Rip iPod Classic and Shuffle?

By Gary Johnson - Sep 28, 2011

We now know for sure when Apple will be holding their event for the next iPhone. Normally this is the time of year that Apple show case improvements to its iPod range for the next year. But could we be saying rip to the iPod Classic and Shuffle this year?

There are new reports surfacing that Apple could be about to kill off the iPod Classic after a ten year product run. The iPod Shuffle is also rumored to be getting the axe as the company wants a multi-touch lineup for its iPod range. TUAW are reporting they have been sitting on some information regarding the devices for a while now.

They decided to reveal what they knew following another report over at Cnet saying that Apple might be going to “stick a fork in the iPod”. It is thought that Apple is looking to end the type of hard drive that is used in the Classic, as the company favors flash based options.

This is not the first time that there have been rumors of the iPod Classic being discontinued by Apple. Whether they decide to do it on the devices tenth anniversary remains to be seen, as the device was responsible for putting the company back on the map and allowed them to grow to what we know today.

It is thought the iPod Touch may be only getting some minor cosmetic changes that include a white color scheme. There have been rumors though that the device may get 3G capability, which would be a welcome feature for many. Some have suggested that eventually Apple could kill off the iPod range altogether, but this doesn’t make sense as not everyone can afford an iPhone.

Do you think the iPod Classic and the Shuffle will be discontinued?

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  • Nsnarayan10

     well just last year i purchased ipod classic,infact i never owned it all i owned was big products and in countries like asia the the ipod classic and shuffle have a good sales figure and very good at america as well bcz i reside here,so from my point of view they should not.