HTC Amaze 4G Vs Nexus Prime: Specs war – Should Google be worried?

By Alan Ng - Sep 28, 2011

If you are patiently waiting for Google and Samsung to finally reveal official details for the highly anticipated Nexus Prime or Galaxy Nexus handset, you may have raised an eyebrow or two on T-Mobile’s announcement this week about the HTC Amaze 4G.

This is due to the hardware specifications that the handset will be able to possess, and they are definitely pretty impressive in our opinion. You may have read continued rumors that the Nexus Prime will be equipped with a dual core 1.5Ghz processor, making it easily the fastest handset around – but hold on for a minute.

T-Mobile has confirmed that the HTC Amaze 4G will also come with a dual-core 1.5Ghz processor combined with an 8 megapixel camera with specialist features and 1080p HD video recording support. This of course puts it right up there with the Nexus Prime and it may just come down to a case of which network you prefer between T-Mobile and Verizon. Both will offer 4G data support via HSPA+ and 4G LTE, although the Nexus Prime can hit back with some strong fighting talk of this own, most notably being the first handset in the world to support Ice Cream Sandwich – The Amaze 4G will ship with Gingerbread still.

Other factors which may come into interest is that Ice Cream Sandwich will more than likely be seen in its vanilla form on the Nexus 4G, meaning that it will be untouched by Samsung and not come loaded on top with extras such as TouchWiz, which is often frowned upon with hardcore smartphone fans. However, if the handset does ship with the final name as ‘Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ then Samsung may decide to add the latest version of TouchWiz on the device, compared to the ‘Nexus Prime’ name which will mean that Android will be untouched – similar to the Samsung Nexus S which came with a vanilla version of Gingerbread for example.

What are your thoughts on the announcement of the Amaze 4G, does it change your mind about picking up the Nexus Prime or not? T-Mobile certainly has some impressive handsets on their books, and they are also getting the Samsung Galaxy S II as well. The Amaze 4G will compete with the Nexus Prime to an extent, but the factors we mentioned above may prove to be the telling point with consumers.

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  • Anonymous

    There really shouldn’t even be a discussion, touchwiz or not, the only way HTC could launch a phone that beat a Galaxy device is if Samsung built it for them lol. I was a diehard HTC fan until I picked up the Galaxy S (vibrant) , after that I was like “what’s an HTC”? Haha

  • Dan John

    This article seemed to skip one of the more important factors between the two…the screen.  Odds are the Nexus Prime will be the latest and greatest 1280×720 amoled screen while the HTC will still be wearing the qHD super LCD.

    If the screen update is true, that by itself is enough for me to take the Nexus Prime over the Amaze.

  • Anonymous

    There’s going to be an announcement about ICS on Oct 11th which is the day before the Amaze 4G and SGSII hit tmobile stores.  I’m a bit old fashioned so I’ll be waiting until I can hold the real phone in my hand before I purchase, and the announcement will allow me to see what the next nexus phone will offer.

  • Zein_marwan2005

    If its a “Samsung Galaxy Nexus” or a “Nexus Prime ” its still a NEXUS! So I don’t get your touchwiz logic

  • Bruce Carrick

    I currently have a MyTouch4G which I have been very happy with since day one. But the delay in rolling out Gingerbread has soured me somewhat. (I only just got it a couple weeks ago). So from now on for me, its going to be stock Android moving forward. I am sure the average user would be very happy with the Prime or the Amaze or the S II. (Sense does have some nice add ons but…)

  • Anonymous

    What OBK1352 said.
    Plus, I’m still sitting here with an original HTC Droid Incredible that was promised an OTA update to Gingerbread almost 2 months ago, but it still hasn’t happened.  My HTC DInc has been a great phone for almost 2 years now, but HTC’s latency in delivering this GB update has soured my taste for another HTC device.  I’ll be upgrading to the Verizon Samsung Nexus 4G phone as soon as it’s released!

  • Anonymous

    Why would Google be worried? Both phones use Android.