White iPod Touch 5G on route with small tweaks

By Gary Johnson - Sep 21, 2011

The big Apple release that many consumers are waiting for is the launch of the iPhone 5. The company is thought to be holding an event early next month the showcase the device, and is also thought to be launching a refresh to the iPod range. There is more news of a white iPod Touch 5G on route with some small tweaks.

According to an article on MacRumors the previous reports that a white version of the device will be made available are true, but other than that there won’t be much else different with the device. Sources are claiming there will be only minor changes to the hardware of the device.

These are claimed to include the addition of an oleophobic coating on the screen, and also a redesigned ambient light sensor. Other than that the device is thought to be exactly the same as last year’s model. This fits in with previous reports by Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst with Concord Securities.

There were white iPod Touch parts seen back in July that were leaked online, which at the time indicated there would be no major differences to the devices chassis. If these latest rumors are true it would end the speculation of a 3G capable device being launched this year.

Some have also claimed the new iPod Touch would share the new form factor that is rumored for the iPhone 5, but this doesn’t look the case now. There have been some people who have wondered if the iPod Touch would be eventually phased out, as it shares most of the features of the iPhone except the ability to make calls.

Not everyone though can afford or want an iPhone, but the iPod Touch remains one of the best portable media players currently available. Will you be disappointed if the iPod Touch doesn’t get much of a refresh this year?

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  • FaizSaleem118

    I think that this years iPod will be a minor upgrade, like the 2G to the 3G. The pattern seems to go like this:

    2G: Big
    3G: Small
    4G: Big
    5G: Small?

    I think the new model will include a white model, an A5 processor, 512MB RAM and..that’s it. I can’t see anything else. But only the Apple Special Events can tell…

  • Tbaby1679

    the ipod touch does have the ability to call with the textnow app when you’re in wifi

  • jay p

    I woild be disappointed as I planned on purchasing one. But it wouldn’t be surprising as Apple is known to keep the upgrades simple. And with the later release of the white iPhone it would only make sense to do the same with the ipod. I was definitely hoping for 1080 p recording. That would compliment ios5 nicely. Or at least an update to the a5 chip. That would make gaming and movies much better. But the reality is there probably won’t be any major shift. Which does twist me on buying one or not. I don’t believe they will ween out the ipod touch. Too many Apple users own an ipod, iphone, and iPad as is. Not to mention there are no bills that come with the touch. Brilliant device. Just would like to see what apple is truly capable of doing. To be innovative. One much innovate.

  • your stupid – they wont release just a white ipod. the design is totally different. its sleeker and has a 4inch screen. its the 10th anv. the new ceo will look totally stupid if this is his first reveal and nothigns different. he would be laughed off the stage.

    • jay p

      First and foremost Apple is a business. They are here to make money. It’s brilliant what they do. Build an enormous customer base to continuously buy similar products year after year with slight upgrades. I believe the CEO is a genius. There would be no laughing. Only cheers from investors.

  • MadAndGlad

    i absolutely hate how apple plays for money and not customer satisfaction. they already have enough money being the #1 richest company in the WORLD, and they can’t satisfy their faithful consumers by equally upgrading the iPod Touch along side the iPhone. Yes, their products are extremely well made, but they would rather give a small update from time to time in order to squeeze out every single last penny from the public than potentially make even more money by upgrading to their full extent and actually listening to the community about what they want in the products.

    • Caligal2010

      you forget, this is business. easy solution: dont buy their crap. i have never bought an apple product, and never will.

  • Mizshorty19

    It should be 3G capable. I mean why not. The iPad has it. Why can the iPod get it too? Well all we can do is wait for the release date & see the changes for ourselves. Apple never disappoints me when it comes down to iPod. It’s always an upgrade

    • Fbhdhyghu

      You goof, then people wouldn’t buy an iPhone.

      • Brandino 19

        It would be a great addition in features like a better camera for pictures and videos,(no reason not) and 3g compatibily would also be a big boost so i can text people with the app textplus!

        • Who!

          Same here, I still have my 2G and I’m getting really annoyed that some games arent compatible… If there’s no 3G then idk what I’m gonna do -.-

      • Brandino 19

        Your dumb.

        • You shouldn’t call someone dumb when you don’t know the difference between your and you’re. By the way, *you’re” dumb. 

    • Brandino 19

      I agree completly. I hope they release soon! I’m still stuck with my ipod touch 2nd generation and want a upgrade! hope the gigs will be 32,64, and 128, the 8 gb is waaay to little space for all the great apps and music, camera space and videos on there!

    • MadAndGlad

      It’s VERY unlikely Apple will ever put in 3G for the iPod Touch because they would lose all of their expensive iPhone users. Everyone would just buy a contract free iTouch and use Skype for calling and texting