Android rises, iPhone 4S and iOS 5 release date to bring change

By Peter Chubb - Sep 26, 2011

You have to love surveys, as they give you some kind of perspective as to what is going on in a certain market. The latest is in regards to Android rising while others fall or stay put. Apple has still managed to hold at 28 percent of the market with its iPhone, even though the new handset and mobile operating system is now three months late when compared to previous years.

In the survey, which was conducted by Nielsen, 43 percent of those asked said that they owned an Android, compared to those 28 percent who said that they have the iPhone. According to AppleInsider, the former also increased in market share in the past three months, a factor of the late arrival of Apple’s new smartphone. We shouldn’t start to think that the iPhone is dead and buried; once the iPhone 5 and iOS 5 is released things should change in Apple’s favor very quickly.

We reported early today that Apple could announce that their fifth-generation iPhone could now come with LTE – let’s not hold our breath on that rumor. Although such a phone would help Apple in the fight against Android, it would be the release of the iPhone 4S, as this will bring a change due to the fact that Apple would now be able to enter into another market – mid-range phones.

Apple needs to not only bring out the iPhone 5 and iOS, but also offer a low-cost phone, as this will be the only way that they have any hope of still being able to compete with Android. A report, which appears on AppleInsider says that the there are more than prepaid customers, which is still untouched by Apple – how can they allow all that potential to just slip through their fingers?

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  • Nsnarayan10

     wow,very intereresting article because i never knew its 43%with android in comparison to 28% of apple and iphone 5 with ios5 and iphone4s will change their track again!I just want to see how drastic change again we all are going to see.stay put guys,the market is about to explode very soon!