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No Kindle Touch for UK yet, fobbed off again

We had first assumed that all Amazon was going to launch yesterday was the Kindle Fire, so imagine our shock when they announced the Kindle Touch and also a 3G version of this small 6-inch device? The online retail giant claims that this is the smallest eReader on the market, and the low price reflects that. However, these are currently unavailable for the UK, which means that we have been fobbed off yet again.

You have to wonder why Amazon would do such a thing, Apple used to do it before, but have now learned the error of their ways? Currently there is no timescale, as to when the Kindle and Kindle 3G will be coming to the United Kingdom; all Amazon has said to PC Advisor is to “stay tuned for more details.”

Anyway, enough of this negativity, as it will come, just not yet. We should look forward to the release of yet another new Kindle device, as they both come without any keyboard; instead choosing to go with an infrared touch interface. This means that not all of the areas are for touch, but just specific places, allowing you to turn pages or to access the menu.

The new Kindle Touch follows what smartphone makers have been doing for a few years now, and that is to make the new device both smaller and lighter. The price for the Kindle Touch is $99 and $149 for the 3G version.

If all you do is stay at home to read your books on your Kindle, then the cheaper version will be for you. However, if you find that you are out and about a lot and fear that you could run out of reading material, then you will need to have the 3G model, this way you can download a book anywhere with free 3G wireless. What makes this feature even better is how you will not have to hunt for a Wi-Fi hotspot. We hope to give you a more detailed review of these deceives soon. How long are you prepared to what for these devices to come to the UK?



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