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Mortal Kombat: Huge patch update for Xbox 360, PS3 – NRS gets it right?

We have some good news for those of you with a copy of Mortal Kombat and have been feeling starved of updates for the game lately. While it’s no new DLC to tell you about unfortunately, we do have news of a huge patch for the game, which includes some important gameplay tweaks that you’ll want to know about.

Aside from the gameplay tweaks, you’ll be delighted that this patch also fixes the highly annoying de-sync bug within the game, which would instantly end an online match when connecting with an opponent, due to conflicting DLC and alternate costume issues – you can read more about that problem here.

More beneficial to gamers though, will be the whole list of character and gameplay tweaks that NetherRealm Studios have added into the game, as you’ll find that the new patch update basically improves on every character in the game, providing a more balanced online match for both fighters while ensuring that certain moves are not spammed by the user.

You may be pleased to hear that Cyrax’s bombs have been tweaked slightly during some combo instances, while Sektor’s X-Ray attack can no longer be reflected either, the same goes for Kenshi’s X-Ray move as well. Skarlet’s back throw has been altered to do normal damage now, and Freddy Krueger’s Nightmare Stance can no longer be repeated instantly any more.

You’ll find the full list of patch update notes over at Joystiq here. All in all, you will probably be very happy with the list of changes that have been added into the game. If you’ve already installed this and played through the new changes, let us know what you think of them so far – is everything ok for you? In the meantime, let’s hope that NRS are planning some surprise DLC for the game as it’s definitely got room for a few more characters.



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