4 Battlefield 3 beta annoyances a CoD player will notice

By Jamie Pert - Sep 28, 2011

After experiencing Battlefield 3 server issues for around six hours we finally managed to get some time getting to know the Battlefield 3 beta for Xbox 360 quite intimately. Personally I have favored Call of Duty games over Battlefield in the past, therefore I thought I would share some things with you which Call of Duty gamers might get annoyed about the first time they pick up BF3.

Before we get started please listen to us when we say that these are not all necessarily problems which need to be fixed, however when someone is used to CoD gameplay the things we speak about in this article are a little annoying to say the least.

Let’s start with something which might be a bug that’ll be fixed by developers before the game’s official release. The image below clearly shows a slightly raised area on the map which is only a little higher than your average curb, however you can’t just simple walk over this, instead you have to jump – now that’s overkill in our opinion – do you agree? (Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see a video showing this particular issue).

In most CoD games and multiplayer game modes it is quite easy to spot an enemy as your crosshair changes color when aimed at an enemy, BF3 doesn’t do anything like this so you really have to keep and eye on your surroundings when trying to spot an enemy – this is much more realistic in our opinion, what do you guys think?

Grenades are massively different in BF3 when compared to any CoD game, firstly let’s start by saying we have only thrown about 50 so far (and we have not unlocked a lot yet), however as a MW3 and Black Ops gamer I have noticed that you can’t seem to throw grenades as far, nor can you cook them in your hand before you throw them – finally it is worth knowing that the BF3’s grenades take longer to explode than they do in CoD. One other odd thing we noticed about BF3’s grenades is that when thrown they do not always smash through windows, we have embedded a video at the end of this post which shows how knifing and shooting a subway train’s window will shatter it, but a grenade simple bounces back at you.

The last thing we must mention is that sniping is a lot harder in BF3 than it is in CoD, firstly in the beta it is hard to get a one shot kill, most of the time two shots are needed and the general technique takes some getting used to. It is hard to explain what’s so hard about it, but running targets which would be easy to pick off in CoD are hard to hit in BF3 and quite often require two shots, which means your enemy can quite often get away with brave runs.

These are just a few of the things we spotted after playing the Battlefield 3 beta, are you a CoD gamer who is trying out the BF3 beta? If so, have you spotted any annoying differences which take some getting used to? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Just so you know, you CAN cook grenades… All you have to do is press the grenade button then immediately press Right Trigger (or R2) and you will cook the grenade until you let go of RT or R2, which will throw the grenade…

  • Wyguy8

    oh my god! BF3 is made for people who like realisam not for a bunch of people who just whine about little things

  • Dazza

    annoying thing for me on bf3 is when i am shooting i seem to go prone all the time it is very annoying and i know if it that was not happening i would not be gettin killed anyway to sort this out?

  • Dazza

    annoying thing for me on bf3 is when i am shooting i seem to go prone all the time it is very annoying and i know if it that was not happening i would not be gettin killed anyway to sort this out?

  • something new about the laser tecnology i found hare.

  • Tonney2302

    I have noticed a wider weapon spread when you you shoot and it is generally harder to keep an enemy in the crosshairs when you shoot. Is it realism? Unless you can get used to it after a while, and find a way to deal with it, it feels like all weapons are inadequate and can’t shoot straight. The double tap necessity is really a letdown, no matter where you hit the target you need to get them twice or in some cases it seemed the target is invincible…
    Also in the campaign I’ve noticed that you cannot take down enemies from a distance when you see them unless you get closer and the script allows you to kill them… Some general trouble with sensitivity adjustment, either way you can’t snap to targets quickly, if you play without the aim assist like I do… This is really exasperating.

    • fubar

      it is realistic, COD makes it to easy to stay on target and if you play semi auto (BF3 lets you control firing modes) you can be much more effective at range. And for sniping… COD there is no bullet drop or time between when you fire and when it hits. If you practice a little you can be a very effective sniper. And the sensitivity thing ads to the realism. IRL longer guns are harder and take longer to move around so this should make sense that a long rifle will take longer to turn with than a handgun. In call of duty its too easy to acquire targets and sniper rifles have no drop and bullets travel at infinite speed. This has been taken advantage of in the form of quick scoping. BF made quick scoping non existent without ruining sniping like black ops. COD is falling behind by making the same game over and over again. The Game engine hasnt even changed since cod4 and i wouldnt be surprised if it doesnt until the 10th installment. THat is a load of bullshit and I dont understand why people buy the same game every year for $60.

  • CMon

    Man you guys are some hardcore defensive fanboys. First of all he said it was a “beta”, and that it’s probably going to be fixed . All he said was that these were just little annoyances to people who were used to playing a specific game. This was enough to invoke anger? He had a problem with the jump mechanic, a slight difference with grenades, and a sniper issue, mind you “he didn’t say that these were problems”. Sheeesh, you guys are worst than the people you accuse. To call him an idiot after he clealy stated how to take this article shows that immaturity runs rampant regardless of fanbase. Sad indeed.

  • Esteban Ramirez

    At least you didn’t make the PC community look like a bunch of idiots like your buddies up there. I don’t know how they expect anyone to take their “lawlz” “ROFLL$@424” and such seriously.

