Battlefield 3 Beta: PS3 graphics and player models concerns

By Alan Ng - Sep 28, 2011

A lot has been said on what the final outcome will be in terms of graphics quality for upcoming shooter Battlefield 3, and the opening day of the multiplayer beta yesterday did a good job in helping to piece together the puzzle for worried gamers.

EA has now opened the beta for all three platforms of the game and access is available right now for those who qualify for early access, you can see a previous article here if you still can’t get in.

As expected, a ton of gameplay footage has now been released for the game, with EA now opening the floodgates for websites to give their opinions on the game, but more importantly – answer some of those nagging questions about the graphics quality on console.

Judging by the feedback we’ve seen so far and from my own experience playing the beta, it does look like the PS3 version is well up to standard and that DICE have done a fantastic job of delivering a solid version of the game on console, especially since DICE has made no secret of the fact that the PC is the lead platform.

Having said that, there are going to be some graphical limitations between the PS3 and PC platforms of the game, and some screenshots provided from the PS3 beta does a good job of highlighting this. Check out one example from the PS3 beta courtesy of VG247:

We don’t want to be too critical, but you may feel that player model visuals are not too far off from models seen in Bad Company 2, and it does give you an example of just different visuals look compared to the PC version. Take a look at one more screenshot taken from the beta which shows another player model.

It’s clear that the graphics are far from perfect on console, and we’re yet to see a detailed comparison between PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Overall though, the beta plays fantastic on PS3 and don’t forget, Battlefield is all about the gameplay so this shouldn’t be too disheartening for you. If you have played the beta on console already, give us your thoughts on the graphics quality – are you impressed or a bit disappointed?

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  • spenceman

    it will b fine its beta cant really judge its a test by that full game will b better im sure

  • Ishan

    It appears I was expecting way too much in terms of graphics from the PS3 version of the game. I was disappointed with the graphics in the beta that I hardly played it for like an hour. And then deleted it. I am even wondering if the visuals looked so bad just on my PS3, which is idiotic. I wonder whatever happened to all the hoopla surrounding Frostbite 2 and what not. I remember also downloading and watching a video “Battlefield 3 – Frostbite 2 Highlights” from the PSN Store which showcased lifelike graphics and claimed the footage was “in-game”. Considering the beta came out hardly a month before the final release, I’m speculating the visuals were near-final. And if that’s the case and I’ll have to play a game so highly publicized but delivering so little (at least in terms of graphics), I think I’m fine enough not tasting any more Frostbite (2). Total letdown if you ask me. Cancelling my pre-order plans.

  • Bseamj

    I played the beta quite a bit on the PS3. I reached level 43 so I had a fair amount of time with the game. While I enjoyed the gameplay, I was constantly distracted by the dated graphics. Textures look terrible. The Frostbite 2 engine may be god for the PC but the console version flat out sucks. No more Beta talk. The core graphics engine will not improve. Only bugs and glitches will be corrected before the final release and with future updates. I have read about an optional high res pack that can be installed on consoles so maybe… However, with so many other quality great looking games for the PS3, it’s hard t justify a purchase of this game. 

  • Isaacespapa

    the beta really sucks on xbox 360 the graphics are sub black ops in my opinion i havent dl’d it yet on ps3 but i dont think its gonna make too much difference the graphics are nothing new and exciting, is it just me or does bf2 seem to actually play better than this beta? people falling thru the ground when laying prone fine its a beta im sure it will be addressed but the crappy graphics and textures arent doing much for me at this point. the audio is great on war tapes but the graphics just fell way short of my expectations i think im gonna pass on this game even medal of honor has better graphics than this beta

  • Isaacespapa

    i think its a huge let down thus far. when i saw the videos of this game i thought okay cool this is the next level of graphics on console

  • Snemak234

    I’m holding onto the hopes of alot of hearsay “Dice dumbed down the engine, textures and graphics , destructability and is running old code…ect. for the sake of beta testing on the PS3.” The fact that there is no tank on the console Beta version may support this.  And to the happy ending of Crysis 2 where the beta looked similarly shity, yet on the day of release just days later improved alot graphicly.  

    as far as glitches I need go no further than the disapearing man who melds waist deep in the concrete pavement by the first set of MCONS, before totally vanishing when prone. Other holes are scatterd about as well. What scares me is Beta or no Beta this is one small map they are testing….How many more sink holes await discovery on the 8+ maps on game release day? Not to mention the extremely HUGE maps from the expansion pack Yikes!!!   

    KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED..but not holding my breath

  • Skat_1995

    alot of people are saying that its BETA and all but man i swear i hope its nothing compared to beta when it come to graphics. thats the main reason i bought this, besides the gameplay. very awsome in BETA got nothing to complain about there

  • How

    I’ve never thought the frostbite engine was any good. The single player graphics for battlefield 3, I have no doubt will be just fine across all platforms…the multiplayer graphics I fear, will not. The game is les than a month away from releasing. This whole “it’s only a beta”argument is bullshit.

  • Arnan540

    i am veryyyy disapointed in the whole graphics thing. i mean cmon 720p at 30fps!!!!! Its 2011 almost 2012. How much longer till they start making games in 1080p fps that is… theyre not going to… u know why they want people to buy ps4 and the new xbox whenever that comes out. As for pc version. how much money does it take to keep up on a pc constantly with new demanding games constantly coming out. I dont know about you guys but i really was hoping for better. Dont get me wrong im still getting the game and it is fun for me but it could be much more fun with better graphics.

    • phillz91

      It may very well be 2011, almost 2012, the console hardware, however, is definantly not that new. I am a console gamer, not a PC elitist, but I realise with a little common sence that 5 year old tech is not going to hold up very well. The graphics for the beta are just fine on console, most games run 720P, always have. There was a very short time at launch where console was more capable than a built PC but anything after that is just dreaming. As much as people complain about it, we need a new console generation (and no I’m definantly not talking about Wii U) because consoles are at the point where they are holding up improvement. The detail gap between console and PC is a shining example, since PC was lead platform, they haven’t just done another console port. As a point of reference, my computer is 4 years old and I can barely play the PC beta on low setting on a lower res than 720P and the console graphics are better then what is on my PC screen. I should add I have the beta on PS3 and Xbox and I enjoy the gameplay when the servers work and lag isn’t screwing me over and at the end of the day that’s why I buy a game, ‘cus it’s fun to play, not because it has pretty graphics and mediocre gameplay *cough* Crysis 2 *cough*

  • Fryto

    “Judging by the feedback we’ve seen so far and from my own experience playing the beta, it does look like the PS3 version is well up to standard and that DICE have done a fantastic job of delivering a solid version of the game on console”

    Have you been playing other console shooters? Killzone 3 looks way better, even MAG does. Compared to these, the beta is far from ‘up to standard’. One can of course not speak of what the release version will be like.

    • phillz91

      Killzone 3 looks better, it is also made for the PS3, no need to port it so alot more time spent optimizing it for that system. I would argue strongly that MAG’s graphics are better, MAG is definantly not a pretty game (it can’t be ‘cus of the amount of resources the high player cap uses) and the graphics on my xbox beta look much better than MAG (and considering the xbox is technically less capable in terms of graphics PS3 should be a slight improvement on that again).

  • Wolfwing0100

    Graphics dont make a game………Gameplay does. People need to learn that graphics arent everything. Theres a reason why Minecraft has pixelated graphics yet its one of the top most played PC game of all time. And this is only BETA not the full game. 

    • ME

      Yes,but this whole time This games marketing campaign was based on “amazing life like graphics” Forstbyte two will revolutionize gaming”  when someone makes a claim,its good practice to criticize  it. If the game was only hyped up to be the best playing game around,that would be different…

  • Jamie

    BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA. You cannot judge a game on a beta; the whole point of a beta is for us to play it and point glitches and bad texturing etc out to the developer. So @Kiltthebinnues saying “I won’t waste any more money…. Don’t pay for this…” is totally unjustified. Some people need an education.

    • Isaacespapa

      dude they need to push this game back indefinately to make it what was promised by ea even as a beta the graphics on this new engine should have shined thru regardless of the bad game play.

