iPhone 5 looms, AT&T staff join Sprint on overtime

By Alan Ng - Feb 18, 2012

We recently informed you about major hints about the availability of a Sprint iPhone after reports emerged that the carrier had been telling employees to continue working during specific dates in October. Well now we have news of similar reports which affect AT&T employees.

Unlike Sprint, the iPhone 5 will definitely be coming to AT&T and information uncovered courtesy of BGR is suggesting that AT&T employees have been banned from taking vacation during the first two weeks of October – valid from the dates of Monday 3rd October to Friday October 14th.

These are remarkably similar to the rumored dates that Sprint employees are being told to work through – September 30th to October 15th. Surely this isn’t just a coincidence when you think about it. Apple has already revealed that they want to ‘talk about the iPhone’ during their event on October 4th, but will they be talking about the new device with reference to Sprint as well as AT&T and Verizon?

We’re yet to hear about any Verizon blackouts, but we expect their employees are under the same strict guidelines as well – this is no ordinary smartphone launch after all. Futher details reveal that AT&T could be reserving six slots in their inventory for new Apple products, so it could be a reality that we see multiple iPhone devices and maybe even multiple iPod Touch devices announced at the event as well.

We’re not getting our hopes up, but we would love it if any Sprint or AT&T employees can provide a little insight into these claims. Are you being subjected to a dose of overtime for Apple’s fifth generation iPhone or are you sworn to secrecy?

On a side note, don’t forget to read the information regarding Vodafone’s iPhone 5 teaser and the first details on Apple’s new ‘Assistant’ voice-control service built within the new device.

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  • Evobatteries

    why is that??? some of you business accounts are a little ridiculous with what you expect. there are plenty of customers that have been with the company a lot longer than you . why shouldn’t they get first shipment. all said and done though sprint would rather sell the phone to new customers before business and loyal customers… i know its bs but i don’t run the company. 

  • Dac

    iphone 5 should be released to business accounts only first

  • Evobatteries

    sprint employee Yonkers, NY- we have been advised that we will be getting the iPhone 5 in October. they have not told us what day it will be released. BUT they have told us no vacation in the first two weeks… so.. duh i guess lol. as the leading salesman in the north east i was given one hour to view the phone. i was not allowed to take any pictures of it. also not allowed to make any phone calls from it. there are two AMAZING features i am not allowed to speak to anyone about but holy cow this phone is going to FLY of the shelves. one thing they did not tell me i was or wasn’t allowed to talk about is the plan. many people have been asking if it will or won’t be on an unlimited plan. YES! it will! only downside is because of this iPhone we have already raised our cancellation fees and upgrade fees… 🙁 

    • Bob Bopp

      Can you tell us if there will be some type of pre-order? I am a sprint customer and an due an upgrade (before 12-31) and REALLY want this device…. How do you think this will work for people like me?

      • Evobatteries

        well if you are eligible you can pre-order. what you would have to do is go into a store and purchase a $50 gift card. that will get you on the list. you can then use that card toward the purchase. make sure you wait until it is ready for pre-order. also double check your eligibility. they are removing one year upgrades starting oct 5th. there are a lot of changes due to this phone…. no more 1 yr upgrades, $300 cancel fee, no 25% off acc (premier is gone) $36 upgrade fees, only two weeks to return (no longer 30 days)…….. 

        • Bob Bopp

          thanks, I have an upgrade they are telling me I have to use up before 12/31/11. From what I heard this is not any pre-order becasue it is not announced yet. Trust me as soon as they announce it I am there and no worries on the return fee. The only thing I will trade the I5 for is the I6, but that will not be possible… Just heard SPRINT is the EXCLUSIVE carrier for the iphone 5! AT&T and Versizon is ONLY getting the ipone 4S until the end of the first quarter….