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Approved: Nexus Prime Bluetooth 3.0 technology

The latest Bluetooth 3.0 technology has now been approved for the Samsung GT-I9250, which we suspect to be the Nexus Prime. This is a big deal for the new handset, as this new version is expected to work much quicker and with less fear of being disconnected. It’s as if the news just keeps getting, but we just hope that it does come with Ice Cream Sandwich, but it’s not looking good if Google launch the device next month.

The moment that the Nexus Prime is released there will already be a huge number of compatible Bluetooth 3.0 accessories, just don’t try to purchase any yet, You might think that we are mad – trying to buy an accessory for a device that is not out – bur believe it or not a few accessories have already begun to appear on websites.

The Nexus Prime might become what Samsung had hoped the Galaxy S II would be, as it was thought that the latter would be going to all four major carriers in the US. We are still uncertain if the Prime exists, but there have been suggestions that AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon will all want to get their hands on the new handset, as the specs looks to blow the S2 out of the water.

Knowing that the Prime will come with Bluetooth 3.0 support is great, as it means that Samsung wants the handset to be compatible with all the latest wireless products on the market. We do not know if this will help to improve battery performance, but one would assume that it would, as that is just what the S II uses? We do not want you to think that this is a huge deal having Bluetooth 3.0; it’s just that it is further confirmation that the device is on its way.



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