  • Nikon133

    Played PS3 beta last few days. In general I like it. There’s prone (which I was missing much in BC2) and additional gear that makes difference in gameplay (flash lights and laser pointers). I also like little animation candies (soldier’s legs when jumping over obstacles etc).

    Visuals wise, I’m hoping there will be more improvements in final version. It is not that the game looks too ugly to be enjoyable; it doesn’t. But it also doesn’t look better than BC2 in this demo… in fact, I’d say visuals in BC2 were better balanced (less ugly looking models and textures).

    So… considering all, I’m getting this on pre-order and hoping for more improvements over beta, but I know, based on beta, that I will enjoy it nevertheless.

  • Kiltthebinnues

    I came looking for this site so someone would hopefully tel me that, ‘don’t worry about the graphics, it’s beta, they’ll be much better when the game comes out’. THESE GRAPHICS ARE S##T! hard to identify enemies as well as a host of other problems that I’m not going into because if EA spent all these years making this crap then they obviously don’t give a monkeys anyhow. Its also more buggy than windows 95. One could even be forgiven for thinking one was playing it on a Win95 PC. I’m so pissed off I put a deposit down already, never mind, I wont waste any more money paying for the rest of it. MW3 here I come.

    Seriously. Don’t pay for this. Let EA know how we really feel!

  • Xpkomi

    I LOVE the game play, and realism of the beta. Especially recoil on the guns. it clears up a lot of the open trigger spray and pray, and button mashing kill methods. I’m one of those guys that like to stalk and stab, and to do so effectively  in BF3 requires actual talent, Compared to my method of taking a half a clip and stabbing someone in the throat just to spite them in cod.  I don’t however like the visuals of the game much at all. I am hoping that they held back the graphics on the console beta’s simply for the file size. I do EXPECT an improvement on the graphics for the final product.

    My experience with any bugs consists of “bouncing” up and down, or even falling under the map while laying prone on the ground, which I’m sure is a known issue that will be remedied in the final version.

    I would like to see more accuracy during hip fire. To unload a clip on an enemy’s chest 4ft in front of you in a small room and not hit them once is a bit annoying in my opinion.

    These however are all minor bugs in comparison to any of the current Dead Island fans out there.

  • J_king33

    The graphics and player models are very poor. Enemies are hard to identify most of the time. Did I mention the graphics are terrible? I hate that there is no kill cam, just a short video of the enemy who killed you and their kit. Game mode was ok. But all in all, beta battlefield 3 did nothing but convince me to buy MW3; and leave the sports games to EA, activisions got the shooters just fine.

  • Holden McNeal

    The graphics on the PS3 beta are worse than the graphics in Battlefield 2 on the PC (which is now a 6 year old game). I remember playing BF2 when it first came out and couldn’t help but smile at the way it looked, this beta however immediately made me cancel my pre-order for the PS3 and perhaps when I can afford a new PC somewhere down the line I’ll invest in a PC copy.

    From what I’ve seen so far, it is extremely poor on the PS3… awful visuals, buggy gameplay, v-sync issues. Am gutted, have been looking forward to this for a long time!

    • Skat_1995

      shouldnt of canceled. ive heard that BF3 BETA is running on an old enjine and code. sucks for you. my dumbass almost did the same i swear. good thing i did my research 😉

  • Web

    It’s bush league for a company to say “Here’s my product, it’s available for PC, Xbox, and Playstation,” and then spend the next six months showing incredible footage from the PC version without bothering to mention that it looks absolutely nothing like that for the consoles. No way I am buying this game if it isn’t vastly improved graphics-wise and glitch-wise when officially launched. It’s false advertising. You can defend EA all you want and spout off shiny ignorance like “No one said it was gonna look incredible on PS3.” You know what? You’re right! Unfortunately you’ve been brainwashed, and you’ve forgotten that they SHOULD be saying it doesn’t look as good on PS3. Whatever. Stick with it. And I’ll stick to not buying the backseat product of a company with no integrity.

