Final Fantasy VII remake and damaged brand ultimatum

By Alan Ng - Sep 28, 2011

If you grew up playing Final Fantasy games from Squaresoft, like Final Fantasy VII-X for example, would you go with the assessment in saying that the franchise is now a ‘damaged brand’? It may seem pretty harsh to some, but not Square-Enix themselves apparently.

Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada has revealed in a recent conference in Japan that the release of Final Fantasy XIV specifically was to blame for damaging the company’s reputation, although some of you may feel that Final Fantasy XIII is more to blame then any other FF title.

Here is a quote from him when asked about Final Fantasy IV, courtesy of AndriaSang: “The Final Fantasy brand has been greatly damaged.” The CEO then said that the company will now “continue with our reform work” and that they ”hope to revive the FFXIV that should have been released.”

Interesting words for sure there, do you agree with his assessment? From a personal point of view, it is a real shame what has happened to the state of Final Fantasy games in recent years. My first experience of Final Fantasy I’m pleased to say was Final Fantasy VII, and obviously that game is a stark contrast to what gamers had to endure in Final Fantasy XIII. Square-Enix may pick out Final Fantasy XIV as one of their weak points, but the main problem that the company need to address is the fact that they havent really listened to their loyal fanbase since Final Fantasy X, and that’s when it all seemed to go downhill.

Combine that with the fact that the one saving grace in Final Fantasy Versus XIII continues to dwell in exile gives you an exact idea of where Square-Enix are at right now. However, we’re pleased to see that Square-Enix are trying to get back on track with a remake of the excellent Final Fantasy X game, and who knows, maybe a Final Fantasy VII remake will prove as the last step in a complete u-turn for the company.

As a fan, what state do you think the franchise is in at the moment? We’ve heard some whispers that the Final Fantasy franchise should be killed off, but it’s far too early to be thinking about that we feel. Would a Final Fantasy VII remake prove to be the only solution to fix Square-Enix’ ‘damaged brand’ or do you think the problems delve deeper?

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  • Bf

    Stop a remake. Make a new story just for FFVII with the new PS3 or rumor-PS4 engine. It can be another villian but make sure they put back Sephiroth in it.

  • Bf

    Stop a remake. Make a new story just for FFVII with the new PS3 or rumor-PS4 engine. It can be another villian but make sure they put back Sephiroth in it.

  • Xiac79

    considering we have to role back to a remake of a game thats over a decade old, id say its hardly to early to think how we feel.

  • Well, the fact that FFXIII plays more like X-2 (*shudder*) or a platform
    And imo wasnt a decent game anyway
    isnt what hurts the brand so much as the fact that 7 was the capstone. 10 was almost as great. Lots of lull between the two. 11 and 14? If I wanted Evercrack or WoW, Id frikken play, WoW with Cochobos (and not even as well done as that) doesnt impress me.

    The demand for remakes of their 3 topselling games (1,7, and 10) have been for years. 10 is indefinate. No one can confim=rm if the rumors of 7 are a hoax or not, and after 14 years of the same games, a lot of fans are sick of getting jerked around. And even the fans arent sure how to modernize 1.

    Why is Square a damaged company with a damaged brand? because they’ve done everything in their power to damage it and antagonize the fans for over a decade.

  • jared penton

    As a ‘later’ comer to the series, like you. I jumped on board during the PS1 era with 7-9, coincidentally my favorite trio in the series. And although I’ve played through and finished Tactics,10,12,13,1,2,4,5 & 6, my biggest beef w/ Square Enix is sticking to its roots. I’m greatful for the graphical leap we’ve attained in the last few generations, but this doesn’t mean I want to stop traversing the world map to get a feel for the world. Make no mistake, traversing a world map in the previous FF titles is not the same as having an open world environment in the next FF title. There is a huge difference. Number one, being that that every FF (except 11 & 14…and 4(?) kind of) they were all single player games. The Open World environments give too much of an ‘MMO’ feel, which as a primarily single player RPG gamer myself. I find it a bit painstaking to traverse, and even with Gran Pulse opening up, I felt it agonizing to traverse. I’m not crazy about. This also doesn’t provide the sense of an expanding world that the older titles did. Limiting travel on the world map by foot, then chocobo, boat, land vehicle, and then airship (Not necessarily in that order). I’d like to see how they handled that in this HD era. I’m sure a lot of people would agree that theyre perfectly fine travelling an HD globe of the world, where your avatar isn’t to scale. Where you can actually tell the direction and potential obstacles you must endure to get to the next town or dungeon, whether that requires hunting down a chocobo, or sneaking onto the next city on another content via stowaway vessel.

    Sorry this is so long, but to cut to the chase. Give us our OLD TRAVERSABLE WORLD MAPS BACK. Not psuedo open MMO-ESQUE Environments and not a Connect-The-Dot Map that lets you selct up/down/left/right!!!

    I think if you can do that on your next title, a good amount of my faith will be restored.

  • Barrett

    Think about it, Square-Enix releasing Final Fantasy VII on the 3ds.  The 3ds , I guarantee, would be a sure seller, especially now with it’s “reasonable” price range.  I know I would buy a 3ds JUST to play Final Fantasy VII on it, and then check out all these other awesome games. 

    • ddk

      No, just no

  • I honestly don’t see get why practically every journalist seems to think that XIII was a really, really bad game even though most people, including long time fans of the series such as myself actually love it. I don’t get it. Neither do I get why re-treading the past is sounding like such a good idea to so many. I’d prefer the series to keep moving forward, not back (although I’m not against the FFX thing, because that’s more or less a graphical update rather than a “full” remake so it shouldn’t take them that long to do or be particularly expensive).

    • nshp

      Most hardcore and die-hard Final Fantasy fans HATE XIII…including me.It doesn’t feel like it’s a Final Fantasy game at all.It’s a nice video game but a horrible Final Fantasy.

      • Franki

        I agree, XIII was pretty awful. As an overall game, not just a FF.

    • Xiac79

       been a fan ever since 1 came out and no, most fans agree with the critics, XIII was aweful, lacking the primary ingrediants that make FF great, rich sotry line and interesting characters. XIII had only 2 interesting characters at all and one of them became as flat as the rest about halfway through, while the story completly disapeared about halfway through. was it because of the writers strike or something?

  • One thing I like about final fantasies is that Square-Enix never has been afraid to take risks. Instead of copying past successes, they always try to innovate, for better or for worse. Sure, the classics are great, but I want to play something really new. 
    Instead of a remake, which is a very extreme decision, Square-Enix should focus on the fundamentals which it nailed early on–story, characters, music, design, and gameplay. Some of those have been lacking in recent games.    

  • Thewizisin

    bad start to this article. a true fan grew up playing Squaresoft games, and they don’t forget it

    • Xiac79

      these fans remember when a time before you could save ever 5 seconds and you actually had to pick and choose which spells you were going to use if you wanted to have anything left for the boss.