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HTC Thunderbolt: Manual Gingerbread update comes with risks

We recently informed you this week that HTC still had plans to release the long overdue Gingerbread update for the Thunderbolt sometime this month, and we’re pleased to say that it looks like HTC and Verizon are now following through on that promise.

Verizon has now released an official Gingerbread update document on their website which provides users with last minute guidelines before the update becomes available later on this week, which usually happens when Verizon issue these documents.

However, as usual – there is yet another option to install this Gingerbread update manually, and you will be pleased to hear that you can do it right now if you wish. One word of warning though, as choosing to install this manually does come with certain risks so you may want to wait until the official update releases in a few days.

The risks include the data being whiped off your phone completely, and you’ll also lose your root access if you install this manually. Those are two pretty big factors to consider, so if you ask us you should definitely hold off from trying this.

If for some reason you still want to go ahead, you will find instructions on how to update to version 2.11.605.3 over at Droid-Life, as they have compiled some easy-to-follow steps for those that simply can’t wait for Gingerbread any longer.

Some pleasing early feedback to tell you about too, as it looks the Thunderbolt benefits from an overall speed boost thanks to the Gingerbread update. Of course there will be new software to play around with, but it will be general performance that most of you will be concerned about. If you are already running Gingerbread on your Thunderbolt, give us your thoughts on how the handset is handling at the moment – it is well worth waiting for?



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