Google Doodle for Jim Henson 75th birthday

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 24, 2011

Most homes around the world, and especially in the United States have heard of The Muppets. Something that not as many people know is that they were created by Jim Henson, and it would have been his 75th birthday today.

Thanks to a Google Doodle, millions of web searches will find out a little more about Jim Henson today. The new Google logo highlights The Muppets and when you hover over the logo you’ll see each Muppet follow your mouse pointer, although that is just the start of the fun, head to Google’s homepage to see for yourself. Unlike most Doodle’s, when you click this one it does not take you to a Google search, instead you’ll interact with the Doodle when clicking.

Some text will pop up when you leave the mouse still over the logo, this states “Jim Henson’s 75th birthday”. Henson sadly died on May 16, 1990 and was well known on the television show “Sesame Street”, and he helped create some pretty amazing Muppets for movies, which included Fraggle Rock.

The Walt Disney Company now own the Muppets brand, although this does not include certain characters like those from Sesame Street.

What are your memories of Jim Henson and the Muppets, also what do you think of today’s Google Doodle? As always you can look at the history of Doodle’s via this page, and also see the latest Google news on PR here.

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  • Anonymous

    Here is another way to celebrate Jim’s birthday have your kids make up and draw their own Muppet like animated puppet characters or have them grow the only animated plant in the world, the TickleMe Plant. Jim would have loved this puppet like plant that I found on line which closes its leaves and lowers its branches when tickled.  Search The TickleMe Plant to show your kids videos of a live TickleMe Plant or to grow your own. Happy Birthday Jim thanks for  all Sesame Street shows my kids and I watched!

  • Deezy

    is there any way this can be dowloaded as  a screen saver? my partner would love it

  • Laszlo

    How can I download Google Doodle for Jim Henson’s Birthday?

  • Gracienote

    I had bad day, but this logo totally made me smile!  Muppets forever!

  • I remember seeing Luke Skywalker and his twin brother on the Muppets,,, as a kid that blew my mind!

    • Zanshin

      Luke Skywalker only has a twin SISTER.  You mean his cousin.

  • Miru

    i really like doodle………. amazing……………

  • Rocky

    I have the most recent version of Safari, is google trying to make everyone download chrome to make this work? That annoys me.

  • StarryMountain

    I love this doodle.  I have been a fan of Jim Henson movies since I was a baby.   I wish that google would never change this logo; it is so much fun!  I don’t know why, but it is very entertaining to me.

  • It doesn’t work in Google Chrome.  I got it to work in Internet Explorer (I am using 9).  All of them move.  Very, very cute…

  • Edsonacosta_puma

    it works only with google chrome

  • Wilhelm_silcox

    i can only get the red one to do something. how do you make it work?????

    • person

      it doesnt work

  • I tried it with several browsers and it didn’t work. It’s laggy. I could get whichever one I clicked first to work, after a substantial lag between click and action, and that was it.

  • nbahn

    Who can forget Bert and Ernie?  I always considered them brothers, so I was — and still am! — dumbfounded when Christian fundamentalists began howling that they were homosexuals.

  • Rkeegra

    I have a new computer and flash and it still isn’t working… Too sad.

  • Missy

    what is it supposed to do?

  • Robotbetty9

    It does not work!

  • BirthdayBuddy

    his birthday is actually tomorrow.

  • Anon

    I was truly heartbroken when Hensen died. Also a little heartsick now, with an “interactive” Google Doodle obviously created by those who assume us millions of unemployed Americans can afford the system necessary to interact. Some of us have older computers!!!

    • Guest

      I am sorry that you happen to be amongst the 5% of people who don’t know how to update their browsers to be able to use flash. You don’t have to have a new computer to run it. So stop complaining!

      • Anon

        Y do you even speak you have no idea what you are talking about. The doodle is not even written in java its written in html5! which all browsers support now. also alll browsers self update them selves. think b 4 u speak idiot

        • Anon

          I mean flash not java*

        • Optical90


      • Gehtdich

        You know that the Doodle does not use Flash, right?

    • Chromenutzcrum

       ha guy above me is too cheap to buy a new comp

    • This thing doesn’t use flash, upgrade to chrome or firefox if it doesn’t work.
      If you have an older older computer, try a version of opera.