  • Esteban Ramirez

    Do you not look into a game when you play it? I mean seriously it’s ALL OVER the BF3 news sites… The beta is crazy compressed and is missing a lot of key features. It’s a month old version of the game for crying out loud. -_-

  • After seeing most of the COD fanboy comments, this is all I have to say….do you know how idiotic you all sound? your comparing a 1 and a half month old Alpha build (which is being used in the bf3 beta for at least the consoles) to games that are not alpha build?  any complaint made at this stage is invalid….let me spell it out for you, ALPHA BUILD is no where near what the complete game will look like, play like, feel like, sound like….it is but a undeveloped taste test, it is as simple as that.  Look its hard for me to understand why you are all so scared that bf3 might actually be a better game in the end. but if anything it will benefit you because if you all just got off your activision loyalty horse then you could actually improve your gaming experience rather then defend a outdated one.  so just calm down and go with the flow, try not to fight it. activision has milked COD so hard, and given you repeat after repeat of the same game with tweaks and addons, its time to smarten up a bit and take a stand, or else other game publishers will think well its easy to take advantage of the consumer and follow suit….if activision can profit from repetative low quality releases, so can we! we do not want that type of game industry!, profits should only come from effort and only effort, not pathetic repetative money magnets….sorry its harsh but its true, get to know your industry and be wise about what takes your money.

  • you do know the console beta contains a 1 half month old alpha build? all the bugs, graphics problems, glitches (or at least all the obvious ones) have already been fixed, and the retail version has already been put on discs ready for release….so the game you think is going to come out broken is in fact going to be nothing like you have seen in the beta – Alpha build

  • Yeah dude  i agre with the nest two, your an idiot man. All this article says is that COD players suck at FPS games, all you did was complain about how much more realistic it is than COD. Im sorry but last itme i cheaked that has been the goal of developers forever, making the sequel bigger and better, and as realistic as possible. Seriousely just keep playing COD like Wolf 712 said its old and boring after a month in my opinion. Not to mention not a damn thing has changes in that lame ass series in years. So yeah dude keep playing COD with all the other 14 year olds and have fun with yur killstreak rewards because we all know now you cant kill anyone with a gun, its not cuz the game is bad, you are lol 🙂

    • I think some COD players are good, but they really do have a hard time developing a squad based mentality….there K/D focused camping mentality (mind you camping is not a bad tactic as long as its done in moderation and at appropriate times) really does have to go in bf3….the quality of the game play relies on this transition between mentalities.  Nothing better then that!

  • fanboy h8er

    wow, the guy who wrote this article is a f***ing d**k

  • Wolf 712

    Wow… all of you CoD fanboys needs to get off your high-horse. You sound like a bunch of babies.. which is what I should expect to be on par with a bunch of CoD players I guess. Don’t like how a BF game plays, then stick with MW3 for the 4 months that it will be hott and trendy.. then when you get tired of the same ole’ CoD lameness you will come to BF and get whooped and whine about that. It’s all personal preference and I personally think CoD sucks so bad… I want something realistic, not arcadey and arena based. And BF has been and will remain the series for me, and I for one am hopefully no CoD players make the change to BF because to have preferred CoD in the first place is just pure nuttiness.

  • first off. bf3 is so super hyped up and the beta blows yes i know its the freaking beta but damn the game is being released in less thn a month and this is only 1 map imagine all the damn glitches in all the other maps…..2nd bf and cod are two complete games cod is small team spec op modes search and destroy small team close quarters battlefield is any enlisted solider out sent into war cod are elite players with skill bf players are fresh out of high school enlisted soliders so cod wins in my opion because its more personal its elite bf is like if i joined the army right now and went to war cod is like being in the navy seals for 10 years nuff said bf players are scrubs and i would love to play 6 on 6 cod vs bf players  and bf graphics suck nuff said  it only looks good on pc and stop complaining about cod engine dice fans who cares why change something so good im sorry dice couldnt come up with a phenominal engine the first time around get off our *****

    • Jose

      Lol, perhaps you should justify the things you say. no-one is going to take you seriously until you do.

    • Wiilhunting

      Wow bump! we all should really listen to this guy! go play your little elite squad in cod, silly boy

    • You’re an idiot.

    • while useful feedback it might be, the format in which the feedback is in is inappropriate given that this game is in pre-release build….and the build used in beta is actually a old Alpha Build (bf3 Beta is not for game testing it is actually to beta test the servers (eg. stress test) and to beta test battlelog(bugs etc), being able to play the game in its early development form was merely a gift,even though it seems people are not mature enough to understand that it is not the final product, and do not seem to know how to do there own research.

  • Thrashin_arto

    You forgot how terrible the controls are compared to CoD. I mean I am all for them (EA) breaking away from what everyone else does. But why mess with a controller scheme that is widely accepted as normal in the FPS console world. If I run up to someone and crouch instead of knife them one more time I’m going to set something on fire. They should at least offer the ability to remap the buttons or use the “CoD setting” for lack of a better word, as an alternative option.

    The game is mediocre at best and the learning curve on the controls for me just kills it. I have a full time job and full time school, I would really like to just jump right in and be able to feel at least a little bit at home. It looks like its the Modern Warfare Remix: 2012 for me now.

    • CODFAG

      that’s because your not good enough to adapt. have fun with the 11 year old cod kids because you obviously can’t hang with the big boys

      • Kairlano

        @c59152a77c0bc073fe6f2a3141b99010:disqus Seriously?  The guy uses a well-reasoned argument about control schemes and you think an insult is going to help prove your point?

        I’ve been drifting away from the FPS games for a while now, though I’m keeping my eye on both BF3 and MW3, but I’ve never understood why so many console games refuse to let you map the buttons.  Hell, Brink of all games could do that (it’s one and only redeemable feature).

    • so I think cod controls are terrible, and you think bf3 controls are terrible? lets see if you understand what I’m getting at….

