Battlefield 3 beta problems with EA Online connection

By Jamie Pert - Sep 27, 2011

Less than an hour ago we told you that early access to the Battlefield 3 beta was live and we showed you how to redeem access via Xbox Live, well we thought we would try out the beta and there seems to be a major problems with it.

We started up the beta and everytime we attempt to find a multiplayer game it seems to be about to join until we receive an error message which reads “The Connection with EA Online was lost”, you can see an image showing the exact error below. We have restarted our router and turned the 360 off and back on – but still this error stops us from getting anywhere.

We had a little look on Twitter to see if this was a common problem and we are not alone, searching the terms ‘beta ea online’ shows lots of complaints about the problem, we’re not sure if this is a problem with the Xbox 360 version or all platforms – therefore we would love some feedback from you.

Below we have embedded a video which shows the problem occuring twice (out of two attempts), we have now tried over a dozen times to no avail – so it looks like EA DICE has quite a major problem at their hands, that said this is what beta testing is all about and these sort of problems help developers fix things before the game’s proper release.

Feel free to share any other problems you experience in the comments section below, we will do our utmost to keep you up-to-date with any news we hear regarding the matter.

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  • Ronbang

    Its been doing the same thing to me for TWO DAYS says connection with EA online was lost cant even play the campaign cause its just wont connect. I thought it was going to just be one day but nope this is going on 2 days now and same thing mulitplayer, quickmatch, find game, it says joining server for about 30 seconds then says conncetion with EA online was lost…check network settings blah blah blah im connceted to xbox live its fine….EA FIX THIS NOW!!!

  • rustypoon

    ridiculous! you shouldn’t be allowed to release a game that has so many bugs on so many peoples systems, I received B3 on ps3 for Christmas and I cannot play online for more than a few minutes and it causes my ps3 to freeze, I have never experienced this with any other game. If they don’t fix this major issue soon I will be looking for a refund, maybe they should call up the makers of mw3 and take some notes! HURRY UP or repay me and i will go back to COD never to return to Battlefield!

  • John

    It’s happening with the Playstation 3 also, I can’t even play campaign because the connection says its lost.

  • 4orky

    Sorry turn upnp on router (noob) will fix connection error

  • 4orky

    Sorry turn upnp on router (noob) will fix connection error

  • 4orky

    turn off upnp on server fixes connection error

  • 4orky

    turn off upnp on server fixes connection error

  • Tjmg5555

    I have an adult account and it won’t connect om xbox……anybody figure this out?

  • Cf Nygren

    I know if it stands player is to young you can`t fix it. you have to make a new xbox live acount and fix so you are over 18. I did it and it work fine

  • Spencerb0511

    for ncaa 10 basketball is the server down or did they get rid of it???

  • LJ

    Player is to young,,,,, whats this about, EA cant solve or xbox live cant solve , their view was ,if you find a solution let us know….. im stuck ,, any thoughts?

  • Cf Nygren

    I also had thet problem

  • Tdog437

    I have a adult account and it says “the player is to young”. Guys if you could post a comment with a solution that would be great. Thanks

  • Davidvonk

    Noob xbox

  • Kos Smith

    This happing to all my EA games. Can’t connect auto log, B-Comany 1 servers, Mercs 2 occasionally connects. What’s wrong?

  • bringitimrude

    as soon as i press x on multiplayer it tries to connect but it doesnt then i go to trie it again and it doesnt even trie to connect the bf3 beta servers this sucks:(

  • guest

    Im still playing BFBC2 and recently had to do a 360 update and as soon as it was done it totaly messed upp everything. Online games – just wont happen. IF I manage to get into one it has serious lagissues and within minutes I “loose contact with the server”, so problems are not occuring in BF3 alone. Seems like both EA and Xbox have fucked upp…

  • Aaronmoreno20

    wow same thing that is happing to me :[ iI really enjoyed the DEMO too

  • Luis

    ps3 same problem persists

  • Eriksen11

    It should be called teasers not beta versions. Now we have to wait two more weeks! 

  • Buafldkenf

    The Beta ended 10 Oct, thats what the problem is. Sorry guys!

  • Gooner23

    ive been playin the beta since it was released.i got all the way to level 41 now this happens just about to unlock claymores and it kicks me and havent been able to get back on since 3 days now come on EA sort it out

  • Ffrederikk

    same problems here,  if i can’t try Battlefield 3, i will properly spend my money on MW3 

  • Manchild2209

    im a playstation 3 owner and im having the same issues… 

  • charlie

    im on ps3 and it keeps doing the same to me

  • stez

    dose anyone know why is not leting us play and y is the ea conntion down i cant find anything on it

  • Cdotholland4

    im on ps3 and have had this problem for the past 3 days

  • Brenthappy

    I have been trying for two days on Xbox360 no luck . I thought maybe they shut it down just don’t know

  • Sony PS3

    same in ps3, this sucks!!!!!!

