Inexpensive iPhone 4S price point

We are still no closer at figuring out Apple’s plans when it comes to their new handset, but the idea of an inexpensive iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 is an interesting one. We cannot be certain of recent rumors, but let’s say for one moment that they are, then one has to wonder what would be the correct price point for the iPhone 4S to break the stranglehold that Google Android has on the lower-end phone market?

As you may already know Apple could do three things, release an improved version of the iPhone 4 (the 4S) announce a new version (iPhone 5) or even do both. It could go any way, which we should find out once Tim Cook takes to the stage to deliver his keynote in just under two weeks time. The smart thing to do would be to do both, as it is so important for Apple to break into the market where people cannot afford high-end prices.

For months now we, as well as countless other tech websites have been going on about what specs we can expect to see from the 4S model. However, the most important thing that we need to know is its price. Apple can change a few key hardware features, but if they get the price point wrong, then they may as well admit defeat in that new market.

Below we have a selection of prices of what you would be willing to pay for a new iPhone 4S. We need to remind you that these prices are likely to include a contract, so how much would you pay off contract for the cheaper iPhone model as well?

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