Gmail Down temporarily, should be back up now

It is not often that we hear of problems with Google services, however we are hearing some reports of problems with Google mail and a 502 error message shows which says try again in 30 seconds- a few of the Product-Reviews writer have checked their accounts and things seem fine, however the reaction on Twitter shows there are some Gmail issues affecting some people.

If you search ‘Google down‘ on Twitter you will see lots of people tweeting about their problems, one person tweeted this “Gmail down. This is why YOU SHOULD NEVER TRUST THE CLOUD people”, obviously this is quite an over-reaction, however you have to agree that we are very reliant on online services such as these.

Not everyone is getting the 502 error message, readers over at Mashable are reporting errors which read “Numeric code 17” and “Temporary Error (500)”, however most people are suggesting that problems affected them momentarily, however now things seem to be up and running just fine. shows that there has been some confirmed service disruption, but it does not yet tell us whether all issues have been rectified.

We would love to hear from our readers if they experienced any Gmail problems today, if so feel free to leave us a comment below letting us when you were affected, where in the world you were trying to access Gmail from and if problems are now resolved.



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