  • Cgsci

    What about the GLITCHES? Enough about the graphics and gameplay. If a game prevents you from playing it then the game is useless. I play primarily as a Recon sniper which means I lay prone A LOT. I have found that if I crouch or lay prone on a hilled or uneven surface I fall INTO/BELOW the map, making me unable to move and resulting in numerous deaths. This happens FREQUENTLY. Another issue that has occurred several times is getting stuck in a narrow space with other teammates to the point of trying to kill each other just to respawn. I understand this is a beta but I’ve never experienced one with problems like this, especially so close to its release date.

  • Fillerf

    just tested the ps3 beta version,, the gameplay is faster , everything moves faster.
    But the grafic is actually not good at all… anyone that  says the beta look sooo much better than battlefield 2 bad company online maps , should get their eyes checked…even the score meny after the game   “looks back in tha days”
    so gamleplay should an  probably will be good as promised , but im suprised that grafics are soo  “cheap”
    trees leaves bushes,,, its just really bad when comming close to it..
    Is not awfull, but when comming from bf2 bad company online , you would expect thing to be better not worse….lets hope it because they wanted to make the download a small as possible…
    This is regarding the ps3 beta..
    If You dont belive just download and try …..

    • Skat_1995

      i heard the graphics had to be toned down a shitload just to let the servers be intact

  • Sinkingputts

    These graphics suck! I think Bad Company has better graphics. I am on XBOX.

  • Moritz

    I am not that surprised as I have seen through EA/ DICE’s cynical marketing strategy from the beginning, showing nothing but the admittedly outstanding PC footage in a pathetic, juvenile and embarrassingly desperate attempt to sway sales away from COD.

    Still, having said that I was willing to give the console versions a chance and fired up the PS3 beta version yesterday. What a piece of ugly, glitchy crap it turned out to be, with poorly modeled weapons, DICE just can’t seem to ever get this right, COD may be arcadey but they are dead on with authentic weapons and gear. Still, this is the most minor nitpick and probably won’t be noticed by most but the screen tearing, pop in, weak framerate and above all, glitches are what sunk it for me. I quit after falling through the scenery multiple times, for a game that is basically done, this beta was a complete joke, bordering on insulting.

    COD will be milking me once again it seems, it simply is a higher quality product although it has became fashionable to join in the backlash, I’m not really much of a joiner…

    • YoureANoob

      Lol Okay good that’s one more noob that doesn’t know how to play battlefield that will stick the the nade spamming camp fest that is CoD. Have fun with your re-hashed version of Call of Duty 4. 

  • Kurt_2k1

    Do most of you people even know that DICE turned down the graphics, destruction, hell basically everything for the beta so it would be a small download? Way to sound completely ignorant.


      i have heard that from several people but where can i find that dice actually said that i have been searching for those comments given by DICE.

      • Flip_side90

         Its on the twitter of their lead designer.

    • Jonk063

      Can you please give us a link to a website with a DICE respresentative confirming this?  That the graphics were intentionally turned down.

      • Mathiasaxelsson

        are u sure of this? where can i get any info on this topic???

  • Ross

    The beta version graphics suck, I wanted to stop playing and go back to BF2. That’s bad, and I’m a huge fan. Maybe the real version for PS3 will be better, but this game will rock tits on a PC with a good graphics card – right now that doesn’t mean anything for me though.

  • Squall

    BF3 for consoles just does not make it, especially if your comparing it to MW3.
    The campaign has been re-fitted with an obvious call of duty influence, making for more tight and smaller confrontations for the most part akin to call of duty games.
    The appeal of this huge war, is not supported by player cap on consoles. No veterans of the battlefield series will get this for consoles, unless they are starving. Player cap does not allow you to utilize all the vehicles, and the map to the truest experience.
    On top of all of this, the graphics are underwhelming, not even comparing them to the PC version, but other shooters on console.
    Crysis2 hosts graphics 5times better(even for ps3)
    Gears of war 3 and Killzone 3 probably look better.
    Game looks horrible, Crysis 2 has open spaces, trees, lush environments, top notch lighting effects and pulls it off to make the console game beautiful

  • Stan

    the console beta sucks and the graphics are very underwhelming…..such a disappointment…i had high hopes for this one….gameplay is not tight nor is it polished……the pc version doesnt mean anything because console sales is what makes the money not pc…this aint a strategy game or a mmo…..sooo…yea…..i think im gonna stick to cod this year and hope for bf4

