Shock announcement for PS4 not likely in October

By Peter Chubb - Sep 26, 2011

Today saw the release of a teaser video from Sony, and for some reason some people believe it to be for the rumored PS4. Now we do not have any idea as to what the Japanese company will be announcing, but we just cannot see them shocking us with the new PlayStation 4. In the video we are told that something is coming on October 5, 2011.

Why would Sony choose to make an announcement of a new console so close to when Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5? Our best guess is that it is for a new game/games. Now we cannot be certain of this, but Game Informer has watched the teaser video a few times now, and has managed to pull a few gems from the footage. It could either have something to do with Killzone, Resistance, Metal Gear or even God of War.

What we found very interesting is the fact that it all begins as if right out of World War 2. However, when the two solders enter the bar and then put their weapons on a rack, you will notice an array of other weapons. Now you might wonder what is so strange about that – well they are not all from the WWII period, there are some that are from the future as well.

Right before then we would advise you to keep a close eye on the dogs as the two men walk into the bar, you will notice that a small robot like device is seen scurrying off behind a wall. If we had to put our money where our mouths were, then we would say that it is more to do with a new Metal Gear Mk II game, just look closely at the women behind the bar – well what seems like a bar. Look on her shoulder, there is a head of a snake. There is also a wanted poster on the wall to the right; not sure how significant this is, but we thought it was worth a mention.

All we can do is wait, but we only have just over a week – just don’t get your hopes up for the PS4 that’s all.

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  • Sick Trim

    At the very end concentrate and you will see the robot/cyborg from the MGS1 or a man with an eye patch…

    Its right at the very end for a split second… 

  • Bell47

    If u look closely when he says stay calm now wait and look to the left u can see sweet tooth’s car from twisted metal. I wasn’t sure when the new one comes out was it announced for the 5th?

  • Generiodan

    its AGENT that rockstars ps3 exclusive game that they talked about years ago. you can know that by comparing the theme of the video with the leaked images of the agent

  • prosso

    The sign hanging over the door ‘Vivat Ludus Longus’ translates to ‘Long Live Game Play’.

  • Wardog663

    At 0:22 you can hear sweet tooths ice cream truck song from the twisted metal coming out in 2012

  • Arminkaza

    resistance for ps vita my gues