Battlefield 3: New Caspian Border password for PC beta

By Alan Ng - Sep 29, 2011

Things have just got a whole lot more interesting for PC owners with early access to the Battlefield 3 beta. Previously, only one map was available in the beta, that being Operation Metro, but it has been confirmed that a second map, Caspian Border is available to unlock for those who have knowledge of the server password.

This really is the map to play as well, as Caspian Border will allow up to 32 players per team during Conquest mode on the ‘secret’ map, giving a possible player total of 64 players on the map at once – mindblowing stuff.

As you may have realised, this is a big deal for Battlefield 3 players, as DICE seemingly had no intention of making Caspian Border playable during the beta, even listing on their beta website that the map was for back-end internal tests only. However, the password was leaked out yesterday on forums online, giving players the opportunity to get a brief glimpse of the map, more importantly – a first play using some of the awesome vehicles available, compared to Operation Metro.

As for the all-important password. Originally, Caspian Border could be accessed with the password ‘sexyelevator’, but as most of you may know this has now been changed to a different password. We’ve done some digging and found that the new password currently is ‘Appletini’, and we’ve also heard that ‘Rumncoke’ works as well.

The open beta releases within the next 24 hours for all Battlefield 3 players remember, but if you are desperate to get in on some secret hands-on time with Caspian Border, try out the passwords above and let us know if you have any joy. If we find out that the password has been changed again, we’ll update this and be sure to let you know. Don’t forget that the map only supports 64 players at a time and there are only a few servers running Caspian Border, so the chances of getting in are very slim. Good luck guys.

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  • Jasonlugo

    i no a pase cods for battelefleld it is 175275547565321454

  • slavisa

    what is the password

  • Shulle

    every single server is full theres probably like 7000 people trying to join it’s impossible

  • Captainbill68

    Sorry ty Its working

  • Captainbill68

    not working

  • Captainbill68

    Are you sure?

  • shoppingcartsareagoodride

  • Captainbill68

    What is the new password?

  • Password has been changed again.. Great.. I’m not wasting my time on Metro. It sucks

    • Drutarg

      Thank you Mr. Krukowski!

  • Use Google Chrome as your default browser
    Start BF battlelog server browser


    copy paste
    launcher.verifyPassword = function(game, gameServerGuid, plaintextPassword, callback) { callback(true); }

    press enter

    select server – don’t enter a password – i.e. leave password field blank –

    go play! without the need for any password

    • Corey5720

      IT WORKED!!

    • Steeps5

      Wow it really did!

    • Gggg

      it worked thanks

  • Corzi

    What a new password?

  • Adsdsa

    new password is videokilledtheradiostar

    • Josh

      Thanks a lot Adsdsa! 🙂

  • Advantus

    Passed those two passwords to someone already in the early access and they had issues with them.

  • a guy

    Max players for Caspian Border is 64 (32v32), IT IS NOT 128 (64v64)

    • Alan Ng

      Sorry about that, my mind slipped! Updated.

      • Rusty

        You forgot to update the last part of it where it reminds us that it’s 128 😛