    • Thatkidfromnj

      Not when you’re talking about Battlefield man, Dice has been doing just fine when it comes to making money on battlefield for the PC for years and it will continue to do so. To say noone can make money on PC is just plain false. And before you go on the Piracy rant, one thing about a pirated version of the game is that you can’t play online, and that’s the reason why 99.9 percent of the people are going to get it. Also you do realize that the textures, sound, physics, and destructable environments for the beta were turned way down to reduce the size of the download right? Sure it’s not going to look like the PC version but it’s going to look way better then the Beta does. 

      • Jonk063

        Many have said that Dice has turned down the graphics in order to reduce the size of the download, but can anyone identify a website that confirms this from a DICE representative?

  • PSN: S13SFC

    I’ve been really disappointed. So much so that I’ll be cancelling my pre-order and just be getting MW3.

    A pity as I’ve really been looking forward to this for ages.

  • Sander237

    totally disappointed, bad ocmpnay 2 had better graphics. hate b3, loss my money on the pre order

  • Akhilesh Gutta

    I played the PC game and even there the soldier animation looks very dissapointing…its just like an emotionless cartoon…they said ANT technology is used,but i dont think they used it in multiplayer.

  • Big Boss

    texture pop in on ps 3 is garbage try to kill someone and half way thru the cover he was using will pop up ….. retarded

  • Overall I’m a little disappointed, the hype for me was all about the graphics. The videos were stunning, but this is just bad company with new maps so far. I’d of liked EA to release some vehicle maps soon to see the true power. I also hope EA plan to polish the graphics a little. Smoke and light effects seem to be too bright and can make the game really uncomfortable for the eyes. So… It is looking as though I might just get this for the single player campaign and keep multi player for MW3 🙁 

  • Will

    I know its not all about graphics. But i was truly disappointed when i played the Beta on PS3. I’ve seen MUCH better graphics on ps3, unfortunately these were amongst the worst 🙁 Guess its meant for PC.

    • Anonymous

      I thought the PS3 graphics were incredible. I guess it just goes to show where peoples priorities lie, I’m more interested in art style, lighting effects, environment complexity, particle effects, etc, while others seem to base 100% of their opinion on texture resolution and anti-aliasing.

  • just played the playstation 3 version today and i have to say that im more than a little dissapointed in the player models and animation. I feel like the game doesnt even resemble the trailers downloaded from the ps store or any of the screenshots, and it definetly does not feel like this is nex gen technology for current consoles. I’d say its not looking to good at the moment

  • FrailSwan

    Played both PC and PS3. Tried PC first and it was absolutely great. Then tried the PS3, which I have the game reserved for. Graphics look actually worse than Bad Company 2. EA only talks about making map sizes for 24 players on console so that they don’t have to dumb down the graphics. Uhhhh what? I’d say they look pretty terrible. And no more of this “ITS JUST A BETA” nonsense. Name me one game that has had major graphical changes after a crappy beta. You can’t. Know why? Cause they’ve already got the games boxed up ready to go. All they can do is make patches for BUGS, not graphics. Switching my reserve to PC. Not worth the cash for a carbon copy of Bad Company 2, but with different characters and a different campaign/menu. Still, beats playing COD eh? :p

    • Thatkidfromnj

      Again, they had to gut the engine to lower the size of the download, Dice talked about this openly, it’s not that the game looks like this in it’s final version it’s just that they couldn’t put it all in for a download. It’s not nonsense it’s fact. Reserve your judgement for the final version on a disk. 

      • Jonk063

        You said this already, but could it have hurt to copy/paste a link confirming? 

  • How

    Just got done playing the multiplayer beta on ps3…holy crap the graphics look like doo doo. Don’t tell me graphics don’t matter. They absolutely matter when I’m buying a nice set to play my games on and they look like utter sh*t.

