3. Nobody played moh like they did bc2  all EA had to do was improve on what they had, not try to force players to like something else. I understand that you might think im closed minded but i came in thinking the multiplayer was going to be just like bc2 and it was not. I agree that i should not judge the game on a bad map but its only a month till its due and so far im not impressed. Hopefully the game proves me wrong because I am a big battlefield fan.

    • Ilovetaxes123

      Mw3 is just going to be exactly the same as (insert any cod). I truly don’t see a comparison, battlefield on a whole other level above any cod outside of cod2, which is al least original.

  • I just hope that they can make all of the major changes before the game releases.  Especially the sniper one.  Why exactly does it shine so bright in the subway tunnel again?

  • Michael Oni

    I agree with the Changes 100% it will only make BF3 feel more realistic. And that is why i choose this game over MW3. Plus the problems seems to me to be clear problems that must be fix.