Functionality of WP7 Mango surpasses iOS and Android

By Peter Chubb - Sep 29, 2011

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango has finally arrived and we have to say not a moment too soon. We say this due to the fact that iOS 5 is due within a few weeks and Android Ice cream Sandwich around late October, early November. The new mobile OS from the Redmond Company does have a lot of potential, and needs to, as the first version was not exactly the best thing that they have come up with.

The functionality of WP7 Mango surpasses iOS and Android, but that is only with their current versions. This means that Mango needs to have that something special if they hope to stay ahead of the game once Apple and Google release their new mobile operating systems. Windows Phone 7 was promised to get Microsoft back on track, but all it did was confirm that they have lost that magic touch that they once had – well on to the future.

What makes Windows Phone 7.5 great from the start is how it will be made available for all phones running the previous version. Whenever Apple release an update to their iOS they offer around 100 new updates, maybe more. However, with Mango there are an astonishing 500, which shows that this is no minor update. However, you will only care about a small percentage of them.

It’s hard to choose what the best new features are, but we have to point out the new social networking features, multitasking, email, voice dictation and so much more. Engadget has an in-depth review that looks at these features in great detail.

With Windows Phone 7.5 Mango now released we just hope that this will persuade consumers to start falling in love with the OS. However, the only issue that we see is that the phones running the OS lacks individuality, due to the fact that Microsoft has more control then Google does over the equipment that uses their operating system.

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  • If you dont buy a windows phone your an idiot, as the popularity slipped so did the prices you can get a mozart for less then an iphone 3g (yes 3g not 3gs, the slow buggy one that takes and i counted about 30seconds to just unlock the screen) yet as its a wp7 it not only has the sexiest os its the smoothest easiest and most practical ie you dont need an app to do facebook and twiter its right there built in etc. Plus the battery life kills any phone from the android camp and is on par with iphone.

    • Digga

      i must be an idiot then

      i use android from 3gs but am waiting to see what apple will be offering with the iphone 5

      Personally after microsoft shafted me with the pathetic win mo 6.5 I said never again.

  • Minton227

    Mango is awesome!  Best phone money can buy right now.