  • Alem_psv

    Everyone gets that error because the beta is over, u cant even download it anymore, i tried to delete it and download it again but wenn i wanted to download it it wasnt there. So i think its over meeeeen.


    • Jesse

      WRONG!!  I downloaded it about 5 minutes ago.  Check your facts before posting, moron.

  • Guest

    same problem on PS3!!!!  butrnot battlefield 3 only, even in skate 3 and other EA online games!


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    • Cdotholland4

      how r u gonna go to the top and you cannot even spell….”steight”

  • Jameslay33809

    same for me on ps3  “The Connection with EA Online was lost”.

  • Bigtrucker6998

    its the same on playstation 3 was ok till yesterday 🙁

    • Aidan

      According to DICE, the open beta is now closed.  D: Guess we just have to wait for the 25th now. . .

      If you want proof, go to DICE’s twitter page and scroll down a bit. It’s there.

      • ho.. ok then ill keep the money for MW3!! 

  • Mattbarthold

    I didn’t have a problem getting on and playing until yesterday Oct 9, 2011. Since then I have had the same error message and not able to get on and play.

    • Me too, i have been playing fine until today (oct, 10)

  • Voodoo

    When i join a server. my game manager says connecting/logging in but nothing seems to happen.

  • Josh_bibb

    i always get into a game but get booted after about 30 seconds…

  • bahman

    i play but ultimate extreme lag but im in australia so that might be the reason please respond if otherwise or have an answer

  • Matt

    I play on XBOX 360 and it says


    Matchmaking failed- could not find a server to join

    All my other games work fine except for Battlefield games.. Anybody know whats going on or how to fix it..?

  • Alex

    I keep getting booted off in the middle of the match and i get disconnected every 20 min and it freezes my xbox i have the brand new 250 gb xbox and i just got it like 2 months ago although it could be because i got crappy internet

  • Kawicrazed_125_05

    other than a couple of minor bugs and glitches, i have had no problem for the last two nd a half days on my ps3, i am having problems on the pc though. has anyone else noticed the diving into the map or constant bouncing when prone next to something. I have also had the screen go white in front of me but i could see to the sides, it doesnt last long but was kinda annoying


  • Alexhockey98

    im having a problum when i try to join mach it allways says need to close game in background even when thats all thats on

  • When I try to join a server, my windows 7 pops up with a message saying “BF3 betá” doesn’t work”
    Also, when I try to click quick match, an error message pops up below saying my firewall is blocking the program. When I check, the firewall is open for BF3b. Anyone have the same problem and know how to fix it? I’ve re-installed it twice.

  • minecraft73

    Can some1 help me? Every time I try to play the versa it says “player is too young” what do I do?

    • Steeltoehammer

      Change parental controls on your console/PC

      • Tt Kevin

        how do we do that


    I saw on the EA server that they were having issues and were rebooting each server for each consol type one at a time, heck this really isnt unexpected they released the beta to the whole world for free and everyone tried to play at once.  Personally I envisioned EA supervisors standing over the resident server nerds with whips screaming fix it …fix it …fix it 🙂

  • Jaymalham

    When i push accept while highlighting multiplayer (XBOX) it acts it is loading then a warning box comes up that says “error”. I can push “a” to select “ok” and the warning goes away. At this point on the bottom left of the screen it says “loading” over and over and so on…

  • Sgrallert97

    on PS3 too

  • Guest

    I start it up and I get unknown error anyone know what that’s about I’m on xbox by the way

  • Zenduce

    Hi – i got rid of the unknown error issue.

    I completely powered off PS3 (from plug).  Into game,  go to options and then select invite friends.  this then brings up agreements and email confirmation screen.   once done – job a goodun no more errors

    • xboogiex305


  • Scoot

    Mine just says unknown error when I try multiplayer…anysuggestions

  • Dmclayton

    yea i had the same problem it let me in a game for about ten mins after about an hour of trying then it took me back to the home screen and started showing me the error mesage.

  • Dcboys082709

    just got in working now. 12:29 eastern time

  • Mine doesn’t even let me go into matchmaking right from the start it just says connection to EA online was lost

    • Dcboys082709

      yeah i click on multiplayer and it says connection lost but i was just playing it like 2 hours ago fine i went out for a few came back and now this,,

  • Dcboys082709

    cant connect here. connection to ea online lost. 12:05 eastern time.

  • Rickyhart8

    lost connection to EA servers

  • Rickyhart8

    same problem on PS3

  • Ianlawrence1979

    Ive got an error msg saying player too young. Im 32!!!!! Any ideas

    • trat

      it should say you’re too old.

