Report states iPhone 5 UK release plus 4 more countries

By Jamie Pert - Feb 18, 2012

One of today’s hottest topics on the web is the iPhone 5 and its release date, today we have a massive update on the situation for you thanks to a recent article posted over at AppleInsider – a site which is usually pretty spot on with the news it reports.

According to this article it looks like Friday October 14th is the date we have all been waiting for, yes that’s right apparently consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan will see the iPhone 5 launch on this date – as AppleInsider point out this fits in with the reports which suggested that Apple employees were having trouble booking holiday mid-October.

This news was originally reported by the Japanese website, Macotakara, therefore it must be treated as a rumor at present – but if you look back at previous iPhone releases the 3G, and 3GS both arrived on a Friday – so this is looking very likely.

Usually Apple hold a keynote a few weeks before such a release, therefore if October 14 turns out to be the genuine launch date we would expect to see some sort of event with Tim Cook at the helm within the next week or so, if not we may see a launch date on the same date of an announcement – would you like this to happen?

Chances are October 4th will be the date which we finally get to see the iPhone 5 for the first time, however we are sure that Apple will surround the launch event in secrecy like they always do – we will have to keep you posted as the story develops.

Update: Just as we were about to publish this post we heard that an event called “Let’s talk iPhone” had been scheduled for October 4th – see here for more info on this.

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  • Nsnarayan10

    Excellent article and I do not want to see the device to get released on the same day of announcement because I want the appetite to be burning in me to buy and use it eventually.