Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0: User Interface disappointing after video preview?

By Alan Ng - Sep 29, 2011

Considering that Google has already confirmed Ice Cream Sandwich for a release sometime in October or November, we have heard very little details on Google’s next mobile operating system since, until now that is. A video discovered online is currently doing the rounds and appears to give a complete walkthrough of the new interface and what it can do.

The authenticity of the video is certainly up for debate though, as the origin of the clip has been located to none other than your favorite online marketplace Ebay, and the anonymous buyer who reported his findings to Engadget.

Apparently, the buyer purchased a Samsung Nexus S handset from the website, but rather than coming equipped with Android Gingerbread like usual, the handset was instead running a version of Ice Cream Sandwich much to his surprise! The Android version reads ‘IceCreamSandwich’ and not a version number though, leading some users to speculate that this could be a well-made hoax.

Assuming the video is legit, we get a first look at the Ice Cream Sandwich user interace, and you can immediately see the elements of Honeycomb in there – remember Google confirmed that ICS will be a merger of both Gingerbread and Honeycomb to refresh your memories. Other points of observation include a brand new Google Apps button on the homescreen, which when pressed will open up a separate menu full of apps for you to gain easy access to.

You’ll also see that when the home button is held down, a new vertical-style multitasking menu appears, which we’re guessing is Google’s new way to scroll across different widgets, apps and web browser pages that are already open.

We think you’ll agree that this video has been very well made if it is a fake. We’re not 100% sure, but we have a good feeling that this is the real deal here. Watch the video below and let us know what you think of it. Are you impressed with the Ice Cream Sandwich interface or not?

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  • Nsnarayan10

    I really do not care abt the video being shown up there,but what was it with samsung nexus 2?Guys it has not been released yet and they apparently will unveil it on nov 8th, then how could someone own it already?utter fake!

  • Anonymous

    didnt really showcase the OS. was more about the camera app than anything else.