    • Tone

      (I have by now almost finished the campaign of the full release, not a h-core gamer, but enjoy FPS a lot)
      You can get it to “close ” to COD, if you choose one of the offered alternative layouts, except the “O” button on PS3 (“B” on XBOX) is a script button and rarely used at all… I’d prefer it to be used for the crouch and prone instead of the offered button, which is used for grenade… And the grenade is on the other side under the sights button. Close but no cigar… Pity you cannot remap the buttons, I agree… Even Crysis 2 makes the layout like COD, I do not understand why invent the wheel? Why not use the most comfortable COD layout… Or let me put it like this, COD games are addictive and replay factor is high even after you get tired of the monotony and drop it for half a year, it is a refreshment to  start anew. So this means the controls buttons become ingrained with 1,5 million people. So why make their lives miserable when they want to enjoy one of the most beautiful and lifelike games of the year like BF3… However, the layout is not the real problem. Something is really wrong with the stick sensitivity on the PS3, you are either all over the screen or pan too slow… I don’t know maybe the aim assist is supposed to address this issue in the BF3 (I turned it off) some people commented that it was absent in the prequels but what if you want to enjoy the game without it… No go? Actually the same thing I have noticed with Black Ops compared to MW2, in the MW2 you can aim well without the assist, in BO it works better with it turned on. 
      That said I do not understand why there should be an argument which layout is original and best – BF or COD? Why nobody says anything about Gears of War 1,2,3 ah – yes, because there the layout has never been a problem… And why has it not been a problem compared to COD/BF? Because these guys made it right))

  • COD player

    They didn’t mention the lack of a kill cam, or the spawn killing, or the 30 seconds of running to the fight, or the 20 seconds of waiting to respond. Basically you waste a lot more time running to the battle and waiting to spawn. These are the exact qualities that held FPS back from being a commercial success. COD fixed and addressed these qualities and have made the genre fun and commercially widespread while battlefield muddles in the past and keeps the game qualities that kept FPS as a specialty niche genre for so long.

    • I didn’t have these problems….perhaps maybe you just have a hard time playing game that has a much more superior experience even in its buggy glitchy alpha build version.

  • Feraldeath3

    I actually enjoyed the sniping. Esp when compared to Black ops.

    But I have to say the most annoying thing from a COD perspective was the controls. I don’t know how many times I tried to duck or go prone only to stand there for target practice becuase of the thumbstick.

    Oh yeah, the blue screen bug sucked too.

  • Madnessclown1

    The reason sniping is hard in battlefield is because the sniper rifle you get in the beta isn’t the strongest one(this is why you can fire so fast with it) so it does take multiple shots sometimes, however we cant forget about bullet drop. in battlefield bullets don’t magically go straight forever like in cod. So, depending on the distance from your target you may have to estimate how high above their head you have to aim to get a headshot. This, in my opinion makes sniping harder but also much more fun and rewarding. 

  • Davnunesr

    Bf3 is good for campers,because its hard to see the enemy and this game just have 30fps compared with MW2 in my opnion the Mw2 is mutch more smoth,the game play on Mw2 is mutch better and sniping on BF3 suck

    • Guest

      In my opinion, BF3 is better and your grammar sucks.

  • Billythekid

    I played for 3 hours yesterday and encountered a few problems and glitches. Sometimes my screen would turn blue like when you’re in the pause screen but after I respawned and I couldn’t see. Another glitch is when I would try to zoom in half the time it wouldn’t let me and I would get killed. One of the problems I had with the gameplay itself is it takes 10+ shots to kill someone with an assault rifle. Example: I was in the park area and standing 15 feet from a sniper who was laying down. I had to shoot him about 10 or 12 times in the back of the head to kill him.I thought Battlefield 3 would make weapon damage more realistic considering the physics are incredible. This actually kind of pissed me off because that was one of the main reasons I quit COD. Hopefully this will be fixed in the real game otherwise I’ll stick to Bad Company 2 where 3-4 shots is all it takes…with an old school Thompson at least. Which is really realistic.

  • Bigdomturbo9511

    I will say that COD games are pretty set pieces tied together with some mediocre gameplay. Still not as good a 007 on the N64. Like a Lamborghini without an engine. Cool to look at, not much fun once you get inside. Battlefield games are a challenge and disuade the casual gamer looking for some arcade action. Plus most COD players I talk to get scared when a tank drives through a building and you can blow up more than just crates. Leave realism to the Men and let the little boys have their fun with activisions new map pack MW3.

  • Eazye19

    I Played for about five hours today and two major glitches happened repeatedly through gameplay, my screen would be randomley blue like i was in a complete shadow upon spawning and would last until i met an enemy and died, second I randomley couldnt run had to press the run button multiple times to get in gear.  Gameplay just seems to me personally that they have along way to catch up with modern warfare.  Not a fanboy either i wanted this to blow cod away it just isnt there yet.

    • Mr. Black

      So far I’ve witnessed: 
      – random flashes of lights glitching into view on my screen, mostly purple. (and they aren’t lasers or flashlights)
      – falling through the ground (and being able to send bullets from the twilight zone into the enemy)
      – some terrain issues that cause your soldier’s POV to bump up and down while stationary
      – what you’ve seen, the screen remaining the same blue tint that the ‘kit loadout’ screen has

      That said, I wouldn’t say they have a long way to catch up to MW. This beta, to be honest, was not all that fun to play, but for beta-ish reasons. We’ll see with the full release if it can surpass MW’s gameplay. I feel that’s also a naive thing to say, because as their record history goes, even BC2 owned the entire call of duty franchise.

