PSN down September 29 for Battlefield 3 Beta

By Peter Chubb - Sep 29, 2011

Today we will see the release of Battlefield 3 Beta Open, and with all good things there is inevitable bad news. We say bad but not if you are playing with an Xbox 360; but if you have a PS3 then you might already know this by now. It seems as though PSN will be down in the UK from 1700 – 1900 hours – so just a couple of short hours then.

This is starting to get a regular occurrence now, and from what we can remember will be the third time that the PlayStation Network has gone down this month. However, the difference is that we know in advance – even though that will come as no consolation to gamers in the UK, as this is the busiest time for the network.

We have to understand that Sony needs to run maintenance on PSN, but you would have thought that they would have chosen a time when the system was not in as much demand? The issue is this is about the time that Battlefield 3 Beta Open goes like in the UK – seems like bad timing to us. They should have done this yesterday, because tomorrow is also out of the question, as FIFA 12 will be released to the public.

However, there is a way to get around this issue, and is pretty simple really. The problem will only affect signing in and also registration; all you have to do is sign in before 5PM GMT and you will still be able to play online with your friends – which is needed with BF3 later today. Just one more little thing to add, Sony is saying that the maintenance is expected to go on until 2100 hours, so even more reason to sign in before 1700GMT.

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  • Hairybloke

    just installed new HDD and need to retieve my psn account … my life is chronicled in a new book titled ‘The Death of Perfect Timing’. Honestly, I have the most mediocre luck.

  • Lowkey10011

    Miles better lol try again live can handle the trafic Psn can’t. Play station not online lmao.

    • Steve

      Two hours w/o PSN is not the end of the world, Not if you are paying to play ONLINE. Live is not easy to chew… lol PSN FTW

  • P20602139

    well its just kick us off so guessbeing signed in before 1700 didnt work well done sony! still miles better than micro$haft can do