Food and drink to double MW3 XP time

By Jamie Pert - Sep 26, 2011

Activision’s chief marketing officer, Tim Ellis, recently dropped a bombshell regarding the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, however we have to admit that we are a little bit worried about what it promotes.

When you buy a bottle of Mountain Dew or a packet of Doritos they will come 10 digit alphanumeric codes, these codes will unlock double XP, which will obviously allow you to rank up twice as fast (when playing multiplayer games).

The amount of double XP time is decided by what product you buy, apparently 32oz fountain cups and 20oz bottles of Mountain Dew will give you 15 minutes of double XP, a 12 pack will get you 45 minutes and a Wal-Mart 20 pack will get you 90 minutes. Players are limited to 750 entries and a maximum of 24 hours double XP time, we done some calculations and this equates to around 96 20oz bottles of Mountain Dew!

Not only will gamers get the double XP mentioned above, but if you combine a bag of Doritos with a bottle of Mountain Dew you will be eligible to an additional 15 minutes of double XP and entry to sweepstakes, here gamers will be able to win a range of prizes including Call of Duty hoodies and hats, Modern Warfare 3 console bundles, and a $45k 2012 Jeep Wrangler – check out for further details regarding the prizes and start / end dates for the promotion.

We aren’t going to be too opinionated because we don’t want to be on the sharp end of a lawsuit, but we wonder what nutritionists would have to say about this – obviously drinking Mounting Dew and eating Doritos as part of a balanced diet should be fine, but not everyone will stick to this, therefore it could add fuel to the gaming / obesity argument.

Do you think that this promotion is quite irresponsible? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Nathanfondren

    i never eat when i play games like this call me sad but i just get to into it to get up and eat! xD i almost piss my self by taking to long to piss! xD and E46 take the letter a out off what lazygamer said and it will make more sence.

  • Lazygamer

    gamers by this stuff already so it’s a win win situation. I’ll a 2x xp all the way woo hoo 

    • E46

      Your grammar sucks.