New iPod Touches and iPhone 4s appear on Apple system, no iPhone 5

By Gary Johnson - Sep 28, 2011

The world now knows there will be a press event on October 4th with Apple that’s been called “let’s talk iPhone”. Leading up to this confirmation we have had months of speculation and rumor about the next version of the iPhone. Now we can tell you that new iPod Touches and iPhone 4s appear on Apple’s system, but no iPhone 5.

Already today we have had reports that the iPod Classic and Shuffle may be coming to the end of their shelf life. But the iPod Touch is still the jewel in Apple’s iPod range, and three new models have appeared on the company’s internal inventory system. According to 9To5Mac they have the codename N81A.

N81 is the codename for the black version of the iPod Touch 4G, so the A is likely to be for the new white versions of the device. It has been reported for a while now that a white iPod Touch could be on its way, and now this looks to be happening. If there are no more codes added for the iPod Touch it could mean there will be no other changes to the range.

There is also two new iPhone SKUs that have appeared on the system and it seems these are tweaked iPhone 4s. The codename for these is N90A and means only slight changes from the iPhone 4 that is N90. This new model could be the 8GB version that has been rumored to be coming before, and the two model numbers could be for the white and black models.

Its early days yet but what if there is no iPhone 5 for now and Apple are only going to reveal a slightly modified iPhone 4 with the focus on iOS 5? This will probably not be the case and we will see an all ne iPhone 5 next week. Will you be disappointed if we only see an updated iPhone 4 at Apple’s event?

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  • Jeff

    Yes. Too long of a wait to not produce

  • Nsnarayan10

    I do not know which rumor has published this information but its utter fake and until oct4 whatever news i hear abt idevices,i will not believe them.

  • Id4nnyzz

    Id be disappointed its alredy been 16 months since the last release i want something new.

  • Anonymous

    I’d be incredibly disappointed and probably buy an Android telephone out of spite. 🙁