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Motorola Xoom: 4G LTE upgrade dated – Are Verizon’s data prices worth it?

We have some good news at last for those of you with the original Motorola Xoom tablet, as Verizon has finally come good on their promise to update all devices with 4G LTE data support as long as consumers send their devices into the company.

It looks like this will be a very busy weekend for Verizon, as not only does it look like HTC Thunderbolt owners will finally get an official update to Android Gingerbread, but Verizon will also be starting their upgrades for the Xoom tablet as well.

If you have a Xoom and are seeking the update, you’ll need to visit Verizon’s website here for steps on how to go about the update process. According to Verizon’s FAQ on the same page, the carrier will take around six days to complete the upgrade and it will be completely free of charge too.

Once the Xoom has been fitted with a 4G LTE radio, you’ll have the option of choosing three data packages from Verizon. It starts off at $30 per month for 2GB, $50 per month for 5GB and then a short fortune of $80 per month for 10GB. On the plus side, your new beast of a tablet will be able to download songs in seconds and movies in minutes, so this will probably be seen as a fair compromise for the high costs of 4G data.

For those of you without a Xoom but are thinking of buying one, you’ll be pleased to know that Motorola will start selling tablets with the 4G LTE radio already fitted from October 13, priced at $499.99 on a two-year contract with Verizon. That is all good and well, but are the prices worth it in your opinion? Paying $30 for the mininum 4G data plan may seem like a lot to some consumers, so it will be interesting to see how Xoom owners take to the new 4G support.



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