      • Mr. Black

        Oh, on the console Beta’s graphics:

        “The Console graphics have been compressed, polygons removed, Audio compressed,
        lighting & particle effects turned down, and motion blur removed.”

        “This has already been confirmed by DICE via twitter. But
        why? Because the big two (M & S) place shy under 2gb file size limits on
        downloads of this type. ”

        “Absence of a leap in destruction technology over
        BC2…or any destruction at all. This is also a beta specific issue. DICE has
        reported that alot of destruction, most prominently terrain destruction, has
        been turned OFF for the beta. Yes off….just more proof that this beta is
        watered down to a pretty great extent graphical wise. ”

    • xX SOFA KING Xx

      well right now, bf3 (at least on xbox) is awesome, has great graphics, and is THE ONLY GAME WITH 1 SEPERATE DISC FOR MULTIPLAYER! i think that is cool, because the maps are huge, and you can go almost anywhere(besides out of bounds), and destroy buildings

  • Okay. In Battlefield, your bullets drop.. It’s called GRAVITY. Where as in COD, they don’t. I’ve played battlefield for some odd years now, I’m use to sniping, I can get a head shot with no problem, but I understand how that may be difficult for you.  I’m sure that you’ll be able to cook the grenades in your hand., as in all BF games they’ve been able to. You’re wanting this game to be 100% perfect. May I remind you, no games is 100% perfect. The team work required in this game is more realistic. The strategy is realistic. That’s one of the most liked parts about this game to those dedicated BF gamers. I think you played this game with the head set that you weren’t going to like it, and I honestly think you’re just hating on this game because you ARE A COD fan and you don’t want battlefield to be better. you’re also asking if they’ve spotted things annoying, why dont you ask if they liked anything about it!? SCEW OFF!!

  • 26315489784563121567897

    My CoD player instincts are annoyed by the massive decrease in random luck and grenade/knife/noobtube spam and by the strategy and teamwork that is required in this.  

    • Mr. Black


      Shame that the COD generation has sullied the name of the rifle grenade launcher into “noob tube”, because their frantic COD ways have familiarized them with the concept of it being a spammable quick-kill.

      • its called a noob tube because only noobs use them in cod, bf fanboys play cod they get raped and bring out the nube tubes ive tested my theory by looking at thier achievments they are full of bf achievments f’n scrubs stay out of our game

        • FGT

          If only we all had one to use on you.

        • yeah I second that…lawlz

        • K Freeman

          How can you say you have tested this theory by looking at trophys I have around 80% on mw2 w@w black ops bc1 bc2 and platnium on world at war and black ops I like cod but I love battlefield and I rule both leader boards usely with a pistol as my main gun runs out maybe we should play best of 3 on both games and ill use your weapon to put ypu in your place c.o.d is cool but bf is running rings and nobody has mentioned the fact that that bf3 has so many vechiles inclueding jets and a10s any kill streak reward on cod is avalible from the start and thoughout as long as it is chosen and unlocked stay with cod please bcoz I wanna see whrre dice will take bf if there mistakenly not reconized as the best already also I will be buyin mw3 too but will it have as much of my time doubtful mayb do the story in a day and trade it as with all other vod games nuffff said

    • lol…

  • Poops McGee

    Sounds like nitpicking to me.  I’m sure just as many flaws (if not more) will be able to be pointed out in MW3.

  • Anonymous

    Being a person who suffered this growing pains back when I first moved from COD1 to BF1942, it was interesting to see things really haven’t changed too much 🙂 Like, the problems are a little different but I remember going from CS to COD was way easier than going to Battlefield. Good read!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll extend this to if you want the red triangle over enemies… DICE, i miss only spotting to mini-map 🙁

    • hardcore servers only spot to mini

      • Anonymous

        But I don’t like hardcore, it’s too easy.

  • Whzziywazoo

    Get a PC ladies, PS3 and Consoles wont be improved till 2014-2015 earliest.
    Get your PCs up to standard and enjoy BF3 back where it’s home is.
    I play BETA on ultra settings and I love it. Best fun and tbh, the PP-2000 is a sick ass weapon :p

    • lancast

      My system is a core i7 920 overclocked to 3.4 ghz with a gtx 590 and a gtx 285 dedicated to physx, 6 gig ram on a 24 inch screen. I play 1080p. You think I can run bf3 on ultra settings with 60fps?

      • If you can type off all of your system specs you should already know if you can run BF3 and at what specs. But to answer your idiotic question, yes, yes you can.

        • Whzziywazoo

          LOL, nice Chris, nice.

          But for extra encouragement, your PC will make it look awesome Lancast :p

        • lancast

          Thank you for your encouragment. I just want to max it out and have no lag what so ever. This is my last dash at owning a mean ass gaming system because after my new born arrives in April I won’t be able to purchase anymore gadgets for my pc. Thank you

        • good luck with your babe bro!

        • lancast

          HEY! I’m not a show poney ok fuktard. It was a legitimate question ffs. I can tell your the jelous type. The type of dude that if you were my m8 and we went out with your wife or partner and my wife and I, you’d be checking my mrs ass out would’nt you, you dirty dirty fuker! lols

    • Mjrspork

      Ultra settings? really? – you do know that Ultra settings are disabled in the beta. right? 

    • pp is nice…that might change in retail release….

  • Bob

    COD is garbage

  • Noporcru623

    cod is fake realistic it is an arcade shooter with realistic graphics everything about it is like an arcade game whereas battlefield is actually trying to be as real as possible soooo mw3 = mario kart and bf3 = gran turismo… both still good fun games but bf3 far more fair and tactical.

