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FatWallet app helps with Black Friday 2011 deals

With less than two months to go until the holiday shopping season kicks off, we thought that you might want to know about a new Black Friday App for 2011, which has just been launched. Okay, we know that it’s still early, but there is nothing wrong with being prepared. The application in question has been developed by FatWallet, who we know is responsible for being one of the best when it comes to hunting down a good deal.

If you are one of the millions of American’s looking to bag yourself a bargain in the build up to Black Friday, which is on November 25, 2011, then you need to be connected to this iOS app. It has recently been updated, but it will need to be again once iOS 5 is released next month.

The app is able to pull upon the experience that FatWallet has with its website, so that those with an iPhone will be able to see what the latest deals will be. All the deals from the major retailers will be available on the app; having these all in one place will certainly make things much easier – well BF is stressful enough.

When it gets nearer to the time you will then start to see the deals beginning to appear on the app, that’s when things get interesting. The features that a user will find of most interest include being able to sort deals by store, category, brand and even price. That’s not all, you will also be able to search for a deal, and even get details on those amazing doorbusters, which are the best offers during Black Friday.

If you download the app now, it will not be sitting around idle for the next two months, as you will be able to do a bit of studying to see what deals were on offer last year. Okay, so we know that they are of no interest now, but it allows you to familiarize yourself with the app. For more details visit iTunes.



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