Facebook news: Charging for membership is untrue

Today we see a massive increase in people looking for Facebook news, which is due to rumors that Facebook will be charging for membership thanks to some new features. This has led a huge number of people on Facebook to start thinking the site is going to start charging them a fee, and this is simply untrue.

You can see in the images below, thanks to this article, that show some users claiming prices for Facebook’s new membership. The details seem very convincing, but hints come when they ask you to pass on the message, which is typical for a Facebook scam.

When some users state they’re “confused” and ask why people keep posting that Facebook is going to start charging, other users reply saying “It’s official” and that it has “even been on the news”, which is complete madness. One Facebook user even said “if you copy this on your wall your icon will turn blue and Facebook will be free”. This in itself makes it pretty obvious that these are just scams.

We wonder how many people followed those instructions, and got caught in the scam? This news spread after Facebook introduced the new Timeline profiles, which were met with mixed reactions.

I’m pretty sure Facebook will remain free for a long time yet, especially with the amount of money being made from Facebook ads.



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