  • Alex Bosward

    Maybe your just a bad sniper? I found the sniping in the game is a great improvement from bfbc2 if you dong like 2 shots hit them in the heAd with the first one.

  • who wont play battlefield 3?

  • who hasn’t plays call of duty

  • its funny cause i know everyone with rud comments about cod were cod players .

  • dudeguyman


    • Anonymous

      I think you forgot to stop pressing shift bro, this ain’t a race.

    • NEWS headlines
      Battlefield so realistic bf3 scrubs are killing humans because they have blurred the line between video games and what is real im sorry i enjoy cod i dont want to get comfortable with killing humans like u crazy ass bf fans u guys want realism so ba because u have no morals u want to be comfortable with killing humans ur sick and  its infesting minds of younfg adults ill take the c rated graphics over a 25 to life prison sentence

  • Baker

    When did COD players ever liked BF games?

    oh this guy is talking about color change crosshair. com’on are you that slow or can’t tell enemy from a teammate, that you need a color changing crosshair to tell you if thats and enemy  of not? i like the idea that i could run behind enemy lines without them knowing i am a friend or a foe. making rush mode more fun. BF3 is about tactics and not about spray and preying.

    by the way i agree about the cooking grenade. i get killed many times from late explosions.

    • choda

      if you have a good pc all the power to ya. but i played the console beta, it is crap. bad textures and sub par graphics. cod killer not a chance. once all the console gamers get a chance to play it they will be glad mw3 is coming, its way better suited for a console. but if i had a nice pc yah for sure battlefield3 would be the one. stay away from the console version of battlefield3..

  • Casualgamer

    You can cook grenades if you equip them first. Don’t hit the grenade button, but equip the grenade and hold the left mouse button. It’s done this way to prevent grenade spamming and cheap suicide kills.

    • Mr. Black

      What would you recommend for console players? Doesn’t seem to be a way. On the PS3 it’s L2 you use to launch the grenade out of your closed fist, or whatever the animation looks like. No longer can you hold/prepare the thing.

    • im pretty sure when you’re holding an M4 in real life and try to randomly throw a grenade, you arent going to be able to pull the pin easily let alone cook it. equip them first, then throw

  • Nowitzki2004

    All I gotta say is I LOVE Battlefield…. Ive been done with COD after WAW. I seen that they wont change anything. Black Ops is just likde COD 4 with better graphics and new maps, But everything is the same… ok maybe not perks but who cares when the game is the same. Ive been a Battlefield fan since 2.

    My guess is MW3 will be another upgrade to COD4….. Ive been bored of that. Its like reading the same book over and over and over again. COD is fun but at the end of the day its not realistic at all and for Battlefield fans that play COD its pretty funny to see people running around to the same spots doing the same things… Because in Battlefield games there is so much more to do because the maps are so much more detailed and BIGGER. You can fit about 3 or 4 COD maps or more in all battlefield maps.

  • Amuller

    Your alll dumb cept the gentleman who wrote this

  • Relentless101

    I play both bf and cod, an ill take bf over cod any day. Bf actually makes me think, compared to cod. You can’t just spray and pray, well you can but you could just play cod. I have a pc and ps3, I wasn’t extremely impressed with the graphics on the ps3, otherwise it was pretty damn good, yeh there were glitches but that’s why they have betas…. Can’t wait for the pc beta though. I wouldn’t mind being able to cook grenades but everything else is fine. Does anyone know if there is a cover/lean system for the pc version?

  • Well it’s using real physics, grenades are heavy so they are acting like they would in real life.  Most windows these days are designed to be shatter proof, however even a firearm can eventually shatter a BULLET PROOF glass eventually do to the velocity and penetration power.  A large object like a grenade or ball doesn’t have penetration power and doesn’t travel up to 600-5000 feet per second.  If your throwing your grenade that fast, you are not human.

  • Anonymous

     I’m playing the superior pc version for superior people that is superior in nature.
    You should try that.


    • jim lehey.

       superior-ly alone in your basement.

    • As a PC gamer I am extremely saddened that there are people like you around thinking you are better than others just because your mom and dad bought you an Alienware computer.

  • Kyzak Gears

    If I was to shoot a window… I’m sure it’ll smash. If I smash my knife into a Window… It’ll smash. If I was to throw a grenade into a thick window like a train… I’m sure it’ll bounce right off…

    • noisy child.

      i throw nades at trains all the time, they usually bounce right off so i’d say it’s pretty realistic.

  • I am sure it annoys COD players that they need to AIM. LOL

    Yeah the small step stuff is annoying, but they want people to have some sort of tax to the movement so each surface doesn’t feel the same.

    • Kyzak Gears


  • KillBill126

    the sniping is far from realistic….i mean come on take a .308 or .50 to the chest and see how much running away to cover youll be doing….they have added enough other features to curb the lone wolf camping sniper theres no need to nerf the damage its self

    • DinoT1985

      It’s not about realism in the core setting. That is the hardcore setting which it does have. The realism comes from ballistics which actually adds skill to sniping besides just putting the crosshair over the player and twitch shoot. 

      As for the poster calling us trolls, go look up the word. This site has far from given BF3 unbiased articles in regard to CoD. Show me one article where even before playing it there was equal unbias as the MW3 coverage? The BF3 players have just had enough of it. 

