HTC Thunderbolt: Official Gingerbread download – Release date update

By Alan Ng - Sep 27, 2011

We have some good news for those of you who are still holding out for an official Gingerbread update for the HTC Thunderbolt. Remember when HTC said that the update would be coming sometime during September? Well according to the company, it still is despite the fact that we’re almost at the end of September.

Obviously, there are a fair few of you who are getting increasingly frustrated at the lack of news from Verizon and HTC regarding the official update, especially for consumers who continue to hold out for an ‘official’ update as opposed to getting a custom version of Gingerbread which let’s face it isn’t exactly hard to do these days.

A Thunderbolt owner recently took to Twitter to query HTC on the delay and the user received this response from HTC in reply: ”Sorry about that. It’s scheduled for later this month. Very soon.” Considering that it is now September 27 at the time of writing, HTC only has a few days left to comply with their promise.

Is that Twitter reply a load of nonsence or are they actually planning to release Gingerbread this week? If the information proves to be correct, we have a feeling that Gingerbread may be out this Friday, just in time for the weekend as updates usually tend to fall on Fridays to follow similar trends with previous updates.

Are you growing tired for this official update for what is now basically an aged handset? We’re willing to bet that most of you have already decided to pick up the elusive Nexus Prime handset, maybe some even in protest of HTC’s continued methods. If you still have a Thunderbolt and have been waiting for the update for months, give us your say on the drama – are you confident it will drop this week or have you heard it all before?

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  • Out2playnatl

    I receive the download last night. The first thing I noticed today is my battery life is much better

    • Freakstyler

      Good luck, it took me almost a month to receive the last update, and I checked twice a day after I heard of the release. And it looks like HTC and Verizon have pulled the update due to dozens of “unforeseen” problems. All of the problems became clear on the leaked versions of the update, camera bot working, contacts being lost, voicemail notifications gone. Moore12 was right, they pushed the update, became aware of all the problems and as of right now suspended the release, now those of us who werent “lucky” enough to get gingerbread… Which for as long as we’ve waited, you’d expect it wouldn’t have created more problems than it fixed… Have to wait assumably another 4 months.

  • Harleyangelmisty1

    Bought this thunderbolt in march when it first came out . Really PISSES me off newer phones have already have gotten gingerbread . Also PISSES me off that originally when it came out it was said you’d get unlimited hotspot when you bought that phone at that time which is the reason I bought the phone . I think ill take my time on getting a phone when its a new release cause they all never follow through on what they advertise or i’ll just go to a non contract phone . Which I have ( Motorola triumph)which really is a nice phone which has prey much every thing the thunderbolt has except not a 4g phone

  • Moore12

    Heard It all before! That is such a bs arrogant answer it makes me sick. Oh, sorry about that. What does that mean? Oh sorry, we forgot? Oh we said this month? Oh sorry. OK, yeah its coming out this month. What ever. It took me 3 weeks to get the last update. Does that mean if they push it to ten people and it has bugs they can still say we met the deadline but sorry we had to pull it again to fix it. Damn if i didn’t dislike Motorola phones so much i’d be a bionic owner right now. HTC is lucky I’m loyal and dumb. I’m waiting on the fiasco that is aka vigor/incredible hd/thunderbolt 2 /rezound. I just hope it’s soon and not a load of crap like the thunderbolt updates have turned out to be.