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Sacrifices to own a Samsung Galaxy Mini

The Samsung Galaxy Mini has been available for a few months now in the UK, but there are some countries that have only just released the device. There was some hype surrounding the handset when it first launched, but now that consumers have had sometime to handle the device what do they really think? The Mini Galaxy device had to make a few sacrifices in order to keep the price low, and some of them might persuade you to think again.

We still have to remember that this is not a high-end smartphone, so you will certainly like the clean OS, SWYPE Preload, along with that all important $170 off-contract with Mobilicity, who is the latest to take possession of the handset. However, you have to ask yourself if the ordinary display and meager camera will be a put off, but IntoMible says that the biggest issue will be with the poor coverage of the carrier – not a negative against the phone then?

One issue that users will find with the display is that it is lacking in the resolution department, which can become tiresome after some time. The design is pretty nice, but feel that the cheap plastic finish will put a few people off – again we need to remind you of the price point. Wonder if we will feel the same about the cheaper iPhone 4S, which Apple is expected to release next month?

The display and cheap feel is not the only sacrifices that you will be making when you choose to purchase the Galaxy Mini, the camera is also another. We are now at a stage when one of the most important features of a camera is its ability to take a decent snap. The 3-megapixel shooter will not blow you away, and the lack of flash is truly a disappointment.

One would have assumed that battery performance would be impressive, as it does not have a powerful processor or an awesome display to drain the battery. You should be able to get a full day, but try to use it too heavily, as IntoMobile found that they had to charge the phone by mid-day in order to use some of the more demanding features.

This is certainly a great phone for those who do not want much, but there are still a few higher-end handsets on the market that will not cost you much more.



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