      • Jonathan

        This site isn’t the trolls. The trolls are the commenters that are raging at this guy for trying to help the many cod players switching to bf with the transition. As they are extremely different games. And the ones that are saying that cod players should stay away cuz they don’t like them.

    • Anonymous

      So, DICE’s approach to realism isn’t in the damage or anything of that sort, it is in the responsiveness of the player and the overall feel of the game. How much damage you give or take isn’t really a factor they consider realistic in their games. That is adjusted for fun.

  • Mr. Black

    They seriously need to allow you hold the grenade in your hand again, even without ‘cooking’ it. You still need to be able to prepare it. What DICE doesn’t realize is that ‘Throw when you press’ mechanics make it seem less realistic, more like halo where you tap a button to send a grenade flying, as opposed to BC2 which at least allowed you to hold and ‘prepare’ the throw.

    I’m not asking for the type of cooking you see in COD where you can throw it and have it explode in people’s faces. If DICE doesn’t want that for balancing reasons I’m in agreement. However, at least let us prepare grenades. In BC2 I would love to prepare it, pass around a corner, lob it, and move back into cover. That strikes me as more tactical then aiming your gun crosshair and tapping the throw button.

  • Jonathan

    Wow look at all these battlefield fanboys. He not saying that these things are necessarily bad. He is giving cod players that are transitioning to bf a little heads up on some of the differences. These are things that might be annoying to a cod player not everyone. Go troll somewhere else.

    • DinoT1985

      No thanks, I have a right to voice my opinion just as much as you do. If you don’t like BF3 fanboys, here’s a tip, don’t read comments posted on a BATTLEFIELD 3 article. Not difficult to grasp there may be BF3 fans posting now is it clever clogs?

  • AtomicBleach

    Ok yeah I played the beta for a couple hours last night and as a battlefield player I wasn’t impressed. Bf3 feels alot like medal of honor, I should know because I wasted my money on that game just to get into the beta early. Let me throw some problems I’ve run across several times:
    •You cant hold a grenade, such as to get an aim.
    •The player physics make everyone look like ragdolls.
    •You can swim about as fast as you can sprint! Also sprinting is glitched up and sometimes it just stops working altogether.
    •There seems to be invisible holes in the map where your player will fall several feet into the ground itself.
    •DICE greatly reduced bullet drop from bfbc2.
    •When getting shot there is no vibration in the controllers for console gamers. This is quite aggravating as sometimes you have no clue your even getting shot.
    •The screen will flash white and black at random times while your playing. Hopefully this is just a glitch in the beta.

    I could keep on going or just let y’all see the problems on your own.

    • Nick

      Everything I’ve just read sounds like it could be fixed which will be why there is a beta in the first place. I’ve not downloaded it yet – but I’m hoping it’s not like Medal of Honor, one of the worst games I’ve ever played.

    • Mr. Black

      Those mostly sound like glitches, but I seriously hope they let you prepare the grenades in the full release.

    • Kyzak Gears

      well when you get shot in real life blood doesnt pop up on your eyes now do they. im pretty sure youde just feel like collapsing which they,ve achieved in BF3 by making the screen go blurry instead of bloody. also decreasing the bullet drop. is correct thing to do because they want it more realistic. I agree with the holding greneade part as i want it to be exact like Counter Strike.

      • zerkus

        well when you got shot in real life, do you not feel it? The no vibration thing and not being able to tell he’s being shot is whats aggravating him.

      • Anonymous

        The bullet drop in BC2 was exaggerated for the smaller levels. I was just playing Caspian Border and was seeing 4 or 5 inches in drop at about 200 yards from my M416.

  • Nick

    Typical COD player..   I love playing Battlefield games against COD players.

  • UpsidownFaceBoy

    Ok, long time Battlefield and CoD player here. I have always preferred Battlefield over Call of Duty for a lot of the reasons you mentioned here. I don’t think you’re an idiot or a noob I just think the current trend of shooters has moved into a very quick, easy kill, meat grinder style arena deathmatch which is not what Battlefield is.
       First off Battlefield is designed to have higher unit health. Sniper rifles are not going to kill in one hit, they never have in any Battlefield as long as you hit the body and not a headshot (if you would like them to Battlefield Bad Company 2 has a hardcore mode and snipers with enhanced damage will kill on a body shot). This may seem unrealistic but it is designed to increase survive-ability in the HUGE open area arenas. I’ve seen it before, if snipers one shot kill in large arenas like that all players grab their cannons and hide in the bushes and nothing gets accomplished. If you get hit by a sniper in battlefield you have time to get cover or find the source. If you get hit by a good sniper your head is gone anyway.
       The high health really forces teamwork between snipers, infantry, and all units in general. It’s harder for a single person to dominate by killing before being even damaged. Teams must deal their damage consistently from all infantry and going out alone is not recommended as facing two high health infantry is going to be a difficult kill. The flip side of this is that unit health does NOT regenerate if you duck and cover. If you are damaged you need a medic to heal you. This actually lowers the number of full health enemies you face and might have a better chance against two damaged baddies.
       As far as the grenades go, I have always hated the way Call of Duty handles explosives. Opinion aside however, having a longer timer allows units to move out of the way, but hand grenades still have a high power explosive and will kill multiple units if placed well. (I actually consider the Counterstrike grenade to be the best because it cannot kill even with a direct explosion on the enemy’s face. This was designed to make bullets the #1 priority for damage and the accurate will triumph).

    In conclusion it’s a gameplay style like you pointed out. There will be a LOT of gripes from Call of Duty players and there will be people being mean and calling them noobs and such but pay them no mind. I’ll just call them “growing pains”. Game on.

