MW3 survival mode vs. Black Ops zombies: Your thoughts?

By Peter Chubb - Sep 29, 2011

Last month we reported that MW3 would be coming with a new feature called Survival Mode, which as we now know is to take the place of Zombies in Black Ops. Comparing the two will be tough, as they will both have their good and bad points. However, we would truly like to know your thoughts?

The good thing about zombies is how you can have more than two players to join in the fun of getting through to each level. However, with survival it will be just you and a friend. Now some may say that this will be boring, but just think how much fun and a challenge it will be. Remember that it is much easier when there are only the two of you, as you will be able to coordinate much better.

Personally, I’m not a great lover of these games, and never got the point of zombies. No matter how hard I tried, getting into the game was very tough – maybe it has something to do with my lack of skill? Survival mode is a more appealing prospect, as it is still keeping to the story of the game. Call of Duty was all about the realism of getting into the action of what a soldier has to go through – not sure how many of them had to fight off zombies while in combat?

Maybe I’m taking it too seriously; after all gaming is meant to be fun, and trying to kill as many of the undead as you can in order to reach another level is certainly fun. What this special mode does in Black Ops is hone your skills, which you will need when playing the campaign or online. However, it still lacks substance, something that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will offer with Survival Mode.

Alan, Daniel, Jamie and myself all attended Eurogamer this year, and Jamie managed to get a decent amount of hands-on time with MW3 survival mode, which you can see in his review. However, it’s always best to get another persons perspective, so you should read what DeltaGamer has to say also. If you still find it hard to choose which of the two modes you prefer, then maybe this video comparing zombies and survival mode will help persuade you?

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  • guest

    survival is not campy at all cause the maps don’t have cover where enemies can only come at you from one direction so you have to keep moving

  • NED

    I like zombies better and I’v played both survival and zombies. Something that makes survival harder is that in survival there’s not a single weapon that will always be one shot kill and remember that in survival and zombies the enemies HP increases every round so you won’t be able to get as far in survival as zombies.
    In zombies you have the Thundergun (My favorite weapon in Zombies), the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and the Wavegun. In survival you only have normal weapons.

  • I PERSONALLY think that this is better then Zombies simply cause it involves more strategy. Zombies didn’t really have that.

    • DJones1048

      you obviously have not made it that far

      • Tango Delta

        Who would want to? Zombies mode is retarded and more then likely you get far due to the other 3 people in the room

  • Qwerty

    Played mw3 last week….AWSOME, what an exciting fun game to play!
    Also played BF3…….erm……yawnnnnn……erm looks like it might rain today :/

  • zombies all the way