Apple: Let’s talk iPhone 5 in 7 days – event time

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 27, 2011

We knew it was coming and finally we got confirmation of the Apple press conference for October 4, 2011. Apple named it “Let’s talk iPhone” 5, well we added the five in there for good reason. We’ll see the fifth generation iPhone at the event this time next week.

This article shows that The Loop is one of the first websites to get a press invite to Apple’s event for “Let’s talk iPhone”. As we reported in the last few days, the event will be held at the Cupertino campus, and rumors that Tim Cook will present the next iPhone have also been proven correct.

Apple’s event has a scheduled Pacific time for 10am, and we’ll follow-up with a guide for live blogs over the coming days. As you can see in the image below, the invitation gives us a few hints, first of all we know it’s iPhone related (just thought we’d say it) and that the Calendar icon shows the start time, and most of you would’ve guessed that the map icon points out the Cupertino headquarters.

You can read our latest Apple rumors and stories about the iPhone 5/4S via this link. Another rumor that looks to be correct is the release date for iPhone 5, which was slated to be October 14, and there is a good chance this will ring true now.

We wonder how many other rumors will turn out to be true, maybe a cheaper device will also show its head? Will you be watching the live blogs following the iPhone 5 unveil next week, and will you welcome curved sides on the new device like we see on the iPad 2?

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  • Nsnarayan10

    i would love to watch it love if they do live streaming.looking forward to it:)