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How to redeem early access to the Battlefield 3 beta (Xbox 360)

Last week we told you everything you needed to know about the Battlefield 3 beta, now we can confirm that the beta is live for Xbox 360 gamers if you qualify for early access – this brief article will show you how simple it is to gain your access to the beta.

The process is very simple and we have embedded a video at the bottom of this post which shows just how easy it is to do, simple checked your emails (the account which you registered with EA in the past) and you should have an email from EA Games titled: Your Open Beta early access is now available. Get started!‏

We have embedded part of the email below, it then goes on to say that all you have to do to gain access to the beta is turn on your Xbox 360, press the guide button and then choose ‘Redeem Code – in the email you will have a unique alphanumeric key – which when entered will allow you to download the beta.

Whilst writing this post we have completed the download, so the servers seem to be coping with the demand well – the download is 1.3GB in size and the beta will end on October 10th, so for the next two weeks or so we will be testing out the game thoroughly – we got some hands-on with BF3 at EuroGamer last week and we were very impressed – but there was no destruction, this may have been because it was an alpha build, so we are looking forward to seeing the destruction in the beta.

Check out the video below, oh by the way don’t bother trying to enter our key as it won’t work!



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