CoD: Black Ops, Mule Kick hits all Zombie maps

By Chris Cook - Sep 28, 2011

Good news for Call of Duty: Black Ops fans who are still trying to pack in as much Zombie slaying time as they can before finally giving the game up for the new title, Modern Warfare 3. It appears that the success of a certain Perk-A-Cola, known as Mule Kick, which originally featured in the Moon Zombie map, has led to developers allowing it to now feature in all Zombie maps.

For those that are unfamiliar, the perk is a drink that can be purchased just as any other Perk-A-Cola is which gives players the ability to hold three guns at the same time. Of course being this ability will be a positive to any player, given that they would now have three guns as opposed to two offering a variety of attack at their disposal.

One downside is that the perk is the most expensive available to date, costing 4000 of a player’s hard earned points. Once drank, initially players will not see any effect, but when they go to buy another gun, they will be able to hold it in a third slot, despite a prompt suggesting it will replace the gun they already possess.

To mark this update, Treyarch has released the Kino der Toten music video that features the four soldiers in action, giving the living dead a reminder of what it’s like to stay dead. You can view the video for yourself below. As far as we know the Mule Kick update is only available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 with no word on an update for the PC as of yet.

What do you think of the Mule Kick Perk-A-Cola? Are you glad it now features in all Zombie maps?

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  • Davidraynewman


  • Davidraynewman


  • Saint 420

    I think It’s awesome that they put Mule Kick in every map, even Nacht Der Untoten (which is the first map i noticed it in). But I think that if they’re going to put any perks into Nacht (a previously Perk-less map), they should put Jugg in there..just sayin Treyarch. Great job at realizing how awesome Mule Kick is, but Juggernog would be much appreciated too. Hell, Put em’ all in the old maps while your at it lol..oh yeah and Pack-a-Punch (then it would be Christmas lmao).

    • Jasoncribb

      I think you have the right idea of juggernaught on naught cause its a small map and your bound to get hit by a runner or two

  • zombies_slayer

    i personally am really upset they put this on every map, theyve changed it so much now, it will compete with juggernog as one of the first things to buy. almost makes things too easy.

    • T2k123

      So your upset because they’ve added something new to spice up the maps…wow! So I suppose at Christmas you get disappointed if Santa clause gets poor little zombie_slayer too many presents? Think before you comment..pal

      • Nelson Ta

        That’s a rather poor analogy T2k123.  Mule kick pretty much made a number of maps easy.  With a ‘point’ gun, ray gun, and waffle, the points just keeps adding while two safety guns allow an easier time to wait for an ammo box to drop.  If the map have traps, it becomes all too easy to spam them.

  • Downhiller90

    Why not for PC??? Unbelievable, I hate treyarch !!!

    • T2k123

      I thought by now you’d realise anything with the title call of duty is a let down :/

  • MikerzJunior

    Yeah, put PHD Flopper on all maps, please !

  • Oma

    I saw it in kino. Its upstairs near the narrow staircase, i fink its a gd perk thundergun, raygun n rpk .. Beast!!

  • Blairgreen165

    No love for pc

  • how do we get the perk on other maps, they should put PHD Flopper on all the other maps too.