Unlimited data staying, Sprint iPhone 5 incoming?

By Gary Johnson - Sep 27, 2011

There have been lots of speculation over the last few months that Sprint could finally bag itself an iPhone to offer consumers. One feature that many mobile consumers want with any smartphone though is unlimited data, which is a feature being cut back by some carriers. Today we have news that unlimited data is staying, so could this be another indicator that a Sprint iPhone 5 is incoming?

Cnet are reporting that customers of Sprint who use a lot of data can for now rest assured that the carrier currently has no plans to stop the service. Stephen Bye, Sprints Chief Technology Officer, was speaking at the GigaOm’s Mobilize conference in San Francisco, and said the carrier was committed to unlimited data plans.

AT&T and Verizon are currently cutting their unlimited data plans, and Sprint currently sees this as a way of making the carrier stand out from the competition. Bye did say that supporting unlimited does have its costs, and not every unlimited customer uses a lot of data either. He does feel though that tiered data plans have their costs for customer care and support.

Bye did acknowledge the costs and pressure of keeping an unlimited plan though, and said “there’s a challenge for all engineers to work on how we get the cost structure down.” We have already reported before that Sprint may be getting the iPhone 5 and offer it on an unlimited plan.

But how long they could maintain such a service remains to be seen, as there are many consumers who would think of switching over to Sprint if such as service becomes available. Would you ditch AT&T or Verizon if Sprint offered the iPhone 5 with unlimited data?

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  • Strommie

    I hate my 4G HTC EVO.  I dont know what the big hype is over.  I so cant wait, to get ride of it, its so not worth the extra 10 bucks a month for the data plan.  I have never had so many problems with one phone.

  • Nsnarayan10

    no i would not because its hard to trust Sprint for now.

  • Billy Bob

    Both posters are so accurate. While unlimited data is nice I don’t appreciate the extra $10 surcharge on all smartphones. I swallowed that increase with what I thought was a promise that 4G was just around the corner. Now we learn that Sprint’s 4G is slower than every other carrier and it’s still not available. How many extra $120’s a year will you need to actually build your network? Sprint is getting and extra $360 a year from me (3 smartphone family) and it still takes several seconds/minutes for a page to load, if it loads at all! This is paramount to going to an all you can eat buffet but nothing is on the table to eat! With the iPhone coming (don’t know why Gary Johnson wants to pretend it’s not) how much more of a drain will that be on a pathetic data connection? I guess we have all chose price over quality because if everyone had the same rate plans we would all be at Verizon. Can you hear me DAN?

  • Vampire

    Unlimited slow data is not the same as unlimited fast data. Ill stick with att.

    • valleydude

      @VAMPIRE- That’s absolutely true. Sprint is unlimited super, super slow data, basically like 2G. If you have all day to download stuff, and like horrible streaming, get Sprint. Hey, but it’s UNLIMITED!!!