  • smarshals88

    Still not working been off since 8pm last night uk time
    looking forward to trying it

  • UnveiledPanic

    same problem with ps3 last night i lost about one hour playing only 5 mins between errors until i finally decided that i was stressed enough to let it rest for until today maybe it will dissapear
    i thout it was my router or internet conection but it seems that it’s a common problem…. also map tearing is real stressfull and ghost mapping also,, cmmon dice do something about it


    Oh my god!!! It keeps saying ea lost connection when i press multyplayer. This happens everytime and im getting pissed. And what makes it even worse, one of my xbox live friends is playing the beta on metro!!! The game is just taunting me!

  • Anonymous

    I was really looking forward to this, but evn if they managed to fix all the bugs in the next two weeks, i still dont think id buy it

  • Audiowize

    I’ve had the same problem with bad company 2 for weeks now and yesterday also with the beta!! I don’t know whats wrong. EA wants me to delete my hdd because of corrupted files but i think the problem is the EA servers it’s a shame because Battlefield has always been my favorite game! I play on Xbox

    Hope they’ll resolve it soon!

    • Smarty88

      I had problems with bf2 just go on ea games login and reset your password, that worked for me.
      It not the same with nf3 though

      • Audiowize

        Thanks mate i’ll give it a spin!:) my gamertag is Audiowize


  • Ssaremis

    yo im about to grab a gun and just make my own real life game @.@93a295b96089dd911efe138d04d4b91e:disqus 

  • Ssaremis

    still nothing i need my bf3 rush MAN!

  • jordan hardee

    The beta will get back up……… just wait they will fix it give some pride to EA dang you play it all day you no that they will fix…….

  • enumclaw2006

    Mine’s still not working either, I’m in Washington state. Where are you at that its working?

    • Jameslydin

      I’m in selah Washington. No beta here either

  • BF3 Beta

    10:40 Central time
     Multiplayer accesable

  • BF3 Beta

    10:33 Central Time

    Not working…

  • Sullenrep

    mine still not working. Did you do anything specific?

  • dc

    Its working now!!

  • Jaredwardell8

    i am bummed but you clowns dont realize people have lives and sh*t happens they cant work night and day so if your saying EA sucks or what not how about dont get the game and go tug and blow in more tissues.

    • Guest

      They’re being really professional and you’re overreacting. F**k you buddy.

    • They produce games for a living… they should have working products. I understand a little downtime, more people trying to get on then they can handle.. but its happened in the past.. they should prepare for this better.

  • Jaredwardell8

    any update when it might work for 360 bummed out man

  • Sschulz0951

    Cmon EA get it together

  • Nativepride77

    they will fix it. but i just cant wait. im off to plat BFBC 2. {360}


      Whats your gamertag! I will play with you.

  • Tntflaco

    i had conection problems with bbc2 last month i got with ea about it and thay said thay were upgrading there servers getting ready for battlefield 3 looks like thay didn’t spend enough money on there servers. it took 2 to 3 weeks before thay got the servers to work before i could get online with bbc2. get ready for alot of conction problems with the full version when it comes out. i have no fath in ea games ability to fix problem to keep them from happening until thay happen and everyone conplains. GET IT TOGETHER EA

  • Southgamedemon99

    Mine tells me that it lost connection the second I press matchmaking.  :.. (

    • Erbowman1

      that happens to me to

    • Yeah it loads for a minute and then says connection lost or whatever. You’re not alone

  • Joshua Palmer

    PS3 version works flawlessly on my wireless signal but my PC gets timed out from the server after like 15 min of gameplay but finding matches is quicker than Call of duty

  • Bad juju

    E.A. does this with every game I have ever played of theirs. Usually the game release is the beta. I am surprised they put out an actual beta to begin with……. No surprise it doesn’t work. Don’t expect the release date “final” product to be any better. In fact I would bet my next pay check, that when it does release, you won’t be able to play a working version for at least the first week. If any E.A. programers read this please follow Infidity Ward and Activision’s example they actually have playable games with little problems, the only problems they have are the mod’ers and cheaters….

  • Death Reaper8869

    I pressed A, for about a hour then i got in to a game lag and all that was apart of it i guess..Dont know if I going to get on again..They got alot to work out..Look to wait a while if you want to play..How much money does EA make…Upgrade your gear F@#^

  • Aurelianalchemy

    Has EA released any new info about getting the servers up and atom?  If not when do most of you expect they will get things running smoothly again?

  • PS I’m also one of the people who can’t even get passed the main menu b4 it sais “lost connection to EA online”

  • I had the exact same connection issues even with the full release of BFBC and BF1943.

    So the obvious culprit is the EA servers. They have to support all the people from the classic games, newer games and now just the BF open beta alone swarms the servers to over 1/3 of what it was before.

  • Well I’ve never played Battlefield but if they can’t make a simple Beta work whatsoever WITH dedicated servers I think I’m glad I pre-ordered mw3 instead…

    • Aurelianalchemy

      beta is never simple and it’s this type of thing that beta is for.  mistakes are supposed to be made so that they may be corrected

    • Jaredwardell8

      we dont want you on BF3 anyway douche