Android’s limited tablet appeal, future sales positive

By Peter Chubb - Sep 23, 2011

By 2015 we are expected to see tablet sales be around 60 percent of PCs. The iPad will still be the king, but by then they will only command 50 percent of the marketshare. That same year there should be a huge increase for Android tablets, but currently it has limited appeal for a number of reasons, which we will go into below.

There has been a resent study conducted by Gartner, who says that the current batch of Android tablets is too expensive, has a limited UI and applications. Now that latter part will change once Ice Cream Sandwich becomes available, as it will be much more friendlier for app developers. For now Android will just have to sit around and pick up the scraps that is left behind by those consumers who do not want to be dictated too by Apple.

The Guardian reports that for the next three years Apple will still command a huge percentage of the tablet market, but things will change in 2014, or so the forecast tells us. By that time Android would have been able to iron out its issues that has dogged their range of tablets, although Microsoft will be starting to make a small impression on the market by then. Excitement has already started to grow for this new tablet platform, but there is a fear that the Richmond Company is late to the party once again.

Sales for this year have not been that fantastic for Android tablets, as they only have a 5 percent marketshare, the other platforms are insignificant. If we are to believe the forecast, then by 2015 there will be 326 million tablets sold, out of which 126 million will be iPads. Compare that to 535 million PC sales, which is much better than what it currently is. Things are certainly looking up for the humble tablet – a device that so many wrote of back in the beginning.

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  • I think it’s ridiculous that people expect Apple to have such a high market share going forward. Look at what happened with Android in the phone market, Apple ruled the roost with it’s iPhone but then everyone else backed Android and now Android has higher market share within the phone industry.
    I’d happily bet all the money I have that Android will overtake Apple in the tablet market within the next year or two. Its simple when you look at it, Apple is but one company and the only reason they have the high market share is that they were the first to market. Now all the other big names are backing Android as they did with their phone offerings and what you end up with is multiple big names developing more powerful and more unique devices specifically for Android. If you put all these manufacturers together you have combined research and development along with multiple product launches that far outweighs anything Apple can do. It’s only a matter of time before android takes the lead.