Skyrim update: New details revealed, tough times ahead for thieves

By Alan Ng - Sep 29, 2011

With the news mill well and truly churning out information by the minute for highly anticipated RPG Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, we have discovered some more brief gameplay elements of the game that you may not be aware of yet, particularly for those of you planning to choose the thief race.

Those of you lucky enough to have a subscription to PC Gamer magazine in the UK will be treated to a full blowout on Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in their upcoming November edition. For everyone else though, you’ll be pleased to know that the main highlights from the magazine preview have already found their way to the Bethesda forums, as reported from Examiner.

We mentioned that theives should pay attention to this, and rightly so because it looks like your day-to-day job in Skyrim just got a little bit harder. The magazine claims that pickpocketing will now have a difficulty skill attached to it, and players will find it harder to steal items depending on the value of item that you want to grab.

This is different to Oblivion, as players could go ahead and steal any item they wanted. From our memories though, the stolen item quality was never too high in Oblivion anyway, so maybe Bethesda are looking to have some precious items awaiting for the dirty fingertips of thieves – we hope so, as the thief perk is definitely one of the most enjoyable paths to take.

Other notable details included in the magazine reveal that Skyrim players will be able to receive a boost in health and magicka, depending on the quality of bed that they sleep in. This again is a new addition to the game, as all beds were the same in Oblivion – just serving as somewhere to rest and refresh your health and magicka supply.

These two features alone are pretty exciting and ones which we can’t wait to see in-game for ourselves. You can read about some more new features included in Skyrim through the link above. If you are planning to be a thief in Skyrim, give us your thoughts on the new difficulty for pickpocketing.

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  • guest

    bed sleeping perks were present in morrowind if i remember.

  • Daniel Fletcher

    …uh…just for the record, pickpocketing did have a difficulty factor in Oblivion.  Heavier items were harder to pickpocket, as were more valuable items (including gold, especially of high amounts).  Your sneak skill would have an influence on this and make pickpocketing easier.  Not near to the extent the perk tree will have on pickpocketing in Skyrim, but it was definitely there for anyone who…played.

  • Masterelf89

    Ummm thief is a class. Not a race