  • Fjasogtov

    Assuming the beta looks close to the finished game, it’s not very impressive. And don’t give me that old ‘it’s because PS3 is outdated hardware which sucks balls’. Killzone, Uncharted and tons of other games look fantastic on PS3. Honestly, it looks lika a good old fashion PS2 game. Again, assuming this is pretty much as good as it gets graphic wise for PS3. With under a month to release date, how much better can it get? Preorder hereby canceled.

  • Whzziywazoo

    WTF is this reviewers actual problem??
    There’s NO WAY MW3 will look that good.
    Are you telling me, the PS3 on board GPU will look as good as lets say one of the top 3 Nvidia cards on the market for PC?
    All of your articles relating to BF3 just seem like total nonsense from educated but logically incompetant gamers.
    Completely pointless posts highlighting just the poor bits.
    Why not talk about the fantastic lighting, excellent sounds, atmospheric environments, excellent battlelog (loving the platoon set up and stat compliments that are free), firing animations, ETCC ETCC…
    There’s loads more to this game than your petty issues.

    • Meowtomeow

      because the sound isn’t too great either, some guns more-so then others, and the graphics look worse then black ops. The maps look “vast” and  “open” and gives you a bigger sense of “freedom” vs cod but eh, if this is final product graphics, MW3 looks much much better on consoles then BF3

  • i cant download it say you can download the beta on your account can someone help me


  • John Ln

    Its good Overall! (I played the PC and the PS3 version)
    The graphics on the PS3 should be improved a bit (as possible). And the PC version got quite too many bugs, but the graphics are pretty good and run great on my 5970 :)I know its a BETA of course!!I was also expecting a Hardcore mode on the Beta, but at least there is gonna be one on the final release!Im buying the game for the PS3 next month when its out! (Im getting the PS3 version cause i hate hackers on the PC, and i also just enjoy the games more there)I cant wait!!!

    • Thatkidfromnj

      I’ve never really had any issues with hackers on any of the battlefield games on PC, Partly due to punkbuster and the fact that most servers require it. I don’t see why people have so many issues with hackers in this day and age. Just don’t play on servers that don’t have those protections in place. 

  • dissappointed (a bit) trees look rubbish but when all is said and done the ps3 & 360 are getting on a bit and it plays exactly the same as BFBC2 which is a massive plus.  

  • One blurry, low-res screen-stamp, taken from a beta version of a game, and we’re already crucifying the graphics? Why do the character models even matter when most of the time you’re gunning them down from 50+ meters away anyway (unless you suck).

    And where’s the same in-game character model from the PC version for a true comparison?

  • Nowitzki2004

    Its a BETA!!!! Be happy with what you got. We werent supposed to play this game for another month.

    • Sugar

      oh im happy wit what I got…happy that i now know not to buy this game when it comes out

  • I am surpised that every one thinks the beta is going to be how the real game looks. we will see.

  • Jose Lopez

    LoL why do people care your just going to be using hands

  • matt

    I read an article earlier this month mentioning that BF3 would come on two disks (xbox). First Disk to have High Res Texture install and Multiplayer, with the second disk being strictly singleplayer. Maybe the beta doesn’t have this ‘High Res Texture’ pack installed?

  • CoD – B3 = Consoles – PC

    no one said it was going to look incredible on the ps3, wth do you people want, magicians? “Hey here’s a trick, I’ll create a game filled with the newest directx effects, high res textures, high res game and I’ll make it run at 60 fps on 5 year old hardware…” meh sorry that’s not possible

  • Payperview

    Overhyped as the next best shooter graphics on the PS3. VERY DISAPPOINTING! EA just rode the Sony overhype train and underdelivered once again!

    • Anonymous

      Good thing a game isn’t all about graphics then. Rode the Sony overhype train? lol try again later.

  • rd

    I thought I was playing bfbc2 for a bit

  • Brett333

    After all of the details that they said about the ps3 and xbox 360 versions looking “Stunning” I would have to disagree completely.  The physics, graphics, and textures pop in so badly that it distracts me from the actual game play.  Rocks and things pop in as your trying to kill people its just overall horrible. 