  • John

    @lancast. Your just one of them 40 year old virgins who brags about having a gaming PC, go and get a girlfriend instead of making out to your PC and mouse.

    • lancast

      Johnny boy, I’m 34, married and my wife and I are expecting our first child. I own my own home and rent out two 1 bedroom units in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. If you don’t call that success in life I don’t know what is? I play when I have time, not all the time.

      Suck on that cockmuncher!

  • lancast

    OmG! he plays battlefield 3 with a controller? pwhahahahhaha what an ediot. You must get a lot of kills with a controller eh? lols. FPS games are meant to be played with a mouse dude and if you are playing on a 360 or ps3 then I point the finger at you and laugh

    • DinoT1985

      “OmG! he plays battlefield 3 with a controller? pwhahahahhaha what an ediot. You must get a lot of kills with a controller eh? lols. FPS games are meant to be played with a mouse dude and if you are playing on a 360 or ps3 then I point the finger at you and laugh”
      With all due respect, I play on console because of severe arthritis. So I’m an ‘ediot’ too?

    • Newbornlunatic

      Dont be the “idiot” FPS were not meant to be played with a mouse…. How ignorant can a child be?? Very….

      • Kyzak Gears

        wow your an even more of an idiot because you just said “FPS were not meant to be played with a mouse….” ROFL!!! You obviuosly never played any of the True FPS games. COD and BF are just the ones that have gone on and on when you’ve got games that are a million times better than them like “Unreal Tournament, Quake, Counter-Strike etc…

        • Anonymous

          Um, so they are all ‘true fps games’, Call of Duty and Battlefield are classically PC games, and until MW1 COD was always PORTED to consoles.

          UT, CS and Quake are Death Match games, call of duty is exactly that.

          FPS was born on the PC because the PC is the only place where they can properly run and be controlled accurately enough to have as few handicaps as possible. Consoles are traditionally for platformers, racing games and adventure games.

          It is a matter of preference where someone plays, but really, the best FPS experience will always be on the PC, where the interactive interface is less intrusive than teh alternative.

  • lancast

    It’s comments like yours Jamie that make me laugh. It’s a beta m8, that’s why they have bugs in there. But what I will add is that COD MW will sell more copies and it’s not because of the graphics and gameplay but because the COD franchise style of gameplay is easy to master and play. It takes quite a while to master the Battlefield games. Now that just tells you the mentality of most COD players.

  • BF3> E.T. > COD

    You sir should not be writing game reviews. Its obvious you’re a total N00B!

  • hugfyugyf

    Realism FTW. I say.

  • DinoT1985

    Also the grenades in BC2 and BF3 are M67’s. They are timed. The grenades that explode on impact are RGO grenades. Also with lever safety, as long as you’re holding the grenade the way you do in BF3 (clenched grip around lever) the grenade will not cook. You can hold it that way all day.

  • DinoT1985

    If you can’t keep your eyes open and need to rely on a colour change to spot an enemy, then you’re playing a war game for the wrong reasons. 

    Grenades explode the same as in BC2. The reason you can’t cook them is to add balance so you actually have a chance to get out of a dead end if the enemy is lobbing grenades in with you. In CoD grenade spamming is a big problem, as is noob tubing.

    And sniping is SUPPOSED to be hard. Can’t get a kill? Quit aiming for the body and get headshots which are one hit kills. Look up ballistics. BF3 isn’t for players who wan’t easy kills without any thinking involved.

  • supremo

    Man what a NOOB. Go back and play the unrealistic and simple COD games. I hope to god you are not on the beta when im on cos NOOBS like you ruin. 

  • Whzziywazoo

    Can I just say, that curb, that evil little curb could save your life by going prone, something cod doesn’t do. THe target reticle in cod is easy mode and for kids, in “real” combat that doesnt happen so I prefere this. AS for grenades…..you try throwing a grenade through a window. The window won’t just give way in an explosion of ecstay, you would need to smash it first. YOur article is based on your experience playing an arcade game and not That of a “more” realistic shooter. You can keep your cod, ill play a more realistic game any time.

    • Jon-Paul

      I thought that is why he wrote this.  To tell the difference between the two. 

  • poppatron

    how has this article attracted so much douch commentary! its amazing! why do people need to feel they have to argue about this rubbish, just play the game you like on the system you like, who cares!! im just throwing this out there but people getting pissy about other people bad mouthing their personal game of choice, when was the last time you touched a girl? you know where she wees! chill out! a while im guessing. theres bigger things to worry about, stop worrying about what these people you dont know and will never meet think, its us all being different and having differing opinions that make the world worth living on! its not like cods your bro or bfs your mum or something! but if it is i apologize!

  • poppatron

    curb and window are beta issues id say sir, the way they got around the crosshair not changing colour is with spotting, push a button whilst crosshair over target and they will become highlighted on radar and hud for short period of time, if a team mate kills target in this period you get points, its a good system. ive heard that its harder to snipe this time round tho, i think it probs just takes a little getting used to, bf and cod do feel massively different but strangely similar at the same time, its weird. but also amazing!! they’re both awesome in their own rights.

  • Kdhdts

    More modernwarfags… the entire point of longer lasting grenades and harder sniping is to balance the game. Only noobs snipe and rely on grenades. This game takes tactical skill to upset the balance

  • blackops2009

    I havent figured out how to check kills duing the game. The part that pisses me off is the after you get kills the video of the player in your face like your getting taunted and tea bagged

    • Buryme2wice

      The Rush game mode doesn’t give you a kill count during the round, just an overall score. As for the BF version of the kill cam. Can be useful in a big map to identify where the kill came from for a bit of revenge but I would be happier if you could skip it by choice like COD.

