FIFA 12 price roundup, who’s the cheapest?

By Gary Johnson - Sep 29, 2011

At midnight tonight gamers in the UK will be able to get their hands on the latest installment of the FIFA franchise. The game has so far got some good reviews with all the changes that have been made to things such as the tackling. We have already given you details of midnight store openings, and that Asda were offering the best deal for its online customers. So today we thought we would give you a FIFA 12 price roundup, and who’s the cheapest.

While we gave you the cheapest online price there will be many who want to go out and get the game tonight or first thing tomorrow. In the UK the supermarkets often offer new titles for a special price for the first few days after release.

The country’s biggest supermarket Tesco are offering FIFA 12 for £25, but there is a catch as this is on condition you purchase another PS3 or Xbox 360 chart game. It is available on its own for £39.90 though.

If you get your weekly shop in Sainsbury’s and spend £30 or more instore you can pick FIFA 12 on either the PS3 or Xbox 360 for £28.99. The normal instore price for the title is £38.99. Morrison’s also offer the game for £30, but again is on the condition you buy another title from the top eight otherwise its £39.99.

Asda are the cheapest if only want the game as it is priced at £38.97, but they are offering it as a package with the Xbox 360 console. For £190 you get the game and the 250GB version of the Xbox 360. Where will you be getting your copy of FIFA 12?

Update: We have since learned that the game is available for £1.99 at HMV but only if you have a copy F1 2011 to trade in, otherwise it will be £39.99.

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  • Dayclaxon

    Does anyone know if you can buy 2 fifas and get it for £50?

  • Claire_x_palmer

    any idea what the tesco chart games are…and if there is any cheap-ish ones lol

    • FAIL

      Online chart on Tesco website has Elder Scrolls something or other for £11.96.. so assume the PS3 chart on Tesco website is the same as instore? i’m popping to Tesco at lunch to see what the instore chart looks like compaired to the online one

  • Itdoesntmatterwhatthissays

    Meh, so many good games being released and so many already released they can keep their slight advancement and shove it where Sega ended up.

    EA you really do suck

  • Chris

    Rang Tesco and they said there isn’t such an offer on….

    • FAIL

      Dickhead its in all the national newspapers…. FAIL