    • Abc

      Its a BETA  go back to cod if you aren’t happy

  • a bit disappointing… =(

  • Grypheon

    Very dissappointed in the textures and physics…touting Destrustion 2.0 and I have yet to see anything beyond a few chunks of tile in the metro or ground craters caused by granades. I still enjoy the gameplay, but hoping some of the issues improve when released. Sound issues, lackluster menu screens and level shoutouts don’t impress niether, nor does the physics (clipping, tearing, going thru enviornments, sporatic sound effects…etc. Last point, for a game that is all about vehicle warefare, there is non, not even a gun placement, to be found in the BETA???

  • Edededec

    graphics suck I expected a lot better grom the previews I have seen,almost looks like a ps2 version

    • Sponky05

      PS2 Version?!?!? WTH are you thinkin’ or seeing….? Sure, it does look like BF:BC2, but PS2-like-graphics….no way!!!

    • Anonymous

      Why are people liking stupid comments like these?

  • Eric

    I have been playing the beta all day and must say although the PC version is far Superior as far as the console versions MW3 just wont be able to compete even with the console versions. Ive been playing the 360 version and although you have your pop ins it still looks great. Everyone has to take into account the size of the maps and it still looks this good.

  • Anonymous

    I really have no idea why people play FPS on consoles.
    The control pad is just terrible. 

    • JimFace

      No, WASD is terrible.
      Selecting two different weapons with two different hotkeys instead of using just one button to cycle between them is terrible.
      And giving one hand access to around 7 mouse buttons while the other must juggle 21 keys which all feel the same is just terrible.

      There’s a reason why consoles come with keyboard and mouse support: Keyboard and mouse is NOT designed for gaming, let alone FPS.

      • Anonymous

        Haha, tell that to the 360 gamer’s in shadowrun who got utterly destroyed by ‘mediocre’ FPS gamers on PC, there’s a reason why MS doesn’t allow cross-platform play between console/windows.  Console owners would stop playing FPS’ when they realized they had absolutely no chance, whatsoever.

        And apparently you’ve never heard of a mouse wheel, because mouse wheel trumps anything for weapon select. And keybind melee attack to mouse button crushes all.

        • Henning

          Pissing contest pissing contest!

        • Anonymous

          Who’s pissing?  I’ve got a PS3 and a Gaming PC, and my roommate has a 360 😉  I can play on whichever platform I feel like.  It’s hard to argue facts though, Shadowrun proved that Mouse and Keyboard are vastly superior interfaces for FPS’, than controller.  Plain and simple.

        • Nowitzki2004

          How does 1 game that I never even heard of prove all that?? I play on PC and PS3 and WASD is horribe. Its not that hard but its nothing like the analog sticks. Graphics dont mean everything to me and im getting BF3 for PS3

        • Anonymous

          Well, the short of it is, Microsoft had a little closed session testing where they took mediocre FPS players on PC, and matched them with expert FPS players on 360.  And at no point in the entire session, did the 360 players not get their butts stomped into the ground.  Thus ended any and all interest in cross platform play between 360/PC for FPS’.  Look it up.

          Most recently, Microsoft announced a cross-platform endeavor between GfWL + XBL, however, it will be limited to turn based games only.

          No, it’s actually not hard at all, in fact, it’s far superior to controller sticks.  See, what you’re conveniently leaving out is the whole ‘mouse’ part of it, that provides infinitely more precision than an analogue stick could ever dream of.  There’s a reason why aim assist exists nowadays.

          Want to see fun?  Turn off aim-assist in GTAIV multiplayer and watch people flip out.  That is HILARIOUS. And whoever said graphics were everything? I never mentioned word one about it. I simply said Keyboard/Mouse is a superior interface to controllers for FPS’ (and TPS’ for that matter, though controllers are much more tolerable in that realm). Personally, I wish there was something more realistic/immersive, that worked as advertised (motion control will get there someday, it’s still a bit clunky to be truly responsive/precise).

        • Wildcat11

          I know that mouse aiming is far quicker/accurate…that’s not the point. The point is what feels better and more natural. keyboards only allow button pushed or button not pushed…joy sticks allow for easier subtle movements.