    • HoBoS TaCo

      Hold back

  • Sntgnegron

    Its just a beta. . .However i find it more of a challenge. . .COD too LINEAR as far as the gameplays concerned (run n gun). . .theyre different games and it wont please everyone, but when actual game releases its comprehensive gameplay with vehicles and diverse maps should appeal more fans who are tired of the same old repetitive COD gameplay. . COD hasnt “evolved”. . .which is why i switched.

  • Penrone

    I agree with the two videos but sniping? hard?

    Its not like Battlefield 3 is aiming for an more realistic feeling, its not like sniping SHOULD be hard at 3-100m?

    Kids really got to stop using the internet.

  • If you pit BF or CS players against the best Cod players, the Cod players would get ass raped. Cod requires no skill. Nuf said. Keep your quick scopes and noob tubes and 12 year whining kids. kthx.

    • You are an idiot, bf takes no skill the bullets register randomly, that takes skill?

      Who cares about noobtubes and quickopes? last time i checked in tournamnets no one uses those.


      • lmao juto im guessing your a cod noob then BF does take skill and teamwork so does counterstrike while COD is no skill lets run and gun or camp and get 50 kills because i have a chopper that got 45 of those kills while i say here doing nothing but being a noob.

        • Whzziywazoo

          True that

    • poppatron

      i play bf on 360, but im no idiot, i know its not the bf players or cod ones that would win, its the pc cs players that would come up trumps everytime! apparently the new cs is cross platform multiplayer pc-ps3! comedy!

    • lancast

      Your on the ball my friend, HEAD SHOT!!! lols

  • Unarmed_Bandit

    Don’t want to be a jerk, but I played as a sniper and rarely did I not get a one shot kill. Are you sure your first bullet hit?

  • Wow you sound like a typical cod playing whiny bitch….how old are you 12??

  • Anonymous

    Change the name of the article to Annoyances in CoD that are not present in BF3.  all the “annoyances” are actually show a better and more balanced gameplay(apart from the first one, maybe). This is realism. I mean real skill involves being aware of the environment not just spotting a well hidden enemy by accidentally moving the crosshair over them. Then grenades should not be able to smash windows, it is something thrown using your hand not a freakin bullet that will smash everything in ints path. And cooked grenades were honestly the most annoying thing in CoD, i mean people used to spam cooked grenades like hell, i am walking around and bam a grenade explodes on top of me out of nowhere, wtf!!!. Well Sniping is hard cause it is supposed to be hard, and shooting moving targets should be hard. 

    • more like “annoyances that cod doesnt have”

      like shitty hit detection just like moh. Imo dice fails.

    • Jonathan

      “Then grenades should not be able to smash windows, it is something thrown using your hand not a freakin bullet that will smash everything in ints path.”

      When you throw a baseball at a window, does it break the window or bounce back at you?

      • Tenkara

        That really depends on the window

        • Mr. Black

          Yeah, whereas BC2 featured a lot of shoddy looking, abandoned little houses in very cold temperatures, here we’re talking about Subway train windows.

    • Mr. Black

      Shame they didn’t mention the light-house spotlight that is the constant sniper glare.

  • Asdflkj

    Annoying? Not really.  You can’t ‘cook’ grenades in real life by just pulling the pin, since you’re usually still holding on to the ‘spoon’ (the safety lever).  It’s only once that is detached, when you throw it (the pin locks the spoon onto the rest of the grenade), that the fuse starts going.  Theretically, one could cook a grenade in real life, by releasing the safety lever, but that’s considered a very risky practice in the military, to say the least.  Secondly, yes, hitting moving targets SHOULD be difficult.  Sniping is no easy job, and CoD has really spoiled its players with ridiculously accurate weaponry and auto-aim.  What I do have to say I don’t like though, is that it takes more than one good shot to down a target.  That’s where CoD has it down good, I guess.

    • Mr. Black

      Yes, now if only they let you prepare it with the spoon still intact. I’m thinking/hoping this is just a beta thing.

      Also, I would like to see the grenade indicator somehow minimized to a slight blinking. The new look of them as strobe-lit yellow orbs is very distracting, plus you can see them through walls with your bionic eyes.

      The limitation of having a single grenade is there, hence I don’t think they could really be spammed anyway. Perhaps what they could do is make the grenade indicator last only for a short time, I’m not satisfied with the look as it is. Plus the indicator seems to appear over the grenade itself, furthering the appearance of them as energy balls of doom.

  • peter griffin

    thats why the game is called battlefield 3 not COD. stick with COD if these things annoy you.

  • Supa

    Newsflash – Battlefield isn’t COD, that is the best thing about it.

  • Anonymous

    Sniping is harder because of bullet drop, something that does not exist in the COD universe

  • What the hell is wrong with you, these aren’t issues, these are just features in COD that aren’t in BF, and they are feature things that are staying in battlefield, do you have any idea how overpowered sniping would be if it was 1 shot 1 kill everytime?

    • Bongsmoker420

      Are you kidding me you get hit by a sniper you are dying and if u don’t then your still gonna bleed out

      • HoBoS TaCo

        Sniper shot to the leg – bleed out
        Pistol shot to the leg – bleed out
        Rifle shot to the leg – bleed out
        I think it’s good how it is. Battlefield has players that love the game and don’t want it to change and be like cod.

  • LOOK, we dont need none of you COD fags to come over to BF..stay da fuk away