        • Anonymous

          Neither are natural, a controller, and mouse/keyboard have absolutely nothing to do with holding a gun in actual combat.  Keyboards aren’t the entirety of the interface which you people seem to keep forgetting.  Mouse provides all the subtlety of an ANALOGUE stick, and, in addition…precision.

        • so one game proves a clouded statement?

        • Anonymous

          One game, and the experience of myself and all my friends.  Which counts for a whole hell of a lot than anything nobodies on a news article have to say =)

        • I agree with the people against your statement. How does one game prove a rediculous statement? im white and can jump…Eureka!
          all white people can jump!….sorry, doesn’t work that way.

        • Anonymous

          I could quite honestly care less what you agree with, having played FPS on both console and PC, I _know_ mouse/keyboard is vastly more responsive and precise.  Microsoft’s endeavor into cross-platform play merely provides empirical evidence to support my statements.  Whereas, you have none.

        • Mburnham1973

          How do you relax on a couch with a keyboard and mouse?

        • Anonymous

          Wireless keyboard, and an ottoman?  Though, if you’re looking for ‘relaxing’, War FPS’ hardly belong in that category.

        • Mrs. Mell Bad

          I cannot see the PC monitor through my beer goggles.

        • Anonymous

          Practice makes perfect.  Maybe you just need to learn how to drink.

        • Mburnham1973

          When I get frustrated and throw my controller across the room it does less damage then a keyboard and mouse flying through the air.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, that’s something most people grow out of, especially when they start having to pay for their own things.  Child-like temper tantrums are hardly an arguing point worthy of serious debate.

        • Mburnham1973

          I didn’t realize playing video games was a sign of maturity. I appreciate your thoughtful insight and will endeavor to play more politely maybe with my pinky sticking out and plenty of pomp and circumstance.

        • Anonymous

          Most children don’t realize there’s a world out there beyond their own, which is why they have the capacity to destroy things on a whim.  Of course, most children also realize that there have been games consoles for the past 30 years, so I guess that just makes you an idiot, and even less informed than a child.

        • Mburnham1973

          Your comments make no sense.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, about as much sense as someone who thinks gaming is only for kids, and hasn’t been around for over 3 decades.

        • Mburnham1973

          You win. I went back and read my comments. My comment that video games are only for kids and have only been around for a couple years is wrong. They’ve been around for 3 decades and are for mature adults who like to be stressed out playing FPS shooters. Preferably with a keyboard and mouse to eliminate any risk of relaxation.
          Children or those with the personality of a child should stick to xbox360 playing MW2 with a controller on their couch. Gaming computers are for the grownups.

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t say they weren’t for kids, however, throwing tantrums and tossing belongings and destroying them, certainly is.  There are certainly a great many adults, who play games, who are savvy enough to have their PC connected to their TV, and yes, are even capable of relaxing in the process.

          Yes, Children should stick to a 360 or, more appropriately, a console, at least that paperweight won’t cost you seriously if you feel the need to throw a fit when you lose and smash it because you lack any kind of self-control.

        • 10footMidget

          I like tits and beer, so console it is

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I like tits, and I like beer too, I also like whiskey, and bourbon.  I also own a PS3, but I’m also smart enough to have a gaming PC.

          Btw, tits don’t count when they’re on guys. 😉

        • Mburnham1973

          Bourbon is whiskey. You’d know that if you were more mature.

        • Mburnham1973

          Bourbon is whiskey. You’d know that if you were more mature.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, that’s like saying Champagne is Wine, only a plebeian like yourself would refer to them as such.  

    • Hawan29

      Playing with a controller is just so much more comfortable and enjoyable experience, changed my FPS gaming from PC to consoles a couple of years ago an kb/m just feels boring now..

  • mine wont work 🙁 cannot access

  • Technoguy

    i hope they fix all the problems ive seen in the beta….. its really starting to bug me

  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You think thats low detail? take a look at rage.

    • EvolSkyWalker

      Rage looks great. I have seen live gameplay. BF3 is not worthy of being called next Gen. It looks worst than most launch titles on the 360

  • Jon-Paul

    Overall I love the beta.  There are a few things that could be fixed or upgraded.  But this is why it’s the beta and not the actual game.

    • Blingblaine

      Garbage graphics. Very dissapointed